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The City Life RPG 3 MOD is an Online RPG built on the Armed Assault 3 engine offering an online community for you to enjoy. What sets us aside from other RPG missions is custom made addons built around our new code. Our system is built by our development team over a long period of time making it one of the longest running mods in the Armed Assault series. We rely heavily on the feedback of our players, the players are the building blocks of the mod inspiring us with ideas, and giving us new goals to reach, so I would just like to say a big thank you out loud to all the beta testers, development team and not forgetting addon makers that have allowed us to use their content in the mod.



A variety of possibilities to earn money awaits you. Deliveries, fishing (inland and at sea), repoman, taxi or bus driver, build vehicles or items to resell, grow olives or drugs, bank robberies or contract work with other players. You can also own shops and collect money from the products sold to other players or open your own mobile shop and set your prices.

But it;s not only about making money, our mod allow you do distract your self in our night club with slots machines and roulette tables. Drink too much alcohol and you'll experience the effects, jail break your friends out of jail, go for a spin at the race track, and plan a bank robbery.

COPs and EMTs

Cops and EMTs are restricted to selected players to ensure decent and professional services. They both have special abilities according to their function to provide the best results. If you think you're up for the challenge, apply in the proper section in our forum.

3D Checkpoint builder
3D Car storage
Group management
Quick menu (ActionUI)
Player Hud
Vehicle towing system
SkyDive system
Player Save System
Integrated Private message system
Vehicular Accessories
Unique CL3 Objects
Custom Made Vehicles
Car Trunk System
Job System
Plant growing
Fist Fighting
Post Office
Revive System
Jail Timer
License Tests
Player Interaction System
Companies System
Shop System
U Build It
Factory system
Gambling systems
Drug Dealer
Taxation System
Black Market
VIP Mission
Tools of the trade
Login System:
CL Key binds
Chat Systems
House ownership
Shite chat
Hire Worker
Loot Locations
Send messages
Delivery jobs
Lottery System
Full Metabolism
Skill points
Toilet system
Stock system
Fuel system
Go karting
Clothing shops
Liquor store
Pizza store
ATM Robbery
Air Traffic Controllers
Flight Instructors
Electric Chair
Low Jack and Low Jack Kits
Donation Shop
Speed Cameras
Speed Limits
Save system
Main Jail
Max Pen
Bank Robbery

Join us at to pre download our addon pack and read our rules. All the information required to install is in the How to Install. For support or question, please use the live support on our web site or join us on teamspeak.

Want to read more about the mod, don't forget to check the Cliki

Players to be aged 14+
Be a member of our forums to be able to access addons and server rules
Players Must be on our teamspeak3 (with a working microphone) to play on the game server

Own Arma3
Be willing to role-play to the max and enjoy!!

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Next announcement update.
Onwards And Upwards.
City Life RPG Development Update version. 10
City Life 3 BUGS - Change Log

11 Years Of City Life RPG:
This year City Life RPG hit it’s 11 year mark, now to a lot of people that might seem like it's a long time but to us it's been full of ups and downs and just shows the dedication of the team and it’s focus to keep everything fresh and entertaining.

Mod Optimization:
Due to a number of reports all our old systems have been recoded so there is not as much strain added to the client and instead offloaded to the server, which ended up increasing the client FPS dramatically.

Staff changes
A lot have been asking what happened with the recent staff changes at City Life RPG and asking if we have moved to another name (rebranded), so we are going to clear this up for you guys.

Some of the people that used to be a part of the City Life staff were not doing the jobs they got assigned, so they were asked to either step up or step down because they still found the time to play other games instead of doing what they were asked to do which told us that they had zero dedication to the mod. Then others thought they were better than the mod and our rules so they took it upon themselves to try to disrupt the flow of the mods progress. Lies and slander were used to persuade good friends to also jump ship but that just showed us who they really are and that they were only out for their own gain and not the community’s, the title of this mods changelog states “Onwards And Upwards” we have been slowing moving other staff members up the chain of command to fill the seats that were left open and we are now starting to see the community come together as they feel supported and welcomed again!

Repair vehicle Attachment:
The ability to add a permanent repair kit in the trunk of your vehicle has been added which allows anyone to repair it without the need of a repair kit on them.

Drone Racing:
We added some new checkpoints items allowing players to set up drone racing events.

Dead Fall:
This is a auto setup event allowing admins to spawn parachutes and a target with a single click.

Car Roulette:
This is a auto setup event allowing admins to spawn vehicles with remote bombs on 9/10 with a single click.

Chopper Stall:
This is a auto setup event allowing admins to spawn vehicles with remote kill switches on 9/10 with a single click.

Destruction Derby:
This is a auto setup event allowing admins to spawn vehicles with permanent repair kits with a single click.

Battle Of Meat
This is a auto setup event allowing admins to spawn weapon boxes with floppy meaty battens with a single click

Last Man Standing:
This is a auto setup event allowing admins to spawn weapon boxes with crossbows with a single click

A new shop has been added to the mall where you can buy medical supplies and treatments for the upcoming new health systems.

The new headbag can be used to block out the victim's view while being kidnapped.

Breathalyzer system:
The CLPD can use the breathalyzer to determine someone's alcohol blood level.

City Life Launcher:
We have changed the launcher download system to move away from the old sync.exe system. This will not only allow for faster update-restarts but also faster end client download time and it a much needed stable system.

House save system revamped:
Due to the time we have been up and running there is some old code that needs to be revamped and the first in the firing line is the house system. The reason for this change is the old system set a name on all 6420 ownerable homes and this is networked to all clients as they join and as you would guess cause issues with new connections and general performance. The new system no longer uses the old system and instead uses the house location to determine the selected home this means we can use other already optimized systems to speed up the house system and make upgrades faster in the future.

Jaws of Life:
We added the Jaws of Life for the EMT Fire Department to free people trapped inside vehicles.

Ferris Wheel:
Added a ferris wheel that players can take a ride on for a bit of fun.

Casino Royale:

Food Preparation at Mc Winters:
It is now possible to prepare food and drinks at McWinters such as burgers and milkshake.

Darth Mall:
Adding a centralized location for all your shopping needs this will help focus RP. Please note that this is a placeholder for the new map so clipping in on the bottom floor.

Police Headquarters:
Due to lag caused by the last PD station we have remove it now in favor of a revamped version we used in CL2.

Justice Department And Senators Office Building:
We have added a new building for use with the court system this is so that anyone can be taken to court in a RP manner to sort conflicts in a controlled environment.

Gear Bag Changes:
We have improved the dropping system so it’s not always on top of the dead player like it always has or getting stuck in buildings this means that sometimes it’s hard to find your bag however we have also added a bag scanning system that’s like a radar so you turn it on and for 30sec it will beep in the direction of the bag and when you get close to you bag it will auto pick up the bag making bag loss less likely.

We have also added a ”Lock bag” system so that the owner can lock the bag when doing events so people can’t steal from you.

Scripted items in the bag due to optimizations and gameplay improvements (Value your life)

New Mission System:
You can now hunt for bad guys and their loot in randomly generated missions across the map. From time to time these mission spawn along with a number of guards and in four different difficulties. The guards patrol the area on foot and in cars these missions require teamwork and good gear to accomplish, but the pay off is the risk.

Banana growing:
bananas can be grown at a plantation, once harvested they need to be processed at the factory before they can be sold at the fruit shop located in the shopping mall.

EMT Vehicle skins redesign:
Updated the look of all the EMT service by adding in new vehicles skins.

New EMT Vehicles:
We added the Hummer H1 & Ford f150 raptor to the EMT shops.

Canceling Auto EMT:
We’ve added the option to cancel the Auto EMT call in case you don’t wish to get revived and want to respawn again.

Jail Times:
Non-violent offence times have been halved. For example illegal items are now charged 2,5 minutes instead of 5 minutes.

Violent offence times have been double. Attempted murder is now 90 minutes instead of 45 minutes.

Illegal Activities And Police numbers:
Illegal activities such as drug growing, turtle or shark fishing and selling are now available without police online.

Tow Rope System:
We’ve added a system that allows repo-mans to attach a tow rope to a vehicle and use a different vehicle to tow it.

HandCuffs Model redesigned:
Remodeled handcuffs to have less polys to improve FPS.

Walking while cuffed and hands on head:
We’ve reworked the cuff and hands up system so you’re now able to walk while cuffed and while
you have your hands up.

Factory production:
you can now manufacture more items at Factory once you have collected the raw materials,example of some of the items you can make are laptops, mobile phones, Radios, and Camcorders, ect,the more complicated items that you can make require specific tools such as spanners, Pliers, and screwdrivers, the tools can be purchased from the [U-Build it] store. once produced the Factory items can be sold at the Market.

New Aircraft:
Over 70 new aircraft have been added to flyhigh thanks to SaberDust.

City Life FAQ Page:

Added a new FAQ website that is standalone from the forums this is to prevent loss of data in the event the forums breaks and also to allow our team to work on adding new common issues and questions.

Game Server Box Switched To America:
Our game server moved to America.

Auto Assigned Map:
You will now always have access to a map, even without one in your inventory. It requires a few seconds to load and does allow you to find yourself at anytime.

New website Landing page.

New forum theme:

We’ve changed the forum theme to a dark black/blue theme.
City Life 3 BUGS - Change Log

Document Credits:
Social Networks

All none hacking bans can be reviewed only once, if you feel you were wrongly banned please send an email to with the following information:
Reason of your ban:
Who banned you:
Why you would like to be unbanned:

City Life RPG Development Update version 9.

City Life RPG Development Update version 9.

News 0 comments

Moving Forward. City Life RPG Development Update version 9 City Life 3 BUGS - Change Log

City Life RPG Development Update version 8.

City Life RPG Development Update version 8.

News 0 comments

New horizons City Life RPG Development Update version 8 City Life 3 BUGS - Change Log

City Life RPG Development Update version 7

City Life RPG Development Update version 7

News 0 comments

Next announcement update The Clean up - V.7 City Life RPG Development Update Hey community we have not published a changelog for a while due to the whole...

City Life News 08/12/2011

City Life News 08/12/2011

News 2 comments

Huge accident brings traffic to a halt on the Main Road out of Cherno causing traffic back logs left many seriously injured.

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DeathWatchPaul Creator

Registrations enabled again on our new website

Reply Good karma+1 vote

How to download

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
DeathWatchPaul Creator

you need to sign up at, and make an account.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Great mod! Only Arma 3 life mod i have enjoyed for a long amount of time.
Was playing on this daily before it first switched to bornholm. I left for a while because my PC wasn't able to get good fps. Now in the process of building a new rig, i will be returning soon :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

how can i change alitis > lakeside vally map i want to make life server please tell me how to change arma3 life map thank you.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
armatec2 Creator

We do not give out our custom created content so you can reap the glory from our work city life rpg content is for our private server only.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Where is the download button? i want to make a city life mod world. please tell me how to download the city life source with map. thanks

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
armatec2 Creator

we do not allow our content to be stolen and used on other servers sorry to disapoint

Reply Good karma+3 votes

We need those fire trucks from the video :) they are sweet

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

So stupid me four years ago made an account and forgot about it and today i come back and want to sign up for the community only to be IP permanently banned is there a way i can talk to one of the server owners to explain myself?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

glade you got it sorted

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Nah they cant help me since i have long forgotten the username.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
DeathWatchPaul Creator

Hi, panzercommander please fill out the following with as much detail as possible and send it to the email address provided.

The City Life RPG 3 MOD is quite strict on its rules so that we can maintain a healthy server.
All none hacking bans can be reviewed once only so if you feel you where wronged and banned for no real reason please send an email to with the following information:
Reason of your ban:
Who banned you:
Why you would like to be unbanned:

Reply Good karma+3 votes

Thanks now i can finally have a go. :)

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Great Mod been playing it over a year now.

Mar 28 2011 by Bazooka301

Lowest Rated (27 agree) 1/10

Here's my experience, posting this on their forum got me perm banned: I noticed a store to buy things, and thought to myself "Well this will help me get my character setup quicker aswell as help the server, and everything looks great so far so why not?". Nowhere on the donation site it said anything like "There is a chance that for whatever reason you may be unable to use the items you bought". I did my purchase of an AlphA Romeo and 4k (total was 9 pounds). I was unpleasantly surprised to find…

Feb 27 2012 by BlueberryNL

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