Autumn Aurora 2 it's modification made by small group from Poland which brings the autumnal atmosphere to the Zone and totally overhauls the graphics, audio and gameplay of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl.

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Stunning graphics and game design, the autumn environments look crisp and natural. A fantastic mod for Shoc that succesfully introduces an alternative art direction...

Easily one of the best S.T.A.L.K.E.R. overhaul mods I have ever played. Packed with nothing but improvements and not bloated with unnecessary features and textures that are oh so common in Shadow of Chernobyl overhauls.

Textures are gritty and detailed, weather and lighting is dank and dark and weapons boast some of the best animations I've ever witnessed. But best of all is the sound design, which adds an extra layer of creepiness and fright to the atmosphere of all environments.

This is certainly an incredibly immersive experience comparable only to the MISERY mod of Call of Pripyat, the Shadow of Chernobyl platform does however make better use of such morbidity.

Autumn Aurora 2 earns my vote for 2013 Mod of the Year.

Fantastic environment thanks to Absolute Nature, Atmosfear(we get fog!) and new ambient sounds. Great choice of weapon models, animations, recoil and sounds which make even the weak pistols seem powerful. Heal over time medical items and foods which require your hands so you have to be careful when to use them. CoP-like interface, inventory, dynamic hud, sound and screen effects for different stages of the actor's condition and several more updates. The best looking ShoC mod so far.

as far as i can explain and understand..

this mod is excelent..

atmosphere (an eerie one, beautiful)

such a good mod made just for stalker that fits incredibly..

enjoy your game..

Simply amazing!

much cool
much graphics
much stalker

I was surprised to see this mod come out so soon as I was expecting to wait a while. A lot of effort and detail was put into this mod and it really shows. As the name implies, it looks a lot like Autumn. The authors really nailed the look and the overgrown grass is a nice touch.

It uses a lot of Misery 2 elements but it works well here. I don't particularly like Misery but I do like this mod a great deal.

My only complaint is I wish there was an option to turn off the dynamic hud system as I'm not that into the feature though it's implementation is great.

Great Texures and sounds, if you have a powerfull Pc you can really enjoy this ;)

Tis the the awesomeness of god!!!!

AMAZING MOD! The graphics and sound are incredible - I love the attention to detail. This is by far the best SoC mod I have ever played.

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