Run. Think. Shoot. Live. Source. Black Mesa is the Half-Life 2 total conversion of the original Half-Life game. Utilizing the Source engine and its endless array of possibilities and powers, Black Mesa will throw you into the world that started the Half-Life continuum and introduced Gordon Freeman to the world as a gun-toting, bullet-dodging Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics.

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M4 Render - Unskinned
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st0lve Mar 1 2005, 2:41pm says:

I'd rather see some other rifle than an M4A1, its over done, abused and stuff.
And it wasn't even in HL.

LR300 or something like that, which isn't raped'apart by every single mod in the world.

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Matt636 Jan 5 2009, 3:24pm replied:

It was in HD pack, and actually they had ALOT of demands for the m4 , and its a good idea.

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manneedname Mar 1 2005, 10:46pm says:

Acually that gun was in the game....those army guys or whatever they the level we got hostiles they used that gun....

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st0lve Mar 2 2005, 3:47am says:

No they didn't.
Its in the high definition pack that you get with Blueshift, but thats all.

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TheDebonairNomad Mar 2 2005, 6:55am says:

In The Original version there was going to be XM4A1 with the standard M203 nade launcher but they changed it to the MP5A1.

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THE_GMoD Feb 3 2009, 1:34am replied:

no, the original gun was the MP5SD6 and the HD was the M4

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Drponyglock17 Feb 21 2014, 1:36pm replied:

hl1 beta was a m4
in the finished hl1 it was a mp5
in the hd it turned into a m733 (imfdb info)

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syx Mar 7 2005, 10:09pm says:

I think the M4 fits in better, considering there was a grenade launcher in the game, but no possible launcher for an MP5 in real life.

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Kalashnikov Author
Kalashnikov Mar 9 2005, 6:46pm says:

The m4 and the mp5 will be used. They will be an installation option as to which you wish to use.

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llBatesll Mar 10 2005, 7:23pm says:

you guys know that the producers are adding a choice from the mp5 and the M4 in the installment process right?

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angry_bot Mar 11 2005, 2:50pm says:

they're both pretty stupidly flawed. either an m4 that fires 9mm ammo, or an mp5 with a grenade launcher... take your pick. personally, an mp5 that has a launcher taped to it is a lot less pathetic than an m4 that fires 9mm rounds, even if it is considerably common and "standard issue" :D

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llBatesll Mar 11 2005, 3:40pm says:

Im not trying to offend you in anyway but, Well let me put it this way, Youre playing as a nerd in the middle of a nonexistant mesa battling alien monsters that shoot you with either green lightning or a heat seeking hornet gun
with the possibility that youll be chased by small yet abnormally big Insects that explode, all at the same time you teleport to a distant Planet to kill a gigantic Flying All powerfull baby, If youre beef is with reality.....well the game isnt very realistic to begin with, so an Mp5 with a grenade launcher, besides its not like 9mm ammo Decreases
the all over quality of the gun. also its not like the actual soldiers carrying these wepeons stock themselves on 9mm ammo, and The team behind Black mesa source will indefinatley Solve this looming issue, Like theyre actually going to port every little improbability into the Remake?


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Mith Mar 21 2005, 1:50pm says:

Uhh... The Mp5 can have a grenade launcher..

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TheDebonairNomad Apr 25 2005, 9:06am says:

^^ Yeah even if you cant use the 203, you've still got the GP25 Launcher and it would prolly be easier to use since it doesn't have a shell to eject afterwards.

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Uber|nooB Oct 9 2005, 11:45am says:

Actually, it exists (I mean a 203 stuck to an MP5)

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Uber|nooB Oct 9 2005, 11:48am says:

By the way, that also exists, although it looks a bit rediculous

+1 vote     reply to comment
TheDebonairNomad Oct 28 2005, 7:44pm says:

Yeah I know it does, I was just saying you have a choice of two different launchers. the M203 & GP25.

+1 vote     reply to comment
bacon333 Oct 29 2005, 9:36am says:

Quit bitching about the guns guys, im sure the bms team will make the right decision and won't screw up the game too bad! lol

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flubbafrenzy.357 Feb 13 2006, 11:15pm says:

"No they didn't.
Its in the high definition pack that you get with Blueshift, but thats all."

Hmm... I bought the Half-life high def pack... and i had the M4 in half-life, opposing force, and blue shift :/

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Stene Apr 9 2006, 6:38am says:

Why... Why this... I want the Source versions of original HL guns! Like MP5...

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Stene Apr 9 2006, 2:09pm says:

Good that the MP5 comes too, i love the original models. I dont understand why Gearbox added new weapons.

And btw, does other original-looking models come, like Shotgun.

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Tyorant May 15 2006, 5:44pm says:

All the original weapons will be in there but done up in Source, including both the MP5 and M4. (but as a choice of preferance.)

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dustyjo Jul 4 2006, 10:20pm says:

jeez, can't you people read?

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larfunglius Sep 19 2006, 11:35am says:

on i saw a news thing that shows new screens, and theres no mp5 or m4 a1, its a hks with grenade launcher and laser sight like in the smg in hl2

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I_am_n3rd Oct 28 2006, 3:24pm says:

This gun was not in Half-Life one. The one used by the gov't troops and gordon freeman wan an MP-5N with a grenade launcher. If the one used by the gov't troops was an M4, than you would not have been able to use the same ammo.

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I_am_n3rd Oct 31 2006, 6:40pm says:

Kudos to who made this, it is a very nice model.

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FireFly182 Nov 10 2006, 4:14am says:

Also, there is such thing as an M4 that uses 9mm parabellum ammunition, but it is far less reliable than an MP5, although in a game I don't think you'd have a gun that jams anyway.

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FireFly182 Nov 9 2006, 5:14pm says:

Having 9mm ammo in an M4 would actually suck, as the standard 5.56mm ammo is more powerful thanks to it travelling much faster out of the barrel. The 9mm will travel around 1000 FPS (feet per second), whereas the 5.56mm NATO rounds used normally travel about 3100FPS.

The higher velocity also gives higher accuracy, thanks to the bullet going farther before veering off course. I personally would be perfectly happy if they swapped the SMG for the M4 and kept the M4 with the NATO rounds, and had seperate ammunition for the Glock. The benefit of this would be that the M4 wouldn't suck at killing stuff past the length of my *****, which isn't very far.

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Bologna Jan 7 2007, 6:54pm says:

Because the origional HL1 weapons were sucky. Mp5 used as an assault rifle? Please. Glocks are also terrible. Do you really see the Army going out on a top secret mission packed with craptacular gear? I don't think so. They'd have AK103's with grenade launchers and high-calibur/accurate pistols with laser sights if they were dealing with a fricking zombie containment mission. I think there should be a second pistol used in Black Mesa: Source, dropped by the Marines. Glock for Security Guards, Five-Seven for Army. As for sharing glock ammo, why's it such a big deal? That was one of the ridiculous, annoying Parts of Half-Life 1.6, and you're changing the entire map designs, why are you afraid of having no ammo sharing? I say just get rid of ammo sharing and get an M4. Half-Life 1.6 had lot's of bad flaws. Why include them in Black Mesa: Source?

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meelan113 Mar 4 2007, 7:43am says:

It was in High definition pack!!

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Lee503 Mar 22 2007, 4:35pm says:

**** the M4, it's a good weapon, but Marines are equiped with and M16A2 with an M293 40mm GL. I agree with the Five-Seven, that would be spectacular, or at least a Beretta 40 cal. As far as ammo sharing, it will most likely be abolished. In regardes to choosing between an AR and a Sub-Machine gun, why not have them both??? MP5 for close encounters, and an AR so you can reach out and touch someone.

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Lee503 Mar 22 2007, 4:36pm says:

I meant to type M203, not M293...
My bad yo.

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MayerZev Apr 5 2007, 11:52pm says:

They should go the whole nine yards and include the whole SOPMOD (Special Operations Peculiar Modification) for the M4 series.
Which Includes these options and attachments for the M4 series: M4 carbine w/ removeable handle, reflex sight, AN/PEQ-2 Infrared Illuminator,
AN/PEQ-5 Carbine Visible Laser, ECOS-N, Forward Hand Grip, Visible Bright Light II, AN/PVS-17A Mini Night Vision Sight, Grenade Launcher Leaf Sight,
Rail Interface System, M203, Universal Pocketscope Mount (PVS14), AN/PSQ-18A M203 Day/Night Sight, Backup Iron Sight, and just for kicks include a semi-automatic selection.
Mix and Match the parts and have fun w/ that! That Would be AWSOME! Wrap your mind around this stuff!

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JackStoner Jul 18 2007, 12:44am says:

i feel sooo small at this moment

+1 vote     reply to comment
Amez Aug 11 2007, 3:48pm says:

The model looks awesome nice work!

+1 vote     reply to comment
Noobian_Warrior Jan 10 2008, 9:01pm says:

sigh...this isn't a forum


i would ASSUME the remake is to make a new and improved hl1

now if it was my job to do so, i wouldn't necessarily keep the weapons the same, just because people want to re-experience all the past glory.

i would just do what works and what would fit best.

see hl1 was made a long time ago...

by todays standards, yes, some of the weapons might seem out of place, or more specifically, not convenient for the task at hand...

but see if you try to improve EVERYTHING (graphics wise) and keep it just the way it was except for making it look pretty then you fail.

i would be very disappointed to have to play a game that has the same old **** that has just been redone in source, i'd rather see a entire different game, with the same story, some things still the same, but with drastic changes.

bitching about the mp5 with the grenade launcher and m4 with the 9mm rounds is just being stupid, what you should be thinking is, "what weapon would best suit the situation while being realistic and fun?"

not "oh i want to see the mp5 because that's how i played it"

when it could be possible that the mp5 is just a stupid gun (not that my beliefs reflect that, i'm just giving an example)

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Gunns Dec 8 2010, 10:07am says:

in my ps2 version the grunts have this gun, there is no mp5

+1 vote     reply to comment
Theuniverseman Sep 15 2012, 12:15pm says:

Well this argument is kinda pointless just chose the MP5 if you like it or the M4 if you it, it's not the big of a deal.

+1 vote     reply to comment
ShouldBeNew Sep 22 2013, 5:11am says:

Good that they've choosen the MP5. I don't like M4 model that much. I also think BM should make a HD model pack. Would be awesome. Yes HD = High Definition.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Drponyglock17 Feb 21 2014, 1:39pm replied:

what would a hd pack for this game be any good, its already hd.

+1 vote     reply to comment
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