AMK Autumn Edition - AMK with Autumn Aurora 2.1

This is a merge of AMK with Autumn Aurora 2.1.
The mods and features merged here are:
- AMK 1.4 & 1.4.1 (everything)
- Autumn Aurora 2.1 (almost everything other than artifact detectors)
- Some features from ZRP
- Smurth's HUD Reworked 2.1 (hit and breath effects)
- Rulix AI Pack (and a host of his other mods from AA2)
- Weapon slot swapping from The Faction War for Clear Sky by smoq2

AMK 1.4 vs 1.4.1
The 2 versions differ in a number of places, enough to alter the experience
quite a bit. Neither is flat out better, so here're some highly subjective

- AMK 1.4 has a much higher spawn rate, especially for mutants. 1.4.1 toned
  this down. Expect to have to evade or run from large mutant
  swarms a lot more in 1.4. NPC spawns are similarly higher in 1.4.
- Traders do not buy as many things nor do they pay as much in 1.4.1 as in
  1.4, so the economy is much tougher in 1.4.1.
- The 1.4 Dynamic News System is more active than the one in 1.4.1. Coupled
  with the increased spawns this gives the 1.4 Zone a more war-zone feel with
  activity happening and being reported in news all the time. 1.4.1 has a
  quieter and more exploratory feel, you also have to work harder to get gear.

Both versions are superb, pick whichever suits your taste.

This is a merge of several mods and all credit goes to the authors of the mods
being merged: the AMK, AA2, and ZRP teams for their superb mods.Rulix for the
large number of his mods that are in AMK, AA2, and ZRP - most of which are now
merged here. Smurth for his superb CoP mod, HUD Reworked 2.0, which too has
been merged and used as a source of ideas. TKGP extracted the AA2 HUD used in
earlier versions of the merge.

Please see the included INSTALL README.txt file for installation directions.


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New Addon Available


Combat Enhanced for AMK 1.4.1 Autumn Edition 3.0

This sub-mod for AMK 1.4.1 Autumn Edition 3.0 adds the following:
1. New supersonic bullet crack sounds.
2. New bullet impact sounds for different materials.
3. Realistic ragdoll physics when NPCs are shot and killed in combat. NPCs will realistically
crumble to the ground when killed, instead of flying backward.
1. drop the "gamedata" folder from this mod in your
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. SoC directory.
2. Done.
This mod should in theory work with AMK 1.4
Autumn Edition 3.0, but was designed for 1.4.1
edition. Use with 1.4 at your own risk and don't
forget to make a backup.
1. To v1ld for merging Autumn Aroura with AMK.
2. To the AMK team.
3. To the Project Reality team.

Download Here

RMA: Autumn Edition

RMA: Autumn Edition

News 1 comment

RMA: Autumn Edition - a merge of RMA 1.1 and AA2.1

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AMK 1.4.1 Autumn Edition 3.1 Fixes v2

AMK 1.4.1 Autumn Edition 3.1 Fixes v2

Patch 4 comments

Fixes for AMK Autumn Edition. These fixes are always for the last released version and must not be used with earlier versions. New releases will always...

AMK 1.4.1 Autumn Edition 3.1

AMK 1.4.1 Autumn Edition 3.1

Full Version 78 comments

This release brings in the weapon slot swapper from smoq2's The Faction War mod for Clear Sky along with a number of fixes and tweaks from Anna_Maniac...

AMK AE 1.4.1 patch 3.1

AMK AE 1.4.1 patch 3.1

Patch 2 comments

This is a patch to bring version 3.0 for AMK 1.4.1 up to version 3.1. It will not work with AMK 1.4! More details:

AMK 1.4 Autumn Edition 3.0

AMK 1.4 Autumn Edition 3.0

Full Version 4 comments

This release brings in almost all of AA2 other than artifact detectors - the biggest change is the full integration of AA2's weather system. So there...

Experience Mod v1.5

Experience Mod v1.5

Singleplayer Map 20 comments

Makes the game much more hardcore and realistic, including new save system, removed HUD and much more.

Combat Enhanced for AMK 1.4.1 Autumn Edition 3.1

Combat Enhanced for AMK 1.4.1 Autumn Edition 3.1

Weapons Audio 7 comments

The Combat Enhanced for AMK 1.4.1 Autumn Edition 3.0 is an addon that makes gunfights more realistic and exciting by adding in supersonic bullet cracks...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 500)

I experience a crash in the first x lab upon coming in contact with the first poltergeist every single time i approach. Is there something which can be done to fix this?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hi, v1ld
military npcs spawn and kill Bullet when i visit dark valley for the first time, Bes and Seriy wanders off in Garbage, Kruglov and his team weirds out, everytime i visit cordon the early game scripted dog pack spawns again and kills Fox and Guide before i can reach them, military npcs spawn near rookie village and attacks them everytime i visit cordon, 3 men patrol from the outpost also attack the village, game crashes everytime i try to enter army warehouse for the first time

i've deleted save and restarted so many times that i've lost count
also is there a fix for death when sleeping for a longer period of time?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Does this mod have artifact transmutation by throwing them in anomalies?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hi v1ld

I have a question about this mod before using it..Have people actually completed the game using this mod or are there bugs that prevent people from doing so?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

One of best vanilla story mods for SoC.
Only one issue for me is that you cant have a certain number of weapons in your backpack or else the actor will say something like
"My backpack is full" or some other line.
So for those(hoarders)who dont like these feature:
In the scripts folder there is file called "amk_utils".
Open it and change on line 14: Restricti
to Restricti
Happy hoarding :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Dont know whats happining with my text at the end but:
Just change Restriction = 1 to NULL.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hi, I tried out the mod and noticed a green gun icon in the inventory describing the weapon switching mechanic. I right clicked on it and hit "use" and it broke the UI. The status effects stayed in game when I closed the inventory. Am I not meant to "use" the gun switch icon? Do I put it away in a stash or what?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
v1ld Creator

Your description isn't clear, what do you mean by the status effects staying in game?

In any case, try double clicking it with a gun in a slot. That will switch the weapons between the slots. Be sure to have applied the fixes.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
v1ld Creator

Uploaded v2 of the Fixes for 3.1. Slotted weapons now sell for the same price as the unslotted version. There's also a name and description for the weapon swapper.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Thank you for clarification regarding blowouts. I had an issue with quest "Find out something about Strelok from Seriy" in Garbage main warehouse. As soon as I get there the fight s over, and I remember that there should be a good fight. Also later quest "meet Mole's group" is strange, sometimes it ends too fast. These are issues I had.
Question: is AMK 1.4.1. 3.0 more stable (meanining gameplay) than 3.1?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
v1ld Creator

Yeah, those two can end quickly depending on the RNG and alife in your run, they can also go longer especially if your opposition take out your friendlies.

This merge uses the AA2 gunplay balance, which tends to make fights shorter but way deadlier - that is on purpose and as designed. Both of the encounters you mention have you rushing to catch up with the alife which has been battling before you get there. That is the exception, there are not many such in the whole game where you're mostly the one initiating hostilities or the one in the center of it.

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Great merge of the two mod. This is probably my favorite variant of AMK.

Mar 27 2016 by PezcoreJR

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