Dark Interval is a mod project that aims at restoring certain parts of older drafts of Half-Life 2 - namely, various original locations, characters and plot points that didn't make it to the retail version. This mod is intended to provide a complete game experience; rather than restoring disparate bits and pieces, the team instead aims at building a complete and stylistically coherent world by drawing inspiration from many original concepts and drafts provided by Valve in their book Raising the Bar. This naturally involves filling some blanks and discarding some failed or played out designs. Dark Interval doesn't include original levels found in the "leaked" version of Half-Life 2, and instead features brand new maps which were built from the ground up - it was decided that this was the only way to make them both stand out and be actually modern and not just modernised fix-ups. You're welcome to try out the current demo - your feedback is welcome. And thanks for visiting.

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Sep 29 2013

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This is a board for any of your questions and suggestions about key points of the storyline, locations, characters, gameplay features, «what will be - X or Y?» questions and such.