Initially "The clone Wars Fall of the Republic", Battlefront Ultimate Commander is a total overhaul mod that adds new eras, new game-modes, new units, new maps to Pandemic's game.

This mod will include:

  • 3 new eras: 'The clone Wars', 'Imperial Civil War', and' The Old Republic'
  • 200+ new playable units
  • Greatly improved AI
  • New difficulty
  • Custom visual effects and Sound effects
  • Support for shipped game modes such as 'Conquest' or 'Capture the flag'
  • 5+ new game modes
  • Support for every SWBF I (2004) maps
  • Improved HUD
  • New Shell

Development Team

  • CdtFox (or CmdrMarshallFox): Project Leader, 3D Art, 2D Art, Lead Scripter, Lead Sound Designer and Shell Artist.
  • allumette: Particle Effects Designer, Map Designer.
  • CT-108: Map Designer, 2D Art and Scripter.
  • Ractor2A: Map Designer (inactive)

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RSS Articles

Hello, SWBF Fans!

20180128171610 1

It has been quite some time since a demo has been announced by me and the others developers we’re finally back with a taste of what's to come, for real. We are sorry about how far the mod has been delayed. By the time, we were not fully satisfied by the state of production.

So yeah, here we go. In this beta you can play as both the Galactic Empire and the Rebellion, you also have some minor factions such as the Former CIS, Clones (not the Republic), civilians, Mandalorians , locals (Felucians, Wookies) etc.

Before I go any further, the demo aims to recreate events taking place after TFU (1) ending. Indeed the mod is inspirited by the “Expended universe” also known as “Legends”. For those of you who played the game either the “light side” or “dark side” ending (and continuation) can be recreated through the mod. The Rebellion is composed of Kota’s Militia (mainly) and Bail Organa’s Alderaanian military, most commonly known as “tantive4-roasted-soldiers”. Of course they have different outfits depending the map.

Here is a quick summary of what you can expect:

  • One new era: "Imperial Civil War"
  • New maps
  • Multiple new game-modes: "Order 66", "Imperial VS Locals", "Red VS Blue", "Mandalorians"
  • Support for shipped game modes such as "Conquest" “XL” and "Capture the Flag" (both 1 & 2 CTF)
  • Space Maps supported!
  • Hero Assault available on Coruscant
  • “XL” added to Mygeeto
  • HD Map Re-skins, including Coruscant, Yavin 4, Mos-Eisley, Mygeeto and Naboo
  • Large amount of new units & vehicles, more than 40 new weapons (melee, rifles, pistols, explosives, assaults etc)
  • New effects (visual and sound)
  • WAAAY too much content to list here. (<-- you will find every info in the Readme.txt)

Please note that the “Order 66” & “Red VS Blue” modes are in ALPHA stage. Order 66 is only available on Coruscant and Utapau. Red VS Blue only on Coruscant

The custom HUD coming with the mod is our work and design. It doesn’t recreate any HUD from any star wars game.


  • ~5.GB of hard drive space (Size of the maps, sides, sounds etc).
  • ~1.5.GB of RAM (Recommended)
  • Official Patch 1.1, Unofficial Patch 1.3

Note: the archive is in .rar type-file and is about ~1,19 GB (compressed)

Since this is a beta you may encounter various bugs/glitches, please report any bug you find to us. Moreover, if you have suggestions we are open, let us what would you want to see! You can leave a comment, here on the Moddb page. Soon our Discord Server will be setup!

A lot of our determination is now focused on the Clone Wars era, you can expect updates soon! As we did with the Imperial Civil War, we will stick to Legends :D

Finally here are the trailers (huge thanks to Twinkeyrunaway and the 411Remant for the wonderful trailer!)

Allumette’s trailer:

Bluestripe12's trailer (un-official)

KingGamingNetwork's trailer (un-official)

RELEASE DATE: Wednesday, March 14, 12:00 PM (CET)

Mod's Album & Teaser!

Mod's Album & Teaser!

News 30 comments

A large album summarizing the progress. The article also comes with a small teaser ;)

DevBlog - Imperial Civil War & TCW Progress

DevBlog - Imperial Civil War & TCW Progress

News 33 comments

A new preview of the lasts editions made for Battlefront Ultimate Commander Mod.

General progress & multiplayer infos!

General progress & multiplayer infos!

News 9 comments

An article regarding the latest changes made on the mod and a summary of the Multiplayer's situation.

DevBlog - 212th Attack Battalion Preview

DevBlog - 212th Attack Battalion Preview

News 28 comments

DevBlog for the end of september - Preview of the 212th Attack Battalion.

RSS Files
Battlefront Ultimate Commander 1.0 [DEMO]

Battlefront Ultimate Commander 1.0 [DEMO]

Demo 123 comments

First release of Battlefront Ultimate Commander. This is an open beta.

SWBF III Weapons models pack 2.0

SWBF III Weapons models pack 2.0

Modelling Tool 32 comments

For some reasons, i wasn't able to upload this assets pack in the addon section of swbf 2, i decided to upluoad it here. WARNING: This is only usefull...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 1,205)

My feedback from the demo:

First and most important, heroes. Way too tanky with too little lightsaber damage. This makes fighting other heroes really painful with lightsabers dealing a tiny amount of health in damage. Takes 3 ish full combos to kill someone. Hero assault is nearly unplayable with anyone that can't just stun-lock a crowd into a corner to get the damage off. Also makes common fights way too hard with saber-oriented heroes, and too easy with force-oriented heroes (Vader's force bomb thing especially. "Vader has killed rebel terrorist" x15)
Suggestion: A more Battlefront Project approach, as it has the best hero system I've seen in a mod by far. Things that could work in Ultimate Commander include heroes have some innate block while swinging their sabers around at the cost of only having slightly boosted health (~ 50-100%). Perhaps also give them standard instead of 'hero' draining health to compensate.
Only hero thing I wouldn't recommend considering from that mod is making heroes part of the infantry selection instead of the default "press X key to use" every so often. The heroes there truly feel like *heroes*, since if played at a high enough level, almost all of them are insanely hard to kill, but that means you shouldn't have constant access to them.

Second is probably to be expected with a demo, but balance, notably around damage. Many weapons do very little damage on top of overheating/firing slow/being inaccurate/something else, requiring an absurd amount of effort to take down more than one person at once (if possible).
Special note on the rebel chain gun. Too fast. Can instagib anyone if you hit, but overheats just as fast. Suggest lowering fire rate slightly and reducing overheat from shots to make it less likely to take down a full personal shield troop in 1/2 of a second, but able to output more damage over time. More of a 'constant threat' weapon meant to be paired with something like a squad shield.
I'd say that overall, non-vehicle damage as a whole (lightsabers, most guns) is pretty low with the occasional exception. Kind of an artificial difficulty, if you ask me. Extra difficulty would be better coming from not only AI improvements, but class diversity. IE, no one "cure-all" class (Like the Republic Commando in a lot of other mods) outside of your heroes. For example, things like squad/personal shields makes going Rambo with a rifle troop a lot harder.

On that, squad shields are also too tanky. Only way to remove them is a time limit, so you can just sit on a CP with the entire team shooting you. Shouldn't be a huge nerf, just if you're under constant fire from a dozen troops, there's a chance it will go down before the time limit. Or, at least have the AI more prone to moving in/bombing/something to try and circumvent them. Currently they like to fruitlessly shoot at them so much, they'll even ignore enemy soldiers and shoot at empty squad shields.
Yet another possibility is to make them only refillable by ammo droids like the health&ammo; packs, so you can't just have perpetual invincible shields due to ammo being the most common soldier drop.

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CdtFox Creator


Thanks for taking the time to write a detailed feedback. It's appreciate, sorry for the late answer.

1) Yes Heroes are going to be fully redone for second beta/next release. I think Heroes HPs are just fine. If I lower them infantry can kill them easily. I do see your point regarding force users VS sabers only users (every Heroes have force powers tho). -Vader's Force Fuzzle will receive extra balance ;)

Coincidence? I'm in the process of re-making each combos. It will mainly work like BFP.
I don't think I'll expend the inspiration, I do prefer when heroes are unlocked via the usual "killstreak-timer" thing. -Perhaps I'll reduce how often you can use them. Mainly because when you have to much units on the spawn screen it creates some localization bug (engine's limits).

Regarding damage, the mod is meant to give the human player an increased difficulty. - If you aim for the head you can kill 2 bots max, body hits will allow you to take down only one guy - That's why all the weapons overheat fast. Squad shield's strength will be reduced, noted thanks (+ will have less on the battlefield). Z-6 will be nerfed to.

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whats the extracted file size supposed to be. i get the feeling that the extractor isn't completing the process

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
CdtFox Creator

see the front page article ;)

Reply Good karma+4 votes

Thanks for the quick reply. It says 1.19gig compressed. What's the uncompressed size of just the BU1 file supposed to be. Because something is wrong. I have the steam 1.3 patch installed but other than the backgrounds being different and the new modes showing up on the instant action nothing is different. Not the maps, not the units and not the vehicles.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

can you send me screen of your addon folder and your instant action screen ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

3.85 GB for the BU1 folder. 385 MB for the ADA folder. 171 MB for the BOZ folder.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes

Im having trouble. I can play on the Imperial Civil War era , but I cant play on the other eras. They crash right after I pick the GCW or CW era. The mod is great , but I just want to know how to fix this.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

did you install the patch 1.3 ? what is the other mod you use ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I use the mod loader and have no issues.

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Dear Mod Team and anyone else that may be reading this, This mod is perfection. It has so many elements that other mods don't seem to add (you have had a longer time to work on it though). From the new hud to the improved Gonk droid models, I have yet to experience any glaring issues. I love the animations and one thing that jumped at me the first time I played it (I played on Coruscant) were the 501st Stormtroopers. Making them 501st stormtroopers is one thing, but the models are beautiful. Reading…

Mar 16 2018 by BusinessBILL


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