UA Total conversion mod for mount and blade warband.
Adds a lot of new factions, items, props and much more.
The basic idea of the mod is to use the map of europe (big one)
to let al great warriors of time fight eachother.
Examples of these great warriors who will fight each others are:
Samurai, Romans, Greeks, Macedon, Egypt, Indians Knights, ninja's, mongols, barbarians, trojans, rangers,vikings( and elves, dwarfs and orc's as a expansion for the one's who like it)
Al these factions will be historical right and will have custom weapons, armors, specials, animals, buildings, cities,
villages, and towns
EDIT: there Will be an extra faction (not included in THE download)
This Will be THE player faction a weak island with no looters for really weak players to begin
EDIT_2: Building will cost less time, Skills will be able to go up until 15, and you can recruit much more peasants in one time you can raise bigger armies to.
Siege engines Will be used as weapons in sieges and artillery!
hope you like it please give ideas to improve would help us a lot
People who want to join are always welcome to!

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Dev blog 2: Other weapons


Hello guys nice you are reading our second devblog, the ones of you that read the first one know it was all about the katana and its unique and cool battle system, in this devblog however we are going to take a look at the other weapons, which are all player controlled, historical correct and above all very cool!

So first we are going to take a look at the nodachi, for those of you that are not familiar with the nodachi its basicly a longer katana. Its primary strength when fighting against katana samurai is its longer range, with these ranges one of these aggresive nodachi samurai can force a hostile katana samurai to keep distance from him. Its a more slow weapon and drains stamina quicker, so the nodachi will need to be aggresive to kill his enemy, that probably would try to circle around him and block his attacks, waiting till he collapses.

I hope after reading this you understand that a nodachi uses a very aggresive stance.

aggresive pos

It uses the normal swings and blocks without using 7 or 8 (upperhead and low swing) however the crushing upperhead swing can be learned an other way, as their ofcourse is a nodachi sword school to. So lets take a look at that.

Third technique: The Tamiya-ryu Technique - special nodachi technique
A Nodachi warrior finds this game very hard at the beginning as he can’t do most of the advanced attacks a normal samurai can do and finds himself more restricted than other samurai. But nodachi samurai don’t have to fear as things can change.

Advanced Attacks
1: “The double cutting nodachi”: In this technique a samurai performs a double cut, similar to the katana variant. The double cut lands a normal hit and continues with trying to land a second hit, the second hit will do less damage, but will be very hard to block.

double cut

2: “The deadly strike” The second, last and strongest special nodachi skill is the deadly strike, its one hit only and it is meant to kill the enemy in only one hit. - A full armored enemy.

First the nodachi samurai forces his enemy to give a hole in his defence (late block, exhausted, hit) Then he uses this skill as its quite slow. This attack will do full damage and slice his head in two parts taking even a part of the neck.

The skill itself exists of three parts: fake swing left, fake swing right, brutal overhead swing.

nodachi deadswing

The naginata

First we take a look at the wielding animation then we will talk a little bit about it.

naginata wielding

As you can see the naginata is wielded with two weapons in a way that shows how easy long range flips and turns it can do. Rotation and elegant moves are easy to do with this weapon, compensating for its slower speed and less damage.
The katana speed is 7 of 10 the naginata’s is 5.
The katana range is 1 the naginata is 2.0
The katana’s mentality is to attack, the naginata is neutral.

And here we got some strikes and blocks for you again

naginata swingsnaginata blocks

And the final weapon we will give attention to today is the yari.
Lets start with the wielding animations

1 passive wielding animation

passive yari wielding

this is the passive wielding animation: wielding it takes stamina while not fighting so its quite important to have a waiting/passive variant.

2 Aggresive wielding animation

aggresive wielding animation

However there must be noted that we want the spear to be much longer (1.5x size) and a little bit more to the front equipped for maximal range, as the range is the strongest idea that's behind the yari.

We don’t have one of these nice bodies to show you the hits and blocks because there is only one hit: stab and only one block: push aside

you simply cant block a yari while you are a yari, to be honest you can’t block at all when you are a yari. A katana, wakizashi, nodachi, or naginata can block a stab by sliding it away, needing good timing.

Breakable Block
The naginata and the yari are both made partly of wood, this means that this weapon can break. It will break when hit 7 time on one of the two poins, we wanted to add a odd so it works as following. We have 2 capacities of 7, every block cause one of them to add 1 (randomly chosen) when one of them reaches 7 the weapon breaks and becomes useless.

Weapon bonuses
Every weapon has bonuses against certain types of armor or other weapons, that's what this section is about.
Yari: No armor bonuses, however we got a speed system in the mod: walking (normal) and running, a running person has 1.7 speed a walking 1. A horse got 4 so a lot. The yari damage is damage * (the target speed minimum is 1 so crouching/stealthing won’t help) Also - 33% damage when in movement (attacking)
Naginata: the huge cuts give it extra damage to cloth armors. (1.2x so much)

Thats it for today, i hoped you enjoyed reading, make sure to give comments and feedback if you think something about it. And ofcource i can't end this dev blog without telling you that there is more for you: Advanced naginata attacks that are not in here, the yumi and more advanced attacks. So if you want to check these and much more out (and get our promised tactics sneak peak) check out our drive:

In the third dev blog we will talk about the tactics, tactical command and unit advantages and styles.
See you then!

Cheers godarcher

Ps ofcource i can't exit without a new video, enjoy it!



News 12 comments

I am working with THE module system THE last days: Today i fixed Some bugs implented THE new skills foraging Tomorrow i Will send pics and implented...

New Flags!

New Flags!


new flags who replace vanilla ones and some news for you.

tweak mb changes

tweak mb changes

Feature 6 comments

here are the changes made with tweakmb a complete list of things that changed i hope you like them (if you don't like changes please tell me i can think...



Feature 10 comments

we have sneaked into the top 100 what is a beautiful thing so you can give your ideas here if they are normal and not strange/impossible i will promise...

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Scenes of veagir and nord!

Scenes of veagir and nord!

Prop Model 9 comments

The towns of the aggresive vikings can be yours now you just need to dowload them it is the same with the cold mongol towns. (mongol as in the mongols...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 299)

I have been watching development of this mod for a while, I cannot wait for your first release. This will likely be the best Warband mod of all time.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
godarcher Creator

thank you i hope it will :D

Reply Good karma+1 vote

I do not know how it would work or be implemented but what about a 'Levy feature'? Like, every village has a levy pool of 50 peasants/levies and towns 250 townsmen/levies.

If you are the lord of a village or town you can raise said levy! After you have raised them the village/town replenishes them at a slow rate of 1man/week for villages and 5men/week for towns!
This militia would of course be weaker and equipped accordingly but they would make great cannon fodder, to bolster armies during wartime!

These weak troops could have a morale impact on your party after a while in your service, or when it is peacetime (they want home because "It's almost harvesting season") so you can release them from service and let them return home (replenishes pool with whatever is left of them)!

I do not know if it is implementable but it would be cool! These slowly replenished and easily demoralized troops might make you choose your battles more carefully! Also it would add to the feeling of governing a small province or being the lord of a county!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
godarcher Creator

Definitle makeable not that hard to.
Besieging cities will actually already result in some "levy/townsman" defenders, however taking them with you will probably not be implented

Reply Good karma+1 vote

When will you publish the first version?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
godarcher Creator


Reply Good karma+3 votes
godarcher Creator

I hope within 7 days however it could become two weeks max

Reply Good karma+4 votes

This mod seems super cool!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
godarcher Creator

Thank you i promise you it is cool.
However it will be cooler :D

Reply Good karma+1 vote

I'm looking forward to see your progress!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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