Yo. I'm Vengefulnoob, community manager for the upcoming indie Red March. Feel free to ask me any questions you might have regarding our project, or indeed just questions in general, I will help where I can!

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Vengefulnoob Sep 10 2014, 5:59pm says:

There's coffee in that nebula!

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Vengefulnoob Aug 7 2014, 10:56am replied:

Thanks a lot! We're happy to keep on doing what we're doing

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Vengefulnoob Jun 23 2014, 4:52pm says:


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Vengefulnoob May 11 2014, 10:30pm replied:

Thanks man, doing what we can!

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Vengefulnoob May 11 2014, 11:52am replied:

You raise good points, Darth, however we are indeed, basing the alternate history scenario on an alternate iteration of ww2. In particular in the Red March timeline, the USSR understands the importance of supporting Eastern Europe early on in the war for any future hostilities, going so far as to relieve Warsaw. In addition, numerous pre-war designers are still alive and tactics and strategy more refined than they were in our timeline.

As for pro-Pact bias; we're working on it, as you can see, our pact section is much shorter than the UN one, so we have little mention of leadership, hostile management or the general dictatorship of the Pact, and that is problematic since we want the UN and Pact to be equally as bad as one another, but for wildly different reasons.

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Vengefulnoob Apr 13 2014, 12:52pm says:

I still have copies left! I will be handing out the last at the main entrance at 5!

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Vengefulnoob Apr 13 2014, 8:25am says:

Quick update: due to queuing issues, the meeting will take place around 10.30 instead; Apologies and look forward to it!

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Vengefulnoob Apr 2 2014, 5:35am says:

I can't be the only person to find it hilarious that the TV tropes page has added a definition of the third faction. Whoever chose that trope, we salute you!

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Vengefulnoob Mar 28 2014, 10:07am says:

It's not from the mod dev team, just someone putting across their ideas.

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Vengefulnoob Mar 28 2014, 10:02am replied:

Funnily enough, murader, no! The idea was pretty much made up on the spot, as it fit the bill perfectly for an alarming news event that didn't seem likely to lead immediately to the next world war without further broadcasts showing a deterioration of events. That said, we are also looking at some of the more daring actions from the Cold War and prior as possible material. Hope that answers your question :)

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Vengefulnoob Mar 22 2014, 1:16pm says:

Any word on what's intended for tyranids? As an avid player I'd like to see something like the haruspexes or hive guard, along with the harridan.

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Vengefulnoob Mar 8 2014, 5:50pm says:


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Vengefulnoob Jan 24 2014, 1:54pm says:

Creator was clearly outside of synapse.

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Vengefulnoob Jan 2 2014, 5:54am says:

Is their superweapon talking their enemies to death?

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Vengefulnoob Dec 20 2013, 5:42pm says:


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Vengefulnoob Nov 5 2013, 2:59am replied:

Bass, If you'd like I can send you some files I have for a working IL2m3 with the NS-37mm? The Cannon itself is reasonably accurate to the NS-37 and can be tweaked to the parameters of the Bordkannon (It will just about penetrate a tiger, but struggles to do so, similar to a sturmovik in a shallow dive), and the weapon can simply be added to the stuka def file as desired.

I also have a number of weapons I've been working on for Soviet aircraft, such as the VYA, SHKAS, and PTAB, if you need any assistance with those.

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Vengefulnoob Nov 4 2013, 12:34am says:

Nice work!

About the Kanonvogel, I've been working on an IL-2M with 23mm VYA cannon in my spare time, how did you get the cannons to fire both barrels in sync? It's driving me mad because the weapon I've made is perfect apart from the effect!

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Vengefulnoob Oct 30 2013, 5:24pm says:


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Vengefulnoob Oct 20 2013, 5:06am says:

Fixed the media by making it a youtube video instead of using moddb's crummy audio uploader. Now to go to sleep...

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Vengefulnoob Oct 10 2013, 1:47am replied:

Thanks man, we're just trying to do our bit to keep the genre alive :)

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Vengefulnoob Oct 7 2013, 1:56am replied:

Thanks a lot man, we really appreciate it!

As for the third faction, my lips are very much sealed, except for the fact that when I found out the details about them, I almost crapped my pants. Don't forget that if we do get enough funding, there will be another 3 nations to reveal as well!

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Vengefulnoob Oct 3 2013, 1:10am replied:

Oh and thank you very much! You're very kind, we and our brothers at Rogue Republic appreciate all the support that you, our fans, give us, it really does help!

Welcome to the March, Comrade!

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Vengefulnoob Oct 3 2013, 12:59am replied:

That is indeed the case, the UN is pretty much the analogue of NATO, but far more unified and therefor a great deal more raucous. With France and Britain still major powers, there's a lot of friction between the allied powers, and the UN is only supposed to last as long as the Pact is still a threat. In fact, there are numerous factions working in all nations, at all levels of government, each with their own aims and ambitions, many of them conflicting with one another, some of them even running contrary to the practices of the UN. But of course in the Red March universe, such organisations are the plain superstitions of lunatics... right?

As for more Western, well there are many South and North American nations involved as a result of the direct threat posed by Pact members, Brazil being an important example as it is surrounded by Pact nations. Mexico is another willing participant, though some crazy dissenters claim that it was practically annexed because of pressure applied by the US Oil Industry.

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Vengefulnoob Sep 13 2013, 12:01pm says:

Great stuff!

I'd really love to see the Bm-8-48 if you have time for another katyusha!

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Vengefulnoob Aug 29 2013, 11:24am says:

Happy Birthday Comrade! If you require writing and British V/Os, I'm able to help.

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Vengefulnoob Aug 26 2013, 7:00am says:

Hey Normand, love your work! Just wondered if you'd consider putting in the Bm-8-48 katyusha variant? I've yet to see one modelled in 3d!

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Vengefulnoob Aug 17 2013, 8:47pm replied:

We're still up for debate on this one. What I can say for sure is that we will be selling one part of the game (either the single player campaigns or multiplayer, the other will be released for free) on steam, Hopefully the cost would be at maximum $25-30.

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Vengefulnoob Aug 17 2013, 8:44pm replied:

That's true. However in this universe, outside forces have meant that there is no possibility of forming a "third way" in the fight, and as a result Yugoslavia is as much a part of the Pact as any other.

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Vengefulnoob Aug 17 2013, 8:42pm replied:

Why thank you member of the proletariat! Don't forget to watch to stay tuned for additional updates!

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Vengefulnoob Aug 17 2013, 8:41pm replied:

Apologies for the late reply: We do still intend to have the 3 factions as previously stated. However we won't be revealing the third until much later, perhaps not even before release.

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