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City life 3 Mod Available For Download!

The City Life RPG 3 MOD is an Online RPG built on the Armed Assault 3 engine offering an online community for you to enjoy. What sets us aside from other RPG missions is custom made addons built around our new code. Our system is built by our development team over a long period of time making it one of the longest running mods in the Armed Assault series. We rely heavily on the feedback of our players, the players are the building blocks of the mod inspiring us with ideas, and giving us new goals to reach, so I would just like to say a big thank you out loud to all the beta testers, development team and not forgetting addon makers that have allowed us to use their content in the mod.



A variety of possibilities to earn money awaits you. Deliveries, fishing (inland and at sea), repoman, taxi or bus driver, build vehicles or items to resell, grow olives or drugs, bank robberies or contract work with other players. You can also own shops and collect money from the products sold to other players or open your own mobile shop and set your prices.

But it;s not only about making money, our mod allow you do distract your self in our night club with slots machines and roulette tables. Drink too much alcohol and you'll experience the effects, jail break your friends out of jail, go for a spin at the race track, and plan a bank robbery.

COPs and EMTs

Cops and EMTs are restricted to selected players to ensure decent and professional services. They both have special abilities according to their function to provide the best results. If you think you're up for the challenge, apply in the proper section in our forum.

3D Checkpoint builder
3D Car storage
Group management
Quick menu (ActionUI)
Player Hud
Vehicle towing system
SkyDive system
Player Save System
Integrated Private message system
Vehicular Accessories
Unique CL3 Objects
Custom Made Vehicles
Car Trunk System
Job System
Plant growing
Fist Fighting
Post Office
Revive System
Jail Timer
License Tests
Player Interaction System
Companies System
Shop System
U Build It
Factory system
Gambling systems
Drug Dealer
Taxation System
Black Market
VIP Mission
Tools of the trade
Login System:
CL Key binds
Chat Systems
House ownership
Shite chat
Hire Worker
Loot Locations
Send messages
Delivery jobs
Lottery System
Full Metabolism
Skill points
Toilet system
Stock system
Fuel system
Go karting
Clothing shops
Liquor store
Pizza store
ATM Robbery
Air Traffic Controllers
Flight Instructors
Electric Chair
Low Jack and Low Jack Kits
Donation Shop
Speed Cameras
Speed Limits
Save system
Main Jail
Max Pen
Bank Robbery

Join us at to pre download our addon pack and read our rules. All the information required to install is in the How to Install. For support or question, please use the live support on our web site or join us on teamspeak.

Want to read more about the mod, don't forget to check the Cliki

Players to be aged 14+
Be a member of our forums to be able to access addons and server rules
Players Must be on our teamspeak3 (with a working microphone) to play on the game server

Own Arma3
Be willing to role-play to the max and enjoy!!

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Development Update V.14


cl3 splash ca

City Life RPG

Development Update V.14

Lush Grapes

Another year has passed and we are still here to provide you the best RP content that we can. We had our ups and downs in 2018, our goal for this year is to continue being a community where people feel welcome and like to spend their time playing with their friends.

This changelog lists all the major things that we have implemented, adjusted and fixed since the last changelog was published.

Not been playing let us know why so we have a chance to fix issues you may have

Main Changes

Mass unban

At the end of 2018 the City Life RPG Admin Team made the decision to unban everyone who was not banned for hacking / cheating along with certain former members who are simply not welcome anymore. This decision resulted in many previously banned members to return and resume playing on our Server.

Obviously all of our rules are still in place and are being enforced to ensure a safe and fun environment for our members.

If you were previously banned, you are more than welcome to come back and give City Life RPG another shot.

In case that you find yourself still being banned on TeamSpeak, please contact us via.

Sign up process

Along with the mass unban mentioned above, City Life RPG changed its sign up process. Instead of creating an account and having to go through the validation process we used to have, you will now be a full member once you created your account.

You can then jump on TeamSpeak, complete a quick orientation to receive your TeamSpeak tags and download our mod in the meantime

Be sure to read our rules and the orientation document.

Orientation procedure

Former and old members of City Life RPG probably remember having to complete an interview before being allowed to jump on the server, that has changed at the end of 2018. If you sign up now or come back after a break, jump on TeamSpeak and wait for a helper.

You will complete a quick orientation which gives you the chance to ask any questions that you might have, the helper will then tag you up and you are ready to jump on the server once you finished downloading the mod.

CLPD/EMT sop changes

Our goal here at City Life RPG is to be as transparent with our community as we can be. With this in mind, we decided to move the SOPs that are meant to be followed by both, the City Life Police Department (CLPD) and the EMT Service (EMTs) to our public Wikipedia page, also known as the Cliki. The reason behind this was to ensure that everyone can have the knowledge of the standards we encourage our services to provide and to be held accountable if one was to break said SOPs.

Traffic lights synchronisation

For years the traffic lights have glitched out when the server load is high due to switching controllers of the lights we have now changed this so we have a dedicated thread to control all lights on the island and prevent random hiccups.

Jail Time adjustments

Jail times have been lowered to have players out creating RP scenarios instead of being locked up for long periods of time.

Building system update

With the success of the new building system, we have added some cool new building parts to improve the dynamics of your creations. Additionally we added a buddy system which allows you to build with a friend of a group.











Achievement system

One of our most recent additions is the new achievement system. You can unlock achievements by completing tasks which in return will give you achievement points. These points can be converted into a variety of things such as items, cash or vehicles at the achievement converter station.







New night club

It was time for an upgrade. The whole club was rebuilt to give it a more modern feel. It does have the same functions as before!




New guns

New guns have been added to the mod. The classic Desert Eagle, a Glock 19 and the L85A2 along with attachments for each of the weapons.

Sector control

Since most of the daily activity on City Life will make you travel the island we thought it would be a nice idea to add sectors all over the island for you to capture and control. Each sector that is controlled by you will give you a certain amount of cash every hour while you are ingame.


New masks

During Halloween ‘18 some new masks have been added and are now available at that mall.




Two seater go kart

A two seater Go Kart has been added to the mod.


Line of sight

This change requires you to have a clean light of sight of your target if you wish to pass items unlike before were you simply had to be within range.

Massive mission update

In order to make the popular mission system feel more dynamic and challenging it has been completely re-written and updated. The feedback on these changes were overwhelmingly positive.





Updated subway

The old subway building has been replaced with something more special and unique.






EMT vehicles

The EMT Service received a bunch of new vehicles along with some new skins.






CLPD vehicles

Just like the EMT Service, the CLPD received a few new vehicles along with some of their older ones being available with new skins. In the picture below you can see the Bugatti Veyron which for the longest time was exclusive to the Civilian population of our mod. The Nissan GTR, just like the Bugatti was a Civilian only vehicle but now might show up in your rear view mirror during a police chase!

Also shown in the picture is the CLPD version of our Segway.


Helicopter license test

This is probably one of the most requested changes, and it’s finally here! We have now separated the fixed wing and helicopter tests to allow for pilots who only wish to fly either, to complete the test in an aircraft of their choice.


Skill converter

This feature allows you to convert your skills at a 2-1 ratio. Which means if you convert 20 of skill, you’ll receive 10 of that skill which you can either sell or store.


Wine bottles

Wine bottles have been added to the Liquor Store.


Torque car dealership

Torque has finally been upgraded to feature a new modern look that fits the cars that they sell. Located in the north of the island, the store now features improved parking and lighting, making the building usable all day.


Hazmat outfit

Available in three different colors, a Hazmat suit has been added to the mod.



Meth lab

I know most of you are still patiently waiting for this system to be finished, with this we just wanted to let you know that we have not forgotten about it.




Disarming bombs

Before this change was implemented you were not able to defuse certain types of explosives within our mod. Now you will be able to defuse any explosive, as long as you are lucky! Make sure you have a Bomb Detector on you, approach the explosive and check your scroll wheel for the option to disarm the explosive.

If the explosive has been attached to one of your vehicles simply hit Shift + 1, select the Bomb Detector and click on ‘use’. If you do this, it will open the menu for you to disarm the explosive, as shown in the first picture below. You can either disarm that type of explosive by entering the correct code or by cutting the correct wire. If cut the wrong wire or enter the wrong code.. well you know what’s going to happen then..




Scan for box / money

You can’t find your box full of your belongings or the case full of money you dropped? Don’t worry, this system allows you to simply scan for it. Use your Shift + 1 menu, hit ‘Scan’ and then choose between the bag or money. You will get a visual and audio prompt telling you the location of the item you scanned for.



Auto emt drone

These sexy new drones will save your life if no actual EMTs are on duty at the time of your injury. You will have the chance to call them after you had your accident, the drone will be dispatched shortly after and then fly to your location. Depending on where that is, it might take a few minutes. Once the drone arrived it will drop a basket with a few supplies, such as med ktis, food and water to help you get going again.


Updated license plates

Our self made License Plate System has been removed and replaced with Bohemias Plate System as it is less resource heavy.

Updated player setup

The Player Setup has received an update to make it more visually appealing and easier for new and returning members to customize their character upon joining the server for the first time.



EMT med bays

These new med bays will replace the long lived hospital system that was in place for years. If your injuries are to severe, the EMT Service will bring you to one of these med bays.



EMT rescue basket

This neat feature makes the life of the EMTs easier. If you were to get injured in an unfortunate location then you don’t have to worry, the EMT Service will still be able to come and get you.

Speed camera sabotage

You are tired of having to pay a speeding ticket while you are taking your sports car for a ride? With this change you do not have to worry about that anymore. Just go up to a Speed Camera and sabotage it, it’s really that simple - but obviously illegal, so be aware.




Escalade hearse

This small change to one of our most popular and used vehicle will allow you to run a funeral business and enhance your RP. You can buy this version of the Escalade at Sexeh Cars.


CLPD furnace

The CLPD have now got a furnace to dispose of all illegal items confiscated from Civilians.


Gambling update

With the implementation of the fully working Poker Table, the Casino has now been moved to the main Airport to make it easier for you to lose your money. While the poker table is fully functioning, Blackjack will be added soon.




Jail update

Serving a long jail sentence? You are bored? With one of the most recent updates the guards at the main jail down south will allow you every so often to leave your cell to do some work and increase your gathering skill. Just make sure to go back into your cell before the doors close again!

Also, the guard towers around the jail are now fully accessible.


New car radio songs

Recently we added a total of 170 new soundtracks to the car radio. All songs that can be found in the radio are royalty free and permission has been granted to use them. Enjoy the new tunes while playing City Life RPG!


Cliki Updates

Dan has updated the cliki to include new additions and removed outdated sections.

Vehicle Neon Light underglow

Added vehicle neon lights the the cl customs building this will allow you to add a little bit of sparkle to your much loved vehicle

(Needs image)



0009565: [Scripts -> Misc] Voting center building bug (ArMaTeC)

0009569: [Scripts -> Misc] Taser gunshot sound deduction (ArMaTeC)

0009572: [Scripts -> Misc] script error when i used hitman shop (ArMaTeC)


0009559: [Scripts -> Misc] Admins getting a script error (ArMaTeC)

0009562: [Scripts -> Misc] Got a script error (ArMaTeC)

0009561: [Scripts -> Misc] I can see and click admin and admin revive button on the esc menu (ArMaTeC)

0009548: [Addon -> Vehicles] Wrong texture on Bugatti Veyron (ArMaTeC)


0009522: [Scripts -> Misc] Donation shop allowing multiple redemptions (ArMaTeC)

0009503: [Scripts -> Shops] Plate carrier unbalance (ArMaTeC)


0009547: [Addon -> Buildings] Main door to cells in Gen Pop (ArMaTeC)


0009514: [Scripts -> Shops] Some shops need resetting (ArMaTeC)


0009491: [Scripts -> Misc] Got a script error when i had money on me in jail and died (ArMaTeC)

0009490: [Scripts -> Misc] Achievement list is broken atm (ArMaTeC)

0009502: [Scripts -> HUD] Error message (ArMaTeC)


0009482: [General] Evidence Cards in the Checkpoint Builder are upside down (ArMaTeC)

0009471: [Scripts -> Misc] PD Computer Licence Plate Checks in Caps (ArMaTeC)

0008953: [Scripts -> Misc] Repo vehicles inappropriate for repo job paycheck (ArMaTeC)

0009467: [Scripts -> Misc] Error on accepting EMT call (ArMaTeC)

0009470: [Scripts -> Animations] camera view option in menu (ArMaTeC)

0009469: [Scripts -> Animations] Camera for CLnews doesn't animate on the shoulder of character. (ArMaTeC)

0009234: [Scripts -> Misc] Face changed after I logged back in. (ArMaTeC)


0008866: [Scripts -> Misc] K9 not attacking people (ArMaTeC)

0009411: [Scripts -> Animations] laying in the bed in the hospital unable to get out (ArMaTeC)

0009261: [Addon -> Vehicles] Mac R flatbed is limited to 60 when having a vehicle/container on the back, is laggy. (ArMaTeC)


0009451: [Scripts -> Misc] Zombies can kill you while riding subway (ArMaTeC)

0009450: [Scripts -> Animations] new revive system (ArMaTeC)

0009453: [Scripts -> Misc] Script error on revive system (ArMaTeC)


0009459: [Scripts -> Misc] Auto EMT Box (ArMaTeC)


0009394: [Scripts -> Shops] CLPD GTR ISSUE script error WHEN YOU PREVIEW IT IN SHOPS (ArMaTeC)

0009430: [Addon -> Vehicles] Zamak Fuel Model bug (ArMaTeC)

0009238: [Addon -> Buildings] Invisible wall (ArMaTeC)

0009438: [Scripts -> Misc] Can't kick or freeze player from admin panel (ArMaTeC)


0009444: [Launcher -> GUI] Cannot login into launcher (ArMaTeC)


0009425: [Scripts -> Items] Fireworks stop working after you fire off more than 5 or so in a row (ArMaTeC)

0009434: [Scripts -> Items] Crushed metal used to kill people (ArMaTeC)

0009432: [Addon -> Buildings] Secret door in Foggy City (ArMaTeC)

0009365: [General] DMV license is not working (ArMaTeC)


0009428: [Scripts -> Misc] Undefined expression for civ10 (ArMaTeC)


0009414: [Scripts -> Misc] Scrypt Error in load screen (ArMaTeC)


0009416: [Addon -> Vehicles] Error with EMT/CLPD/CIV cars (ArMaTeC)


0009256: [Scripts -> Misc] auto release from jail (ArMaTeC)

0009248: [Scripts -> Misc] Heli License Test - Tasks not assigned automatically (ArMaTeC)

0008872: [Scripts -> Misc] Script Error When Assigning New Pickup Location During Helicopter License Test (Dan)

0009398: [Addon -> Vehicles] Driver/passenger invisible when sitting in the new EMT/CLPD nissan (ArMaTeC)

0009400: [Scripts -> Misc] script error when loading/saving TFar (ArMaTeC)

0009401: [Scripts -> Misc] Script error TFAR related when revived (ArMaTeC)

0009413: [Scripts -> HUD] Scrypt error when opening the phone (ArMaTeC)

0009410: [Scripts -> Misc] Scrypt Error when trying to open Gear (ArMaTeC)

0009409: [Launcher -> Updater] Permission error when updating the mod (ArMaTeC)

0009335: [Scripts -> Misc] Doc Holiday's rp name was assigned to me even though i'm Niall Mcslive. (ArMaTeC)

0009323: [Scripts -> Trunk storage] When I put a gun into my trunk it gives me an error message (ArMaTeC)

0009216: [Addon -> Items] Shields do not block bullets. (ArMaTeC)

0009406: [Lost due to Server issues] no message received @18:03 14/01/2019 (Dan)


0009375: [Scripts -> Misc] Taking bags from locker storage causes it to kill you. (ArMaTeC)

0009399: [General] Account pass reset (ArMaTeC)

0009397: [Scripts -> Misc] Script error when in cars (ArMaTeC)


0009388: [Scripts -> Misc] Speed cameras (ArMaTeC)


0009392: [Addon -> Items] Heroin=Cocaine Same Price (ArMaTeC)


0009361: [Scripts -> Misc] Speed camera clean/remove box option (ArMaTeC)

0009374: [Scripts -> Misc] Ejecting from a helicopter/ airplane during DMV test causes issues (ArMaTeC)

0009380: [Addon -> Vehicles] Clamped CLPD vehicle still clamped after the clamp has been removed (ArMaTeC)

0009330: [Addon -> Items] Lose Gear On Spawning (ArMaTeC)

0008254: [Scripts -> Misc] Phone call failing but other person able to answer phone. (ArMaTeC)

0009349: [Scripts -> Misc] Achievements: Donate to the server for the first time not working (ArMaTeC)


0009357: [Addon -> Vehicles] Akagi and Enterprise ships show nothing on preview at boat shop (ArMaTeC)

0009359: [Addon -> Vehicles] Unable to enter/unlock battleship (ArMaTeC)


0009345: [Scripts -> Items] Auto EMT drop box (ArMaTeC)

0009123: [Scripts -> Misc] Auto EMT issue (ArMaTeC)

0009369: [Scripts -> Misc] PD sub spawn 2 (ArMaTeC)


0009367: [Lost due to Server issues] Lost my money after game crashed (ArMaTeC)


0009354: [Scripts -> Shops] Script error when trying to respray vehicle at CL Customs (ArMaTeC)

0009348: [Scripts -> Misc] Achievements: Cut down a tree, not working (ArMaTeC)


0009128: [Scripts -> Misc] 1st LZ wont show during heli test (ArMaTeC)


0009331: [Addon -> Vehicles] Storage Cargo liquid tank (ArMaTeC)

0009332: [Scripts -> Misc] clmod_fnc_login_system_set_skills (ArMaTeC)

0009343: [Scripts -> HUD] Double text for licenses tests. (ArMaTeC)

0009329: [General] Clamped vehicle still clamped after the clamp has been removed (ArMaTeC)

0009352: [Scripts -> Misc] Stuck in CL Customs (ArMaTeC)

0009346: [Scripts -> Misc] Bingo win bug (ArMaTeC)

0009341: [Addon -> Buildings] Senator House Doors (ArMaTeC)

0009347: [Scripts -> Misc] Can't grab a pint of beer from Foggy City (ArMaTeC)

0009325: [Addon -> Buildings] lock picks can be used when no cops are online (ArMaTeC)

0009327: [Scripts -> Items] remove satuals (ArMaTeC)


0009344: [Scripts -> Misc] handcuff + items (ArMaTeC)


0009337: [Addon -> Vehicles] VX 1000 motorbike can't be refueled. (ArMaTeC)


0009302: [Scripts -> Misc] Heli Test Bug (ArMaTeC)

0009328: [General] Server Crashed 2018/12/12 (ArMaTeC)


0009171: [General] logged back into game and was meant to be in max pen (ArMaTeC)


0009322: [General] When I try to take rifle test I get error (ArMaTeC)


0009321: [Scripts -> Misc] Lights AT Torque (ArMaTeC)


0009291: [Scripts -> Misc] Script error when by car or heli from OD Shop (ArMaTeC)


0009314: [Scripts -> Misc] Phone Error Message (ArMaTeC)


0009241: [Scripts -> Trunk storage] clothing duplication issues with houses (ArMaTeC)

0009296: [Scripts -> Items] Police hats are broken (ArMaTeC)

0009299: [Addon -> Items] When placing a drone on your back it drops down and bugs out, please see photo (ArMaTeC)

0009310: [Scripts -> Misc] Auto Reboot (ArMaTeC)

0009255: [Addon -> Vehicles] Minor fixes to EC135 model (ArMaTeC)

0009253: [Scripts -> Items] Melee weapon no longer stun as they used to. (ArMaTeC)

0009285: [Scripts -> Misc] Achievements not working (ArMaTeC)

0009281: [Scripts -> Items] Olives bugged possibly (ArMaTeC)


0009278: [Scripts -> Misc] Error Message while capturing a zone (ArMaTeC)

0009276: [Scripts -> Misc] Zone 13 (USS Ballbag) can't be captured (ArMaTeC)

0009277: [Scripts -> Misc] Speed camera fines (ArMaTeC)


0009275: [Scripts -> Misc] Can't see numbers on bingo cards (ArMaTeC)


0009270: [Launcher -> Updater] Not able to access launcher / update loop (ArMaTeC)

0009259: [Scripts -> Misc] 2 Script error before and after login (ArMaTeC)

0009244: [Addon -> Vehicles] medium container number plate (ArMaTeC)


0009268: [Scripts -> Misc] Script error on the capture area system (ArMaTeC)


0009260: [Scripts -> Misc] Currently not taking damage. (ArMaTeC)

0009262: [Addon -> Vehicles] New EMT Eurocopter is burnt out on garage placement screen (ArMaTeC)


0009109: [Addon -> Vehicles] Items vanish when trying to transfer multiple counts of the same item to trunk (ArMaTeC)

0009243: [Scripts -> Shops] Torque car spawn location (ArMaTeC)

0009245: [Scripts -> HUD] Police Vehicle Speed Cameras broken (ArMaTeC)

0009242: [Addon -> Buildings] Belladonna table (ArMaTeC)


0009225: [Scripts -> Misc] Bike shop in unmarked. (ArMaTeC)

0009229: [Scripts -> Trunk storage] Script error when I opened trunk storage of a vehicle (ArMaTeC)


0009199: [Scripts -> Misc] Campfire from town invasion mission kills you from far distance (ArMaTeC)


0009209: [General] Able to rob the Bank as an Officer (ArMaTeC)

0009195: [Scripts -> Misc] Unable to take items directly out of your own bag. (ArMaTeC)

0009204: [Addon -> Buildings] Bank roof bug (ArMaTeC)

0009213: [General] storage locker in CLPD substations (ArMaTeC)

0009210: [Scripts -> Misc] Script error on bank ATM when checking from the secure room (ArMaTeC)

0009207: [Addon -> Items] Computers at the Jail (ArMaTeC)


0009203: [Scripts -> Misc] Safe Max Capacity (ArMaTeC)

0009206: [Scripts -> HUD] Gear menu no longer shows the 3 options that used to be there (ArMaTeC)

0009208: [General] ISSUE WITH BANK (ArMaTeC)

0009192: [Scripts -> Items] Fire work #1 and #2 and most of #3 make no sound on launch or explosion (ArMaTeC)


0009201: [Scripts -> Misc] unable to start dynamic mission after restart (ArMaTeC)


0009197: [Addon -> Vehicles] Unable to walk into RV (ArMaTeC)

0009191: [Scripts -> Misc] TFAR Issues (ArMaTeC)

0008862: [Scripts -> Misc] Server FPS (ArMaTeC)

0008984: [Addon -> Vehicles] Server FPS Drop because of fire (ArMaTeC)

0008559: [Scripts -> Misc] RP name assigned to different players while logging in (ArMaTeC)


0008952: [General] Repo-Job: Wrecks cleaned by server too quickly (ArMaTeC)


0009181: [General] delays and issues (ArMaTeC)

0009180: [Scripts -> Misc] Missions Bug (ArMaTeC)

0009168: [Scripts -> Misc] mission didn't show up on map (ArMaTeC)


0009176: [Scripts -> Misc] Moved bee hive to a more accessible location (ArMaTeC)

0009174: [Scripts -> Misc] Added ability to add foundation without removed everything above (ArMaTeC)

0009172: [Scripts -> Misc] Workbench Stats Error (ArMaTeC)

0009175: [Scripts -> Misc] Added fix for when your have max lamps (ArMaTeC)

0009173: [Scripts -> Items] COP UAV terminals disappear if you log out and log back in. (ArMaTeC)


0009085: [Scripts -> Misc] You can push people while they take a shit through doors into buildings (ArMaTeC)

0009113: [Scripts -> Shops] Adding new items to a shop results in a "Max Items Added" error. (ArMaTeC)

0008845: [Scripts -> Misc] Build System: Glass Texture Issues (ArMaTeC)


0009144: [Scripts -> Misc] issue with glass walls (ArMaTeC)

0009119: [Scripts -> Shops] Purchasing EMT heli at Sub1 causes big bang (ArMaTeC)

0008962: [Scripts -> Misc] L85 A2 BFA (the yellow bit) issue (ArMaTeC)


0005552: [General] EMT Wetsuit Grayoutline (DeathWatchPaul)


0009165: [Scripts -> Misc] Script error on Load In 24/9/18 (ArMaTeC)

0008927: [Addon -> Items] Different stripe color for turtle meat (ArMaTeC)


0009110: [Addon -> Vehicles] Can't remove wheel clamps from MRAP (ArMaTeC)


0009161: [Scripts -> Misc] Falcon Landing Barge spawned randomly on the map (ArMaTeC)

0009159: [Scripts -> Misc] speed cams evidence box drop bug (ArMaTeC)


0009158: [Scripts -> Items] Script error when I clamped an already clamped car (ArMaTeC)

0008996: [Scripts -> Misc] Pickup option on enduro when it's flipped upside down will cause it to fall under map (ArMaTeC)

0009160: [Addon -> Buildings] Can't access the garage on my house (own made) with left shift (ArMaTeC)


0009155: [Scripts -> Misc] Updated Drug & Seed Icons (ArMaTeC)

0009157: [Scripts -> Misc] Repair option repairs the hunter too 100% (ArMaTeC)


0008644: [Scripts -> Misc] Cannot open panic room doors after server restart (ArMaTeC)


0009152: [Addon -> Items] Repair Part Icons (ArMaTeC)

0008971: [Scripts -> Misc] Voices of Taxi System (ArMaTeC)


0009148: [Scripts -> Misc] Weapons Cache Mission does not reward Weapons (ArMaTeC)

0008186: [Scripts -> Misc] Phone not working (ArMaTeC)

0008965: [Scripts -> Misc] Police speed gun inside vehicle is not aligned properly. (ArMaTeC)

0009093: [Scripts -> Misc] Final Ai not showing up to complete mission (ArMaTeC)

0008857: [Addon -> Items] Treasure Locations Loot Boxes (ArMaTeC)

0008892: [Scripts -> Misc] Missions can be completed with AIs left (ArMaTeC)

0008867: [Addon -> Buildings] Option to delete building section disappears (ArMaTeC)

0008806: [Addon -> Vehicles] Flying Planes (ArMaTeC)


0009147: [Scripts -> Misc] BM Explosives missing from the Admin Panel (ArMaTeC)

0009122: [Scripts -> Misc] Additional information for the taxi system (ArMaTeC)


0008430: [Addon -> Vehicles] Medium Container unhooking from Truck (Dan)


0009143: [Scripts -> Misc] script error when doing drivers test (practice) (ArMaTeC)


0009121: [Addon -> Items] M14 ammo fits the M110 (ArMaTeC)

0009135: [Scripts -> Misc] Missing checkpoint circles for plane test (ArMaTeC)

0009125: [Scripts -> Misc] Checkpoints still stay after DMV completion (ArMaTeC)

0009141: [Scripts -> Misc] Punisher ifrit (custom ifrit) does not have working PD siren and radar detector (ArMaTeC)


0009074: [Scripts -> Misc] New Mission don't want to start (ArMaTeC)

0009073: [General] Script error when it's on the loading screen (ArMaTeC)

0009069: [Scripts -> HUD] Reminder Notification on the logs (ArMaTeC)

0009066: [Scripts -> Misc] \no option to start missions at foggy city (ArMaTeC)

0009140: [Scripts -> Misc] Doing EMS mission will result an error and block all actions (ArMaTeC)


0009131: [Scripts -> Misc] AI Pilots all over the map (ArMaTeC)

0009136: [Scripts -> Misc] no option to call PD or EMT when needed to be revived (ArMaTeC)

0009132: [Scripts -> Misc] Error message when getting revived (ArMaTeC)

0009133: [Scripts -> Misc] Admin Panel "Start Mission" does not work (ArMaTeC)

0009137: [Scripts -> Misc] massive air Strike (ArMaTeC)


0009117: [Scripts -> Misc] Ability to load in bags from fast distance (ArMaTeC)

0009127: [Scripts -> HUD] Throttle text stays after a plane ride. (ArMaTeC)

0009089: [Scripts -> Items] item dropped on floor and went missing (ArMaTeC)

0009108: [Scripts -> Shops] Items bought from shops disappear if not enough room in inventory (ArMaTeC)


0009116: [Scripts -> Misc] force feeding drink will result in "not thirsty" message (ArMaTeC)

0009124: [Launcher -> GUI] Small feature request for the CL3 Launcher (ArMaTeC)

0009112: [Scripts -> Shops] Error if you press "manage shop" on a shop that you do not own. (ArMaTeC)

0009126: [Scripts -> Misc] Donation shop item possible bug (ArMaTeC)

0009114: [General] Possible major Constant errors on join and on every action. (ArMaTeC)


0009102: [Scripts -> Misc] minor text error (ArMaTeC)

0009111: [Scripts -> Misc] 2 Error Messages when joining the Server (ArMaTeC)


0009092: [Scripts -> Misc] Falcon error message (ArMaTeC)


0009040: [Scripts -> Misc] Hidden Treasure caches are not accessible (ArMaTeC)


0009095: [Scripts -> Misc] Mission isn't starting (ArMaTeC)

0009094: [Scripts -> Misc] PD Lockers not putting bag in hand (ArMaTeC)


0009082: [Scripts -> Misc] Missions still not working (ArMaTeC)

0009087: [Scripts -> Misc] Small Money Shipment not completing mission (ArMaTeC)

0009091: [Scripts -> Misc] script error on mini convoy finish (ArMaTeC)


0009067: [Scripts -> Misc] script error when you start the new missions (ArMaTeC)

0009078: [Addon -> Items] Diamond items kill when thrown (ArMaTeC)

0009070: [Scripts -> Items] CL3 Radio Earpiece Shadow bug (ArMaTeC)

0009079: [Scripts -> Misc] Taking a shit (ArMaTeC)

0009072: [Addon -> Items] Compass not working when in a vehicle (ArMaTeC)


0009083: [Scripts -> Misc] Script error + FPS drop (ArMaTeC)


0009056: [Scripts -> Misc] underground subway bug (ArMaTeC)

0008975: [Addon -> Items] M14 Rifle has Full Auto Function (ArMaTeC)

0009046: [Scripts -> Misc] Script Error on getting into cars (ArMaTeC)

0009043: [Scripts -> Misc] Script error on Load in 31/7/18 (ArMaTeC)

0009042: [Scripts -> Animations] A blue box under the player's feet after the last update (ArMaTeC)

0009044: [Addon -> Buildings] CLPD HQ Chairs make you jump (ArMaTeC)

0008899: [Scripts -> Misc] cruise control bug / issue (ArMaTeC)


0009001: [Scripts -> Misc] Able to plant drugs indoors (ticket is set to private to avoid abuse.) (ArMaTeC)

0009007: [Scripts -> Shops] Tactical Vest (Dark Black) Money Exploit (ArMaTeC)


0009031: [Scripts -> Misc] Strange error on login (ArMaTeC)

0009030: [Scripts -> Misc] Strange error on login (ArMaTeC)

0009026: [Scripts -> Misc] Script error on Loading in (ArMaTeC)


0008855: [Scripts -> Misc] Building plot removal (ArMaTeC)


0008969: [Addon -> Vehicles] Only 1 light on Lambo lights up (ArMaTeC)

0008961: [Addon -> Buildings] DMV by AP - No building view (ArMaTeC)


0008925: [Addon -> Vehicles] Civilian Transit model issues (ArMaTeC)

0008904: [Addon -> Vehicles] CL2 jetpack bugs (ArMaTeC)

0008905: [Addon -> Vehicles] CL3 jetpack shakes a lot and hard to reach pilot seat (ArMaTeC)

0008916: [Addon -> Vehicles] script error about something I have no fcking clue on (ArMaTeC)

0008934: [Scripts -> Items] Random Error Message Galaxy Note 2 (ArMaTeC)


0008922: [Addon -> Vehicles] Audi S5: Misplaced side mirror ornaments (both sides) (ArMaTeC)

0008940: [Addon -> Vehicles] EMT Q7 Skin on donation store don't match in game skin (ArMaTeC)


0008928: [Scripts -> Misc] Script Error when putting on custom plates on vehicles (ArMaTeC)

0008931: [Launcher -> GUI] Error When Opening Launcher (ArMaTeC)

0008902: [Scripts -> Misc] Cruise Control Fix (ArMaTeC)


0008914: [Scripts -> Misc] ZRT Gates (ArMaTeC)

0008911: [Addon -> Vehicles] Repo Boat: fuel tank too small to be usable. (ArMaTeC)

0008849: [Addon -> Buildings] CLPD Jail Door Locks and Door Bell (ArMaTeC)

0008870: [Addon -> Items] uniforms glitching out of body (ArMaTeC)

0008861: [General] Body messed up (ArMaTeC)

0008210: [Addon -> Vehicles] Chopper on fire but doesn't really look like it's on fire (ArMaTeC)


0008852: [Scripts -> Trunk storage] Truck Exploded While Transferring (ArMaTeC)


0008882: [Scripts -> Shops] M14 does not have correct mags available in rifle shop (ArMaTeC)

0008887: [Scripts -> Misc] Deagle silencer issue (ArMaTeC)

0008883: [Addon -> Items] CL3 Desert Eagle Shadows (ArMaTeC)

0008756: [Scripts -> Misc] Speed Cam Sabotage (ArMaTeC)

0008891: [Addon -> Vehicles] Vehicle speed capped to 60km/h after removing the tow ropes (ArMaTeC)

0008846: [Scripts -> Misc] Speed camera box (ArMaTeC)

0008893: [Scripts -> Misc] New Speedometer/ Fuel Gauge (ArMaTeC)


0008790: [Scripts -> Misc] Build System Texture Issues (ArMaTeC)

0008841: [Addon -> Buildings] Not enough targets in Pistol Practice (ArMaTeC)

0008847: [General] Mission killing the EMT's (ArMaTeC)

0008775: [Addon -> Vehicles] Audi S5: No rear lights/brake lights (ArMaTeC)

0008858: [Scripts -> Misc] Clothing will not add (ArMaTeC)


0008865: [Scripts -> Misc] Killer bag is back! (ArMaTeC)

0008831: [Scripts -> Misc] Tow rope option missing (cop side) (ArMaTeC)

0008878: [Addon -> Items] CL3 Radio Earpiece issues (ArMaTeC)

0008868: [Addon -> Vehicles] tahoe and cvpi not showing siren / honk hud (ArMaTeC)

0008864: [Addon -> Buildings] Railings and Gate at PD Substations are bulletproof (ArMaTeC)

0008837: [Scripts -> Misc] Sling load rope addon for helicopters is missing (ArMaTeC)


0008853: [Scripts -> Misc] Placing down claymores triggers the gunshot detection (ArMaTeC)

0008838: [Addon -> Buildings] Repo lot code locks are too high (ArMaTeC)


0008835: [Scripts -> Misc] Using ghosthawk to lift vehicles out of impound does not drain fuel (ArMaTeC)

0008792: [Addon -> Items] Crushed metal block falls under surface (ArMaTeC)

0008829: [Scripts -> Misc] Fire spawning in the air (ArMaTeC)

0008842: [Scripts -> Misc] If you exercise too much you will die. (ArMaTeC)

0008764: [Addon -> Vehicles] Sexeh Cars shop (ArMaTeC)

0008830: [Addon -> Vehicles] Ford Raptor Speed Issues (ArMaTeC)


0008826: [Scripts -> Misc] TFR Error (ArMaTeC)

0008819: [Addon -> Buildings] Night club windows may be phantom? (ArMaTeC)

0008818: [Addon -> Buildings] Night Club banister missing geometry (ArMaTeC)

0008820: [Addon -> Buildings] Night Club DJ platform issue (ArMaTeC)


0008825: [Scripts -> Misc] Mission AI (ArMaTeC)


0008798: [Addon -> Buildings] Job Center Desk (ArMaTeC)

0008805: [Scripts -> Misc] Admin Panel Script Error (ArMaTeC)

0008817: [Addon -> Items] Workman's Fire Extinguisher triggers gunshot detection (ArMaTeC)

0008772: [Addon -> Buildings] Bugs with new nightclub (ArMaTeC)

0008813: [Scripts -> Misc] EMT AI Spelling Error (ArMaTeC)

0008821: [Scripts -> Misc] Build System: Not able to delete single item (ArMaTeC)

0007892: [Scripts -> Misc] Error: EntityAI SubSkeleton (BISBot)


0008787: [Scripts -> Misc] speedcam at clpd main hq not right speed (ArMaTeC)

0008795: [Addon -> Vehicles] Parking meter tag not updated when paying for parking (ArMaTeC)

0008783: [Addon -> Vehicles] Zerotoxins Custom skin issue. (PeterBush1997)

0008804: [Scripts -> Misc] Speed camera charging for not speeding (ArMaTeC)


0008802: [Scripts -> Misc] Gear bags can kill the person holding them (ArMaTeC)

0008777: [Scripts -> Misc] Cannot repair fence (ArMaTeC)

0008801: [Addon -> Vehicles] tring to repair helicopters and they explode (ArMaTeC)


0008760: [Scripts -> Shops] Glitch in Rifle Shop Script (ArMaTeC)

0008770: [Scripts -> Animations] when using cl key shortcuts the hud is not showing up (ArMaTeC)

0008771: [Scripts -> Misc] Weather System (ArMaTeC)


0008751: [Scripts -> HUD] Buying a dog causes the keys to be blocked indefinitely (ArMaTeC)


0008766: [Launcher -> GUI] Launcher can be crashed via Squad XML (ArMaTeC)

0008767: [Scripts -> HUD] Typo in the Bank Cameras Options (ArMaTeC)


0008746: [Scripts -> Misc] Bank Security Cameras (ArMaTeC)

0008703: [Scripts -> Animations] Traffic light not matching lights (ArMaTeC)


0008748: [Scripts -> HUD] hud no showing up (ArMaTeC)


0008752: [Addon -> Vehicles] Damaged wheel shown behind the actual wheel on S5 (ArMaTeC)


0008741: [Addon -> Items] Meth Dry Rack (ArMaTeC)

0008740: [Scripts -> Misc] Delivery Point 5 (ArMaTeC)

0008736: [Scripts -> Misc] Building System Base Ramp Texture (ArMaTeC)

0008737: [Scripts -> Misc] Certain building types do not have items available (ArMaTeC)

0008744: [Addon -> Items] Building System Sitting in the air (ArMaTeC)

0008743: [Addon -> Items] Meth Table Placement (ArMaTeC)

0008742: [Scripts -> Items] Losing the Meth Dry Rack (ArMaTeC)


0008717: [Scripts -> Shops] Heli Test bug out (ArMaTeC)

0008485: [Scripts -> Misc] Pickup option on the enduro makes if fall under the map sometimes. (MadGeordie)

0008445: [Addon -> Buildings] Casino (PeterBush1997)


0008730: [Scripts -> Misc] Meth System Spelling Error (ArMaTeC)

0008731: [Scripts -> Misc] Foundation Ramp can't be rotated (ArMaTeC)

0008728: [Scripts -> HUD] Builders Plot Display (ArMaTeC)

0008729: [Scripts -> Misc] Meth Table falls through the floor (ArMaTeC)

0008732: [Scripts -> Misc] Meth System Error Messages (ArMaTeC)

0008726: [Scripts -> HUD] Play time and game time glitched (ArMaTeC)

0008718: [Addon -> Vehicles] fighter plane spawning in at random places (ArMaTeC)


0008700: [Scripts -> Misc] Heli test glitches and sends error message (ArMaTeC)


0008722: [Scripts -> Misc] You are able to grab items from peoples hands if they throw the item. (ArMaTeC)


0008688: [Scripts -> Misc] Can't use treatment menu as an EMT in my phone (ArMaTeC)

0008715: [Scripts -> Shops] Fly high (ArMaTeC)

0008716: [Addon -> Island] Iron mine is at too much of an angle iron ore falls under a lot (ArMaTeC)

0008680: [Scripts -> Misc] Fire system bugged. Fire not appearing (ArMaTeC)


0008686: [Scripts -> Misc] Speed cam outside main ap states it a 90 kph but it's actually a 50. (ArMaTeC)

0008677: [Addon -> Buildings] Remove DMV sticky outie sign (ArMaTeC)

0008701: [Addon -> Buildings] Shop computer monitor missing from sexy cars (ArMaTeC)

0008666: [Scripts -> Animations] When placing trackers on cars no animation is shown (ArMaTeC)

0008685: [General] EMT boat shop is at NATO alpha, isn't near the water (ArMaTeC)

0008662: [Scripts -> Misc] You can store your vehicle to avoid it blowing up due to the new fire system (ArMaTeC)

0008719: [Scripts -> Animations] Traffic light not matching intersections (ArMaTeC)


0008681: [Addon -> Vehicles] PBOs for the navy ships (ArMaTeC)

0008669: [Scripts -> Vehicle storage] Something's wrong with vehicle storing/the auto storing system isn't functioning (ArMaTeC)

0008676: [Scripts -> Misc] Script error when I changed sides to EMT. (ArMaTeC)


0008655: [Scripts -> Items] Can't pick individual items from gear bags (ArMaTeC)


0008661: [Scripts -> Misc] No animals spawn in the hunting zones. (ArMaTeC)

0008660: [Scripts -> Misc] The ETA on EMT drones don't show up (ArMaTeC)

0008664: [Scripts -> Misc] Added range limit to drones (ArMaTeC)


0008656: [Scripts -> HUD] Gear hud not showing properly (ArMaTeC)

0008659: [Scripts -> Shops] Stock reset after restart (ArMaTeC)


0008486: [Addon -> Vehicles] Wheels on the Ariel atom race float higher based on damage level (ArMaTeC)


0008648: [Scripts -> Misc] Missing hose for fuel pumps (ArMaTeC)

0008653: [Scripts -> Misc] Placing a detained player inside a heli can blow it up (ArMaTeC)

0008637: [Scripts -> Misc] Unlocking sea/land (large) container on flatbed can blow it up (ArMaTeC)

0008650: [Scripts -> Misc] CLPD Number plate reader issue (ArMaTeC)

0008651: [Scripts -> HUD] Check if the radar gun needs to be updated (ArMaTeC)


0008643: [Scripts -> Misc] Error Undefined variable in expression: emt_spawn_location (ArMaTeC)


0008587: [Scripts -> Animations] Handcuffs: Arrested state remains active even when releasing (ArMaTeC)

0008639: [Scripts -> Items] Gear bags drop through the floor when arresting someone and place them in the vehicle (ArMaTeC)

0008636: [Scripts -> Misc] Airport Fuel Pump issue (ArMaTeC)

0008641: [Scripts -> Misc] Stuck in jail forever. (ArMaTeC)


0008598: [Scripts -> HUD] Script error: View Distance (ArMaTeC)

0008638: [Addon -> Vehicles] Bikes steer wheels Broken (ArMaTeC)


0008611: [Scripts -> Misc] Gas pumps stealing fuel? (ArMaTeC)

0008635: [Scripts -> Misc] Custom Horn Kit Script Error (ArMaTeC)


0008617: [Scripts -> Misc] Factory notification creation error when creating vehicles (ArMaTeC)

0008613: [Scripts -> Misc] Going into Gear while inside a helicopter blows it up (ArMaTeC)

0008601: [Scripts -> HUD] RscDisplay error due to interruption (ArMaTeC)

0008606: [Addon -> Vehicles] Deep sea dive test messed up. (ArMaTeC)


0008615: [Scripts -> Misc] Gear bag disappeared into the ground (ArMaTeC)

0008626: [Scripts -> HUD] Combat log timer script error (ArMaTeC)

0008623: [Scripts -> Shops] Black RHIB in Georgetown boat shop exploded (ArMaTeC)

0008618: [Scripts -> Vehicle storage] Client Inventory Array Issue (ArMaTeC)

0008622: [Scripts -> Items] Suit clothing purchasing/wearing issue (ArMaTeC)

0008632: [Addon -> Vehicles] Missing numberplate_ca.paa (ArMaTeC)

0008610: [Scripts -> Misc] PD Gas Pump script error (ArMaTeC)


0008620: [Scripts -> Shops] Market items error when clicking on items in the shop/Undefined variable on all market items (ArMaTeC)

0008621: [Scripts -> Shops] Market shop menu array error (ArMaTeC)


0008599: [Scripts -> Misc] ATC doesn't work - error when enabling it and doesn't track air vehicles. (ArMaTeC)

0008603: [Scripts -> Shops] script error on drug dealer (ArMaTeC)

0008609: [Scripts -> Misc] Fuel Nozzle Script error (ArMaTeC)

0008596: [Addon -> Buildings] Houston we have a problem (SpaceX) (ArMaTeC)

0008605: [Addon -> Vehicles] Transit Van (all sides) license plate issue (ArMaTeC)

0008607: [Addon -> Vehicles] cl3_xr1000* has no displayed license plate chars (ArMaTeC)


0008597: [Scripts -> Misc] Script error when sending message on chat system (ArMaTeC)

0008579: [Scripts -> Items] EMT Furniture bug (ArMaTeC)

0008600: [Scripts -> HUD] No messages (SMS) displayed in the phone (ArMaTeC)

0008602: [Scripts -> Misc] Script errors in Admin System (Zeus Lightning) (ArMaTeC)


0008593: [Scripts -> Misc] A reminder for Tec (ArMaTeC)


0008523: [Scripts -> Misc] Script errors thrown left and right (ArMaTeC)

0008496: [Scripts -> Items] Paint gun sounds like a weapon (ArMaTeC)

0008517: [Addon -> Items] Shovel and pickaxe can not be stored in any size backpack (ArMaTeC)

0008562: [Launcher -> GUI] password reset link does not work (ArMaTeC)


0008575: [Addon -> Buildings] EMT HQ Chairs (ArMaTeC)


0008570: [Addon -> Items] Poppies not popping (ArMaTeC)

0008564: [Scripts -> Misc] Problems growing (ArMaTeC)

0008577: [Scripts -> Misc] Plants not growing at all, (ArMaTeC)

0008591: [General] Growing system broken. New lead as to the cause of it. (ArMaTeC)

0008546: [Scripts -> Misc] Banana tree disappear when growing, make server freeze up on saving? (ArMaTeC)

0008592: [Scripts -> Misc] Issue with growing system (ArMaTeC)


0008572: [Scripts -> Misc] Microphone issues (ArMaTeC)

0008573: [Addon -> Buildings] EMT Substation Laptops misplaced (ArMaTeC)


0008586: [Scripts -> Misc] Civs can open all doors except the entrances to PD's (ArMaTeC)


0008555: [Launcher -> GUI] Problem with login box when new players are first joining server (ArMaTeC)


0008525: [Scripts -> HUD] New Player login screens stuck on loading (ArMaTeC)


0008553: [Scripts -> Animations] Error with Rocket smoke (ArMaTeC)


0008551: [Addon -> Items] Money Drop bug (ArMaTeC)

0008550: [Scripts -> Misc] Name Changer"confirm" button typo (ArMaTeC)

0008443: [Scripts -> Misc] Lumber Container weird placement when loaded (ArMaTeC)

0008543: [Addon -> Items] Boats don't float after using a vehicle jack on them (ArMaTeC)


0008548: [Launcher -> GUI] Unable to log into launcher (ArMaTeC)

0008530: [Scripts -> Items] Hammer from workman's is now in the primary rifle slot, can be "fired" using swing ammo and you are not holding it properly. (ArMaTeC)


0008512: [Scripts -> Items] Issue with square shades/ square spectacles (ArMaTeC)

0008532: [Scripts -> Animations] bridge Broken (ArMaTeC)

0008541: [Scripts -> Misc] Loss of raw materials when running out of factory radius (ArMaTeC)

0008503: [Scripts -> Misc] Blown up on bridge due to raft (ArMaTeC)


0008542: [Addon -> Buildings] Build system: Bugged storage boxes/chests (ArMaTeC)


Released 2018-03-11 15:21

0008479: [Addon -> Buildings] building system: metal garage locked not working (ArMaTeC)


Released 2018-03-05 17:25

0008501: [Scripts -> Misc] Error when trying to clamp a Ghosthawk (ArMaTeC)

0008500: [Scripts -> Misc] ATM Money Withdraw Issue (ArMaTeC)

0008497: [Addon -> Vehicles] RC A700 drone very rough takeoffs (ArMaTeC)


Released 2018-03-04 13:46

0008495: [Scripts -> Misc] Script error while using the phone (ArMaTeC)

0008490: [Scripts -> Misc] Error when answering a call (ArMaTeC)


Released 2018-03-03 15:08

0008487: [Scripts -> Misc] Script error when logging into game (ArMaTeC)

0008488: [Addon -> Buildings] Kornhole bridge all messed up (ArMaTeC)

0008493: [Addon -> Buildings] Kornhole bridge Broken (ArMaTeC)


Released 2018-02-27 17:04

0008476: [Scripts -> Misc] One of my plot poles is bugged (ArMaTeC)

0008472: [Scripts -> Misc] Paint Gun alerts the COPs (ArMaTeC)

0008465: [Scripts -> Misc] Handcuffs: Attempt failed weapon on back (ArMaTeC)

0008422: [Scripts -> Items] Can store a vehicle with wheel clamp installed. (ArMaTeC)

0008399: [Addon -> Items] Firefighters' oxygen tanks bug (ArMaTeC)


Released 2018-02-26 16:54

0008473: [Scripts -> Misc] Not able to build any Walls (ArMaTeC)

0008474: [Scripts -> Misc] Not able to save via. the phone (ArMaTeC)

0008475: [Scripts -> Misc] Some paint cans are not added to inventory array (ArMaTeC)

0008455: [Scripts -> Misc] Name changed without paying for one (ArMaTeC)


Released 2018-02-25 15:58

0008457: [Addon -> Vehicles] Wooden Large Container View LOD issue (ArMaTeC)

0008463: [Scripts -> Misc] CL Building System popup texture error (ArMaTeC)


Released 2018-02-11 16:12

0008436: [Scripts -> Misc] Check me out << mirrors << broken << not working (ArMaTeC)


Released 2018-02-08 16:19

0008421: [Scripts -> Items] Bank Truck - Missing Items Array Reward (ArMaTeC)


Released 2018-02-06 15:12

0008425: [Scripts -> Misc] Handing Items through Walls/Floors (ArMaTeC)


0008392: [Scripts -> HUD] 311 does not (always) show RP name (ArMaTeC)

0008374: [Addon -> Vehicles] Container on the Job Centre Truck Driver is offset (ArMaTeC)


0008309: [Addon -> Vehicles] lost donor vehicle do to server crash (ArMaTeC)


0008413: [Scripts -> Animations] eat Issue (ArMaTeC)

0008401: [General] Bags Blowing vehicles up (ArMaTeC)


0008359: [Scripts -> Misc] Building a railing takes a very long time compared to a full wall. (ArMaTeC)


0008388: [Scripts -> Misc] How To Create money out of thin air (ArMaTeC)


0008403: [Scripts -> Animations] Shooting while cuffed bug. (ArMaTeC)


0008400: [General] Disconfigured Cows (ArMaTeC)


0008333: [Scripts -> Misc] Hack Jail Server does not seem to work (ArMaTeC)

0008373: [Scripts -> Misc] Cannot access anything Keys Blocked (ArMaTeC)


0008370: [Scripts -> Misc] When you die in the water there's a random chance your body is 10m above raft/water (ArMaTeC)

0008366: [Addon -> Vehicles] Audi Q7 doctor wheel rim bug (ArMaTeC)

0008365: [Addon -> Vehicles] EMT ifrit siren bug (ArMaTeC)

0008372: [Addon -> Vehicles] CLPD Computers in emt cars (ArMaTeC)


0008358: [Scripts -> Misc] Option to "Remove All" for CL Builder (ArMaTeC)


0008354: [Scripts -> Company] Refused access (ArMaTeC)


0008337: [Scripts -> Misc] Police/Jail Tag not working (ArMaTeC)

0008349: [Scripts -> Vehicle storage] error (ArMaTeC)


0008314: [Scripts -> Misc] Account activity on ATMS/bank is blank. (ArMaTeC)

0008311: [General] script error (ArMaTeC)

0008302: [Scripts -> Misc] Stop people from using quotations in vehicle names (ArMaTeC)

0008335: [General] loot spawning a lot (ArMaTeC)

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City Life RPG Development Update - V.13

City Life RPG Development Update - V.13

News 1 comment

City Life RPG Development Update - V.13 Sexy Lemons City Life RPG has now entered it's 12 year and although it has been a struggle, we are still here...

City Life RPG  Development Update - V.12

City Life RPG Development Update - V.12

News 1 comment

City Life RPG has now entered It's 12 year and although it's been a struggle we are still here with a beating heart to bring you fresh content for you...

City Life RPG Development Update - V.11

City Life RPG Development Update - V.11

News 1 comment

Main Changes This is the first big update since the release of the Apex DLC, And we are well on are way to building a bigger and better City Life RPG...

City Life RPG Development Update version 10

City Life RPG Development Update version 10

News 1 comment

City Life RPG Development Update version 10. Onwards And Upwards.

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Isn't this the mod that Lirik always used to play?

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hi, I'm new here and I wanted to ask how can I join the server?

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armatec2 Creator

i'm impressed. insane amount of work. havent played yet but i think i might

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DeathWatchPaul Creator


And hope to see you on the server one day.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
DeathWatchPaul Creator

for people trying to sign up at the web server is down until tomorrow, sorry for the delay.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
DeathWatchPaul Creator

Web server reinstalled and is now back up.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

this looks amazing!! love the stage setup awesome stuff!!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
DeathWatchPaul Creator

Thanks ;)

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