Airborn is an Action Adventure based in a fantastic world on flying islands eons after the world has collapsed from overexploitation. You will start exploring this world through the eyes of Piño a boy who wants to become a messenger one day. UDK Demo hitting the Web in Spring 2010.

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-Artanis- Sep 3 2009 says:


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Myloman Sep 3 2009 says:

That's so beautiful! The atmosphere, music, visuals..all comprised to create a stunning and immersive world. Nice animations and models too. Exciting stuff :D.

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Sicsicsix Sep 3 2009 says:

Awesomly awesome! ^^

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Mastix Sep 3 2009 says:

This is very much reminding me of Beyond Good & Evil and Psychonauts, and that's a huge compliment, looking great!

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Mr.Walrus Sep 3 2009 says:


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archkyrie Sep 3 2009 says:

I love how the rat-thingy goes totally limp after it gets kicked.

reminds, we raise Samoyed Puppies, they kinda are like that, you could hold them upside down by their back foot and they would fall asleep. that is what I thought of when i saw the rat-thingy get kicked and it just laid there afterwards, I laughed at that.

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polyphobia Creator
polyphobia Sep 4 2009 replied:

finally someone seeing it for what it is, it is no kitty!

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lil_reddevil_8 Sep 5 2009 says:

wow this really is a mod with all guns blazing
Its not far off perfect

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DaveTheFreak Sep 6 2009 says:

Poor cat, seems like you hate cats. Still: wonderful teaser, I cannot wait to play this.

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polyphobia Creator
polyphobia Sep 6 2009 replied:

Like you hate everything you kill when you shoot at them, like in most of your mods? :)
Right now he just kicks a ratlike animal, nothing compared to shooting a guy, funny that so many think this is wrong while no one would have said a word when pino would shoot at the soldiers :)

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H3llM4rine Sep 7 2009 replied:

@poly: Kicking what Dave thought to be a cat, and killing an opposing soldier are entirely different. It would be entirely out of place for Pino to shoot at a soldier, and if he did in this video, believe me, you'd get some remark from most of us. Also, kicking a stationary, innocent animal also changes the context entirely, as opposed to a violent looking, hostile enemy.
Anyway, I get your point that this isn't your ordinary shoot-'em-up mod, which is appreciated, but that's not to say a little violence and/or action would be met with grief.

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polyphobia Creator
polyphobia Sep 8 2009 replied:

oh he will fight them, but with his abilities, he will have his "gun" look in the concepts section, and his pogo is definitely going to be a weapon too, there will be action, kicking tokachu right now is just useless funny action to have at least a little action in it ;)

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tschery Sep 7 2009 says:

really its one of the sweetest mods ever seen ^^

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H3llM4rine Sep 7 2009 says:

Great video. I can't wait to play it.

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Versus75 Oct 5 2009 says:

Tja was soll ich Sagen ....... die Unreal Engine 3 kann ja doch was ^^
Sorry is 8 in the Morning at this Time is my English BAAAAD.
PS: Good Work Very Nice

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Newbez Dec 6 2009 says:

looks fabulous

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~cHendler~ Jan 8 2010 says:

Unbelievable cool! О.о

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imbombega Jan 17 2010 says:

omg i can't believe this is a mod! fantastic!

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Xencer Jan 31 2010 says:

OH MY GOD! Pixar should hire you guys to make a game studio haha

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Masterfury Feb 26 2010 says:

oh MAN, if "treasure planet" and "project nomads" had a baby its name would be "airborn". Looks awesome, cant w8!

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Eniac Feb 21 2011 says:

The cat fell on it's back? Booo buggy game!
Haha jokes aside, looks beautiful ^^

*if it is a cat... dunno

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Sep 2nd, 2009
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