PATCH VERSION 1.44 RELEASED! Remember the original Command & Conquer? Remember all the units, characters and themes from the original C&C game? Remember the gritty feeling of RTS Warfare? Remember Tiberium? Well, that classic game from the early 90's that spawned over a dozen titles and revolutionized the RTS Gaming World has been reincarnated in the advanced 3D World of the C&C Generals Zero Hour SAGE 3D Game engine and look better than ever! GDI and Nod are back along with two all new subfactions and over 30 campaign missions in total!

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Report RSS C&C Tiberian Dawn Redux v1.31 Tutorial Video

I am so happy to see this!! It so beautiful I am amazed truly :) excellent work!!

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Hm nice vid but just one question.
Will the engineers repair only work for a limited amount of them otherwise you could just spam your bases defenders with 20 - 30 engis and they would auto rep too fast for enemys to be able to kill them.
Other then that cant wait for it.

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sgtmyers88 Author

Game code for that ability is dynamic enough to where I can modify the rate of repair and the time it takes for the ability to last. I discovered this through the same code I used for the Mammoth Tank's auto repair system that I had implemented long ago.

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"3.) Engineers and Technicians can now repair vehicles."

Renegade! :O

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This is a demonstration video designed to show the new features and improved gameplay mechanics expected in the upcoming patch for C&C Tiberian Dawn Redux. This also includes visual improvements to the in-game atmosphere and I have provided several hints and tips for your success on the battlefield including (but not limited to) the following:

1.) The dangers regarding Tiberium Vein Hole Monsters.
2.) Armored Personnel Carriers (APC's) can now heal infantry.
3.) Engineers and Technicians can now repair vehicles.
4.) Vehicle weapon upgrades.
5.) How to build defensive walls with the new wall building system.

The Skirmish AI has been my main concern and it has been the most time consuming issue as many players have continued to have trouble with the Hard Skirmish AI not performing properly. A lot of progress has been made, but there is still a few bugs to weed out before I promise a patch release due to this particular issue.

The Music in this video is Mech Man 2 by Frank Klepacki from the Original C&C Red Alert!