Welcome to Age of Arthur!! Set in the time of the Dark Ages, this mod hopes to encompass the right balance of historical fact and light fantasy. Journey 150 years before the events of Brytenwalda, a time when Saxon hordes have recently arrived in England. See a world lost in Transition, moving from the time of Rome to a new world ruled by war and chaos.

Pending or already implemented features:

  • Total Conversion - Explore the lands of England, Scotland, Ireland and most of France!!
  • Over 45 unique historically accurate factions!!
  • Over 150 unique lords, many historical with their own dialog and family trees.
  • Full Diplomacy
  • Kingdom Management
  • Improved Ai and formations
  • Changing seasons (summer,fall, winter)
  • Special festivals
  • Build forts & upgrade them to castles
  • Build villages and upgrade them to towns
  • Sea travel and combat
  • Ship building
  • New items and weapons for the period
  • Fishing and hunting
  • 11 playable cultures, each with their own troop tree and special troops
  • Unique quests
  • Light magic and spell cursing
  • Special events
  • Invasion scripts for Saxon reinforcements
  • Religion
  • Banking and landowners
  • Weather and effects
  • Minor factions
  • Camp entrenchment
  • Mine ownership and mining
  • Many unique scenes
  • Killable lords and kings, (with a chance their deaths will spawn new family members on a mission to hunt you down).
  • Have your own family with children and watch them grow to serve you.
  • More as we develop...
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Dev Blog-4

News 10 comments

Hi all, it seems about time for my bi-weekly update, so without further ado...

Progress Made....

  • added 5 more factions....almost done!!
  • added more random events
  • bug fixing - fixed little people issue
  • other minor bug fixing
  • added script that allows NPC lords to have children! Added 40 new lord/ladies that can be "born" during the game and will grow up just like players children.
  • added possibility of NPC ladies to die in childbirth
  • added script that will recycle dead lords/ladies if lord counts get low, you never have to worry about killing too many lords as there is a chance new lords will take their place.
  • added more work sites.
  • finished hunting scripts, you can now hunt deer and wild boars.
  • added kill lord/king options to dialog
  • added new succession scripts for dead faction leaders allowing family to take over.


We are getting so much closer to an early version release. In the next few weeks I should be finished the major features and will start on finishing the story quests and any missing town scenes. Once this is done I will be releasing our first version. You might not hear from me for three or four weeks, but rest assured I am working on this, but simply don't feel the need to make another article until we are a few days away from upload. So that's it then - this is the last post you will have to read until our game goes live in about a month.

Thank you all for your support, see you on the other side!!

Lady Ashwood

Dev Blog-3

Dev Blog-3

News 5 comments

Hello everyone!! Sorry it has been a few weeks since last update, but I am still working on this and have a new progress report for ya... 

Dev Blog-2

Dev Blog-2

News 3 comments

I am moving right along and have some more updates for everyone...

Dev Blog-1

Dev Blog-1

News 13 comments

Where we're at so far... if anyone has some ideas or suggestions PM or comment below.

Feature List

Feature List

Feature 2 comments

Welcome to Age of Arthur!! Please see below for a full list of planed or already implemented features...

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when do this mod come out?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

The great author of this mod said she have a lot of scenes to make and it could take a while for her to finish them. I'm eager for the mod to be finished but I think we will have to wait for some time yet.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

How did you manage to make a script for fishing?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Arthur the cartoon series.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Wow this mod sounds great! I'm looking forward to try it out :)

Great work!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes

Wow this mod is growing and growing. A few questions if you can spare the time.

Will you be able to hire patrols, and maybe a mercenary company or two? If not, please consider this feature, as it adds a lot of atmosphere and fun (I know it's not that historical but still)

Also is the ship system like VC or more like Brytenwalda? Are there different ships or is there just one?(if there are different ships please give us a sneak peak I love what VC and AWOIAF done)

Magic feature is cool, will there be a special companion who is a magician or does it all lie on the player?

And finally, like VC, will there be any special locations with special enemies for special gear? It doesn't matter if there aren't but if there are it will be even more brilliant.

Thank you for taking your time to read this. And thank you for giving us such a mod.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Lady_Ashwood Creator

Hi. Yes you can hire patrols, and there is one Saxon merc company in game, but keeping to the period, they aren't very loyal if you chose to start the game as a Briton - so something to keep in mind :) . The ship system is based of VC's so there is different ship types you can buy/build (just spent a solid week fixing a bug with it, but good to go now). Magic right now is reserved for units (witches/Merlin), but I'm working on how to add this option to the player without overpowering them in game. I'm going to have a few special locations with special bosses and gear, and will be adding to them with each build. Hope that answers your questions, will try to have another update in the next few weeks.

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Sounds great!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Wow thank you for spending your time to answer. Super hyped for this mod, thank you again for brining this to us, especially with all those features.

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What is freelancer?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

A mod that enables you to enlist your self in other lords army.

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