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Zerran May 31 2012, 7:45pm says:

Well it works for me tho the black screen is because its frozen when you start the game it will work in less then a minute (at least for me)
If it dont work try to do press ctrl+Alt+Delete then check the status on Starforge it will say frozen but it will change (hopefully did with me) ive been able to play a bit on it but after a few minutes i get a black screen and have to restart it. Hope this will help you who have the game frozen in the start.

+2 votes   news: StarForge - First Playable Release
Zerran May 31 2012, 6:12pm says: doesnt work for me for some reason.
Its a really intresting game keep it up.

+2 votes   news: StarForge - First Playable Release
Zerran May 27 2012, 1:55pm says:

Awesome! Those nasty aliens wont stand a chance!

+1 vote   media: 2.5 Soldier Models
Zerran May 23 2012, 4:20pm says:

Kane's Wrath now thats (takes on sunglasses) is were the Epic and awesomeness is coming from :D

+2 votes   media: TCW Art
Zerran May 22 2012, 5:14pm says:

Haha that flametank is so screwd.
And i think the driver thought: eh im F*** anyway lets "Flame" as much as i can ;) get it?

+4 votes   media: Flametank Vs Mammoths
Zerran May 22 2012, 5:11pm says:

Very nice indeed it is pure awesomeness in this.

+2 votes   media: TCW Art
Zerran Mar 5 2012, 11:56am says:

Only had this game on the first playstation aww....what a wonderfull game (still is) and the first RTS game i played!

+4 votes   game: C&C: Red Alert
Zerran Mar 1 2012, 4:17am says:

Defending Soldier: Its a Revolt! all units take defensiv formation HOLD THE LINE! HQ we need a rescue Chopper ASAP!....Communication broken.

looks awesome tracking :)

+3 votes   game: Apox
Zerran Feb 28 2012, 3:43pm replied:

Well the fact remain if Luck,skill and that should be in a game it should be in a RTS game not a board game since its Real Time Strategy not turn based (again my opinion), if you could build Veteran soldiers i wouldnt mind but to say oh you lost your 350 troops vs 50 because the enemy side was lucky 4 times in a raw will damage the fun in the game(Example).

Those 26,000 Muslim Soldiers led by Saladin who fought those Templars lost against the thirteen year old king was in fact that the templars are veterans/Elites and that Saladin and his generals thought it would be a pushover since the enemy had less troops and that a thirteen year old kid was leading them, they lost because of arrogance, bad strategy.
Napoléons army was way better then the russians and they lost several battles but the why did Napoléons army lose?
Well thats just because (no LUCK for Russia) the Winter arrived and the french didnt have the clothes to protect themselves if you almost freeze to death you cant fight.

War tactic- strategy, moral and knowing the area you fight in thats the standar tactic even tho you are outnumbered if you fight in a place you are familiar with and the enemy arent you will win easy. Also if Luck has a great part in war does that mean Hitler was Unlucky on D-Day WWII and the Allies were just lucky to take over the beach? since it was one of the worst and costly Tactics the allies ever did during the war.

(edit) forgot to mention still an awesome game :D

+5 votes   game: TripleA
Zerran Feb 18 2012, 3:00pm says:

Sound Nice i will check it out looks good :)

+3 votes   game: Interstellar Defence Troops
Zerran Feb 5 2012, 3:50pm says:

I finally got the game xD lol have dl the game and played it abit looks nice and i low the Royal Soldiers/Guards as you can build if your Britannia Empire, The Horaí Island with the blackKnights are also epic that you have done.

Rated 10/10

+2 votes   mod: Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion
Zerran Jan 31 2012, 2:18pm says:

Love the game except the Dice and luck... >.> had 8 tanks get beaten by 4 tanks here and there wich aint right (my opinion) Still much fun to play.

+3 votes   game: TripleA
Zerran Jan 11 2012, 3:12pm says:

If the commander of that Lucrehulk is smart he should Ram that Lucrehulk into the Mandator!

+2 votes   media: In-game screens
Zerran Jan 8 2012, 7:18pm says:

The fun thing with 1.1 even tho CIS are OP you can still win as GAR and it feels like the movies, when your GAR having the Soldiers battle ready fighting off thousand of battle droids with the Jedi while ambushing them with ARC Troopers!.
Allthought the casualties are immense on both sides the droids are more in number so how do you win that? We are in luck because the droids lack something we dont a brain, So even if you are outnumbered 5 to 1 do as Yoda said, With the five of you outnumbered are they ^^

+1 vote   mod: Republic at War
Zerran Dec 6 2011, 7:36pm says:

Voted for you guys hope you win.

Also this question might have been posted and allready answered but i take up the question again tho, Since the CIS can get Sith Warriors at Korriban are you going to let the Jedi also get Jedis at Courscant? like CIS but randmon Jedi knights not major heroes or anything like that.
It would be awesome if the jedi got jedi knights to fight alongside with troops and die with them and you wouldnt worry about it so much like OMG i gotta save anakin or OBI if they die i gotta wait 1-2 min to get them back up xD, It would also feel more like in the movies.

+1 vote   mod: Republic at War
Zerran Nov 12 2011, 12:20pm says:

This looks just amazing i love how the Alien/Monsters looks like the Alien drone/Warriors i so gonna test play this game. Nice work btw

+3 votes   game: Colony Assault
Zerran Oct 22 2011, 3:12pm says:

How to play as GAR in GC (Easy mode). lvl 1, first you need to protect Bespin ofcourse its your main cash income 2nd attack the 3 planets close to Courscant (spelled wrong dunno lol xD) Wouldnt be a problem if you do it fast ;) 3rd step is to build as many fighter and bombers at all your shipyards if you cant do it on your key planets, why you may ask? cuz as your in tech 1 the acclamator cruisers cant do **** towards the Cis frigates but the nice part is that the AI dont attack with fighters and bombers. The Acclamator arent rly a strong ship to ship its more like a Troop transport in space as you all know. 4th Defend Kamino and its neibhour Rusc something dont remember the planets name but its the one under Kamino, Defend it with ground units since the CIS will bring in 3-6 Capital ships and invade also try to defend Calamari with ground units, i have noticed that the AI really love to attack these planets and will usually attack it over and over again untill they change target (This gives you more time to prepare Defence and tech upgrade) 5th When you reach tech 3-4 ATTACK the CIS planet where Ki Adi Mundi dies in the 3rd movie and im sure you all know wich planet that is >_>. then try to take over Geonosis,Ryloth and the planet they build the CIS big *** ship Melevola.....dont care to say it we all know it :) hehe, That will really help you along the way.

If you start at Tech 4 yes tech 4 and not 5 then upgrade the core planets shipyards and spam more or less your Capital ships.
Long text i know but this will help if you cant win easy or if you just started to play RAW.

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Zerran Oct 11 2011, 1:23pm replied:


Cant wait untill you relase 1.2

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Zerran Sep 29 2011, 6:50am replied:

Yeah the non agression treaty i can get but i cant get the alliance, defensive or the trade pacts :( neither can i send an emmisary to give the suggestion off these pacts. ive made a good alliance with Veigars and swadians over 20 and 30 relationship and my RTR are 99, still i cant do it :/

+1 vote   mod: Sword Of Damocles: Warlords
Zerran Sep 28 2011, 6:53am replied:

D_Loaded what have you been smoking xD?

Well as i said Sword of Damocles are even better in Warband and i really like its so many kingdoms :), i still dislike that you cant make an alliance,trade or defensiv pacts with the AI but i guess its Warband who mess it up and not the mod?
i give it 10/10 Its worth it.

+1 vote   mod: Sword Of Damocles: Warlords
Zerran Sep 23 2011, 2:49am replied:

Oh i think i got it now lol when i installed Patch 3v.90 it was written to be 3v.88 O.o as an older patch wich i didnt notice xD so i jumped into 89 rofl!. Well should work now then if not i pm you.

Loved this mod in M&B and im so confident i gonna love it even more now in Warband ^^

+2 votes   mod: Sword Of Damocles: Warlords
Zerran Sep 22 2011, 11:03am says:

Is it just me or do the game crash when you try to go into the Tavern??

+1 vote   mod: Sword Of Damocles: Warlords
Zerran Aug 24 2011, 7:27am says:

This looks so....epic great pic.

+1 vote   media: Night Watch
Zerran Jun 5 2011, 12:53am says:

Im gonna enjoy this mod for days THANK YOU Z and the staff!!!!!!!

+1 vote   mod: Republic at War
Zerran Jun 5 2011, 12:52am says:

The Download has arrived to all Forces Initiate the OFFENSIV!
And may the force be with you

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Zerran Jun 5 2011, 12:51am says:


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Zerran Jun 5 2011, 12:46am replied:

Start to click Multiplayer maybe god....

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Zerran Jun 5 2011, 12:45am says:

GrandAdmiral79 its no poems its facts :D

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Zerran Jun 5 2011, 12:43am says:

voice:Ive altered the deal,pray that it wont happen again.

people: Praying.

Voice: Ive altered the deal,pray that it wont happen again.


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Zerran Jun 5 2011, 12:37am says:

Voice: ive altered the deal, Pray that i wont do it again. NOOOOOOOOOOOEZ

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