Dark Interval is a total conversion mod, the new incarnation of the Original Storyline of Half-Life 2. You will find your way through the nightmarish world of devastated Earth. Starting from the suburbs of City 17, laying your path through the alien factories, the underwater Rebel base, war-engulfed city streets and the alien Citadel, you will feel that dark atmosphere of the Original Storyline. Development started on Apr 10, 2010.

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Jul 16 2012 Anchor

Will the particle storm play a role in the mod?
will it be like a leech for wasteland levels (to prevent players from venturing to far out)
or will it be an environmental hazard

The synth super soldier should replace the retail super soldier, and act as a more advanced cgaurd
Super soldier should act like a humanoid hunter, shooting flecettes in a very similar (if not the same) fashion as the hunter
it could even be killed the same way as the hunter; throwing props with flecettes on it

Will the dropship be retail or the slave1 one?

just to start some discussions

May 29 2013 Anchor

как продвигается мод ?
а там будет король муравьиных львов ?
и будет ли там alien dropship ?

Aug 30 2013 Anchor

Will the desert launcher play a roll in the wasteland to prevent the player venturing too far, maybe along with the particle storms, or will it prevent the player to access certain parts of the game and take an alternate route, eg not accesssing the Airex main door by being fortified by combine launchers and the player being blown to pieces if he actually trys to go through there.

Will retail half life 2 enemies still appear in the game, like the overwatch elite or an actual resistance, not just conscripts, or will they be completely scratched and taken over by their beta counterparts.

Also are the elite metro cops going to make an appearence? I think they could have an interesting purpose: In the retail we are never sure wether the metrocops are sometimes enlisted humans or if they had their memory replaced, as their radio states. I thought what if in DI, the normal metrocops were to be normal people who enlisted to obtain more benefits and the elite are the higher ranks who chosed to have a memory replacement. This could make them an interesting characters, as not only would allow their progression along in the first chapters of the story, but also at the revolution, you could see some of the human metrocops fighting alongside the conscripts, maybe marked with a painted lambda symbol at their armbands, and the elites alongside the combines and maybe with some human metrocops too, who maybe chosed to remain with the combine.
Also for their weapons, the normal metro cops would be armed with stun battons and pistols and sometimes mp7, and the elite with mp7 and maybe some other beta weapon.
Also I assume their battle progression would be similar to that of half life2, so I can imagine or suggest that it would go like this: you would start by fighting the normal metro cops with stun batons and pistols, then elite would start to appear with their smgs and quickly repalce the normal metro cops, and after having killed quite a lot of them, you would then see at the end of the first chapters, squads of an elite metrocop leading normal metro cops now armed with smgs, probably to imply that you have caused the death of many elites. And they are getting desparate to take you down.

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