Run. Think. Shoot. Live. Source. Black Mesa is the Half-Life 2 total conversion of the original Half-Life game. Utilizing the Source engine and its endless array of possibilities and powers, Black Mesa will throw you into the world that started the Half-Life continuum and introduced Gordon Freeman to the world as a gun-toting, bullet-dodging Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics.

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medve Author
medve May 6 2015 says: early access ladies and gentleman

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VimanaExpress May 6 2015 replied:

I'll help myself to some of that sweet sweet appetizer if you don't mind.

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ShadowFear May 6 2015 says:

The Marine is voiced by Mikey from the Insurgency team. DAT HINT AT DEATHMATCH!

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INtense! Staff
INtense! May 6 2015 says:

yeeesss, this mod team has always made such classy trailers

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MachoMan89 May 6 2015 says:

so now we pay for mods?

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WrathOfLust May 6 2015 replied:

That steam project has been scrapped days ago.

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Strogglet15 May 6 2015 replied:

Better pay for this than pay 0.50 euros for just one stupid weapon skin that probably doesn't offer anything and is buggy as hell.

Just saying.

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xalener May 6 2015 replied:

On that principle, Half Life 1 was a paid mod for Quake.

This is different than a fan made sword model, dude.

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sbseed May 28 2015 replied:

you are confused, half life itself was not a mod, your thinking of the original tf which was FREE.

half life itself (originally) was a stand alone build using the first quake engine and basically using quake as a start point (similar to an overhaul) to run their own game.

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Phenixtri May 6 2015 says:

the thing that ****** me off is that they did NOT include TextFamGuy's on a rail and surface tension uncut even tho hes already one of the devs .... WTF the guy literally re-added ALL the cut content brilliantly and they don't even add it to the game even tho its essential to the classic spirit of HL

I mean hell I know we wont see Xen for "insert Valve time here" so at the very least add the following mods "via workshop would be good" to compensate for that seeing as we already have to pay for half a mod that's been spruced up a bit

Surface Tension Uncut v2.0

On a Rail Uncut - Full Beta

Both of these are by a Dev team member so adding them to a retail game shouldn't be an issue the rest can be added by their respective authors via workshop.

Dormitories WIP by Dormitories Development Team

Hazard Training Course WIP by the Hazard Dev Team

We've Got Hostiles! Vent mod by .RK

O.A.R. Loop Mod again by .RK

Just my 2 cent rant is all so don't take it personally >_>

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BioDestroyer May 6 2015 replied:

The developer of those mods said this on BM's Steam forums:

Quote:I am the creator of those mods. I was not happy with their quality and did not want them to be integrated officially into the game.

They will be available on the workshop soon, though. I have ported them to the new engine and will get them up.

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Phenixtri May 6 2015 replied:

im really hoping to see them soon as i cant make a proper lets play of the retail version until I get the cut content back in game ... just not the same with out it :/

For now all we have in workshop are several DM maps and that's it ...

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Phenixtri May 7 2015 replied:

UPDATE : RK has recently updated his vent and loop mods to Black
Mesas workshop page so be sure to DL and enjoy those works of art ^_^

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Comanche_Prime May 6 2015 replied:

Thanx for links, Dude!

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DBuilder May 6 2015 says:

Very good job. But wait a minute...those are just deathmatch maps and not new areas? Glad I read the comments or else I would have bought a mod I had already downloaded for free.

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TheUnbeholden May 6 2015 says:

Wait why are we paying for this when we can already get it free? Why is it on Early Access....

edit- "New voice acting, different engine, workshop support, multiplayer.

Haven't delved much into the updated (?) SP yet"

Oh I see, well thats... fine I suppose. But will Xen be released for free?

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Fox2503 May 7 2015 replied:

You would not have to pay for Xen if you bought the game...because Xen is included in the game(like half life) Xen chapters are part of the game, but its not finished yet. Why you would pay again for Xen does not make any sense.

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TheUnbeholden May 7 2015 replied:

No I mean whether they will release Xen as a free expansion for the mod.

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Guest May 6 2015 says:

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gamehacker May 6 2015 says:

I like the Alien Isolation inspired trailer,
It actually looks like you's did the same thing, Recorded the true trailer to VHS, damage the tape\tapes in various ways maybe even with magnets, then repair the tape and play it back and record it again to the PC to make it look more old and authentic :D

I look forward to the next release :)

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furrk May 7 2015 says:


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May 6th, 2015
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