Contra is a freeware modification for Command and Conquer Generals: Zero Hour real-time strategy game. It's a big project started in 2004. It adds many new units as well as numerous new upgrades, new general's powers and buildings. It also adds new sounds, maps, bug fixes, enhanced graphics, and other effects, as well as three new generals. There are lots of people playing in multiplayer.

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Contra is a freeware modification (or simply - mod) for Generals: Zero Hour real time strategy game. This mod adds over 100 new units as well as new upgrades, new general's powers, buildings and 3 new generals. New music, quality graphics and sounds for normal Zero Hour units are added too. Contra adds in C&C Generals: Zero Hour 3 new general for 1 on every side, and also changes all existing generals. Contra is skirmish/multiplayer mod.

Mod for Generals: Zero Hour
current version: 0.04


1. Description
2. How to install
3. History of changes
4. Credits
5. Contact information

1) Description

Contra is a 'standalone' mod - it wont work in conjunction with any other mods
and AI patches you may have installed, so remove them before you install it.
This mod will work with all versions of Generals Zero Hour begining from 1.00

2) Installation

As a safety measure, you should make a backup of the 'Scripts' folder which can
be found in the "Generals Zero Hour\Data" directory. You should restore this
backup when you uninstall Contra. This isn't absolutely necessary but it will
help to prevent any errors when playing online after you remove the mod.

Unpack the archive into the folder where your Generals Zero Hour installed.

Run the game.

3) History of changes
Version 0.04

Bugs fixed:
-Tomahawk storm had GLA flags and incorrect textures for missiles
-Damaged Repair Drone had wrong model
-Damaged Laser general APC had wrong model
-Scud Storm could be built before you gain Rank 5 (by upgrading Fake Scud Storm)
-Infantry general power plant could be garrisoned with enemy units
-Upgraded Laser strike skill (with green laser) had wrong graphics
-Laser general Paladin tank could not build stinger drones
-More than one GLA Destroyer could be built when playing with super weapon limit
-More than one Bertha cannon could be built when playing with super weapon limit
-Chemical general Defense Site rocket launcher did not gain bonus from silicon warheads upgrade
-Laser general laser turret could fire carbon laser before building is 100% completed.
-SDI Cannon did not work
-Bug with Comanche minigun firing graphics
-Retaliator when firing at parachuted units always damaged ground units under them
-Toxin rebel stealth bug
-Troopers loaded into Technical disapear after Technical enters and then exits a tunnel
-Infantry general Signal Mine did not work
-Strategy center did not change modes once Bombardment plan was selected
-Laser general sniper can not shot down artillery shells any more
-Units sometimes fire at destroyed vehicle hulks and poisoned infantry
-Game crushed when player tried to apply Drugs skill on Marauders
-Other minor bugs
Global changes:
-All money supply buildings and units (Hackers, Black markets, Supply drop zones) available from the start
-All defense structures are slightly less powerfull and cost more
-All planes and helicopters damage ground units on crush
-All nuclear explosions have shockwave and new graphical effect
-Guard function enhanced - your units can now follow and guard others by targetting them with the guard cursor
-More units and structures can detect stealth
-AI improved
All USA:
-F-117 effective vs base defenses like in normal ZH
-Bunker Busters upgrade available from the start in Airfield
-Leech can detect stealth units
-Building patrol upgrade replaced with security systems upgrade (installs gun turrets on buildings)
-Avengers do not shot down missiles any more
Air force general:
-Special airfield and Hercules available from the start
-New unit: B-52 (flying Tomahawk launcher)
-New unit: MCV tank
-New unit: SLID defense system
Laser general:
-New defense building: Annihilator (instead of Fire Base)
-Omega cannon and Annihilator explode with high collaterial damage when destroyed
-Burton have laser weapon
-New bomb for Aurora
-New skill: Satellite Microwave beam
-New unit: Laser Raptor
Super Weapon general:
-New stealth Patriot Battery
-SDI cannon work properly now and can defend your base from:
All Carpet Bombers,
All Single Bombs (Anthrax, MOAB, EMP bombs and etc)
Cyber general Tomahawk Storm,
Cyber general Cluster Tomahawks
China Nuclear Missiles,
China Artillery Barrage,
Super Weapon general nuke missile
Cybernetic general:
-Drone Carrier remade:
it can detect stealth units
it can build additional drones
it can be built with no limits at rank 3
it is very effective vs tanks now and not effective vs infantry
-New upgrade: Missile AI (+20 firepower to missiles)
-Paradrop replaced with drop pods
-New Fire Base
-New unit: Fafnir assault mech
-New unit: Pegasus unmanned bomber
-New unit: Robo Raptor unmanned fighter
All China:
-Propaganda Center speaker tower now work
-Gattling tanks can fire at big missiles
Infantry general:
-Armor Jackets upgrade available at rank 3
-Returned wheeled ECM tank (also Universal tank can not build ECM addon)
-New defense building: Artillery battery
-New unit: Battle Fortress
Nuke general:
-Nuclear tank hunter cost and build time increased
-Retaliator cost increased and damage vs ground units reduced 20%
-Nuke Detonator cost more and its explosion is 25% less powerfull
-Carpet bombing slightly weakened (drops 8 bombs instead of 10)
-Iron Dragon returned
-Bertha can deploy neutron mines
-Black Lotus can place timed nuclear charges
-New unit: Inter continental nuke cannon
Tank General:
-Sniper addon for Troop Crawler available from the start
-Emperor and Helix can build Radar addons
-New defense building: Artillery battery
-Black Lotus can produce magnetical field that disable vehicles and deviate missiles
-Supply truck is now armed with machinegun
-New defense building: Artillery battery
Flame general:
-Smerch availabe at rank 3; its armor, range and cost reduced.
-Black Lotus can produce magnetical field that disable vehicles and deviate missiles
-New unit: Heavy Thermobarical Mortar (Fuel Air Bomb launcher, really powerful)
-New unit: Target designator infantry
All GLA:
-Jarmen Kell kill driver ability reload 1.5 times faster
-Mortar Buggies are more accurate, deploy 2 times faster and available from the start
-Bikers can capture buildings (for all GLA) and place booby traps (all GLA except chemical general)
-Pitfall skill (stealth and demo generals) have shorter reload time and spawns more demo traps
-S60 cannons are now stealth when not moving
Assault General:
-Attack dozer cost 400
-MLRS available at rank 3
-Marauder stinger soldier can detect stealth.
-Tunnel network now have small cannon instead of machine gun
-Jarmen Kell can create Rebel ambush and spawn salvage parts for upgrading your units
-Destroyer remade: it have slightly different weapons and can pick up salvage to upgrade its armor
-Added stinger soldier and stinger biker
-Removed Terrorist, and biker terrorist
-Removed Angry mob and "Arm the mob" upgrade
-Removed Bomb truck and toxin bomb upgrade
-New defense building: Missile Silo
-New unit: Artillery
-New unit: L-29 gunship (instead of MiG-19)
Demolition general:
-Luna available at rank 3
-Saboteur can detect stealth
-Jarmen Kell can build demo traps
Stealth general:
-Hijacker available at rank 3
-Saboteur can detect stealth
-Advanced sniper rifle upgrade grants 10% chance to kill drivers (was 5%)
-Firepower of Scorpion and Angry Mob increased 2 times
-Tunnel network now have missiles instead of machine gun
-Jarmen Kell can create Rebel ambush and use GPS Scrambler
-New defense building: Missile Silo
-New super unit: Sand Wraith (powerfull stealth tank)
-Can build mortar buggy
Chemical general:
-Toxin tractor available from the start
-Luna available at rank 3
-AA launcher slightly weakened and require Palace and rank 3
-Toxic defense upgrade available at rank 3 in Palace
-Stinger soldier can detect stealth.
-Soldiers can garrison Black Market
-Jarmen Kell can place timed acid charges and spawn salvage parts to upgrade your vehicles

4) Credits

-Andrey [Creator] Pestryakov

Code by:
-Andrey [Creator] Pestryakov

Art by:
-Andrey [Creator] Pestryakov
-Nikita [Overlord] Makeyev
-Alexander [Taran] Dedov
-Kirill [Gluck]

AI programming by:
-Andrey [Creator] Pestryakov
-Vadim Yarmolkevich

Thanks to:
-Sleipnir (
-Chrizz a.k.a. Sever
-Just West
-The Hunter
-Mad Man
-Dennis vd Wal

5) Contact information


Web pages:

Forums: (English) (Russian)

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Contra 004 (OUTDATED)
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