Hello everybody,

This thread is for the Retribution version of the Wrath of the Blood Ravens mod.

1.2 Full release is now out!

Install the mod by unraring it to the main retribution folder, set textures to ultra high and running Astartes.bat file.

Gabriel Gorgutz and BloodRavage (Aradiel) have very kindly given me permission to use their modifications and models. I am very grateful, and here are the threads to their epic mods.



Here is my own mod for Chaos Rising.


Credits: Here are all the people who contributed to Retribution modding. I have copied the original credits for fullness, and I will do my best to update them if something changes.

The Codex Edition mod team:

Special thanks for the valuable feedback to the balancing team and community, and to Xenenator for organizing this page.
HEROES OF THE IMPERIUM: Take a moment to honor these brave souls, without whom the Light of the Astronomican would have gone out long ago...
Bloodravage, Master of the Forge (Models, textures, animations, the Standard Bearer, new weapon fx, pintle guns and too many awesome models to list here, check out his mod Destroyer40k)
Canis Lupus, Chapter Master (Models, textures, animations, new Eldar features, worked on pintle guns with Bloodravage)
Horus Heretic, Warmaster of Chaos and the WOA + FOK team
Full credits to the WOA team can be found here: Woa + FoK Modteam -http://fok.dow-mods.com/index.php
Smokin' Joe NL, 1st Company Captain (organizing games, getting new people into the mod, being a top player since the very first release, balance info, and overall support)
Swarmlord Sovereign, The Great Devourer (helping to organize games and get new people into the mod, balance info, becoming a top player and writing some of the up-coming player guides, being a source for lore and tt accuracy, especially for SM and Nids)
Shuma, Master of the Armoury (models, textures)
RagnarR40k, Master Artificer and Codicier (artwork, chapters and banners, game ideas)
Caid, Master of the Eldar Warhost (Dark Reaper models and weapons)
Jaylo138, Master of the Armoury (models, textures for terminator Chaplain)
Hangar-8, Keeper of the Chapter Heraldry (artwork, chapters and banners)
Darrius88, Master Reclusiarch (chaplain model and textures)
Shadowninja009, for helping me with some models and the scout heavy bolter issues.
Unusualfashion/OneProduct, Master of the Librarium (coding, many instances of help getting things to work)
Miguel, Master of the Librarium (coding, many instances of getting wargear and other issues cleared up)

The Destroyer 40k mod team :

Thank you to NastyNoodle for her understanding, and for the continued use of the Tau models used within the Tau race.
-Tau models crated by NastyNoodle:
-Tau Firewarriors, Tau Heavy Weapons team, Kroot, Drones, Crisis Suits, Devilfish, Skyray, Hammerhead variants, and all Tau troop and vehicle weapons.

Thank you to Shuma for the use of the listed models and textures, I hope that I have included them all:
-Dreadnought weapons and textures, chaplain, terminator chaplain, comander terminator helmet, chaos plague lord, khorne champion, veteran helmets, black templar models and multiple weapons textures.

Thank you as well to HorusHeretic for the use of new marine and chaos bolter textures, sternguand and vanguard armour pieces, khorne berzerkers, thousand sons, chaos terminator helms, whirlwind launcher, and predator side mounted lascannons.

Edit: And of course Bloodravage himself!

The Wrath of the Blood Ravens mod team :

Aliblabla, Jaylo138, Zetrial for making their super mods and support.
Special Thanks to Shuma for his unit models.
Netrogor and Rodzaju for their inspiring modding.
Predi and Leves for the faithul testing and ideas that they provided.
Predi (Malcador) again for the help with the item descriptions!
Corsix, Exo Elite and TheEndlessGrey, Copernicus and Dekhranic for their great tools and wisdom.
Buguba, Miguel and Gorb for advices.
Darrius86 for his Chaplain.
Shuma for the wonderful Chaos Terminators, Rubric marines, Khorne berzerkers and Space Marine Helmets.
Nerevarine for his help with the corrupted Chaos Marines.
Kolaris for the Sternguard Ammunition mod.
Chaos Godstone for fixing the angel gate bug.

Vengeance of the Blood Ravens team and helpful people:

Canis Lupus/LupusXIII and Sterling/SweetBeatrice for their help and contributions with models like the Predator Executioner and Leman Russ Demolisher.

Minimod mod team:

Thanks to Sweet Beatrice, Shuma, Horus Heretic and the WOA team, Shadowninja, Orkfaeller, Uncle Anaesthesia, Hadrun and Konfi, I'll update some specific Chapters and Legions.

Elite mod team:
David CZ for his new Dark Reapers!
Orkfaeller for his Cadian medics and Krieg Quartermasters!
Sterling for All the models he made, Here is the link to the Elite balance mod.

Horusheretic and Mirage Knight and the Warpstorm over Aurelia team: Forums.relicnews.com
Cucc from Relicnews forums : Getting me a new, working edition of Dekrhanic's packing tools!
Gorb from Relicnews forums for helping me get the rest of the mod tools to work!

Thanks to Garrick for the new SM tank armours!

Thank all of the above people for their hard work.

My mod will try to give these fantastic units a new feel and style. After all, I wish to create a new experience, and not just rename the original mods. I will also be trying to help out with the Codex Edition mod with some of the coding.

This is not a codex mod, but a movie marines lore mod. This means the marines here are powered according to the lore, but I will try to balance this by making the other factions units more numerous and faster and cheaper to make.

After all, a proper ork horde or Tyranid swarm is hundreds of xenos strong!

Space Marines : Commanders will be Chapter captain, Legion captain and Grey Knight Brother Captain. Chaplains, Techmarines and Apothecaries, Librarians and Emperor's Champions will be available to all as secondary heroes. GKs can summon the IG Inquisitor lady.
Chaos : Khorne Lord and Nurgle Lord and Sorcerer, plus summonable Plague Champion.
Guard : Commanders Cadian general, Shuma style Krieg General , Tau commander. Commissar and Inquisitor are Summonable.
Eldar : Autarch replaces WSE, Exarch is now summonable.
Orks : Warboss, Mekboy, Weirdboy. Kommando nob will be secondary hero.
Tyranids : Same as before, though I may turn the Swarmlord into a hero. Give him "staregic options" as the wargear, which enhances all tyranids on the map in a certain way. Like Resilience gives more health, Aggression more damage, Fleet more speed.

Heavy weapons: All of these can turn around to fire.
SM and CSM and nids : No teardown or setup time. You just need to be stationary and the superhuman reflexes and strenght will do the rest.
Orks and Eldar: No teardown, very short setup. (1-2sec) Super strenght or speed gets the job done fast.
IG and Tau : Little teardown, longer setup (3-4sec) . These guys take time to set up.

Weapon ranges:
Short: meltas and flamers, around 20.
Medium : Rifles and such, around 40.
Long: Heavy weapons and snipers, around 60.

Also, all meltas will be changed from Mars pattern to Esteban VII pattern, so they will act like in the Space marine game. Baneblade and Demolisher guns fire automatically, not as an ability.
Population limit, from greatest to smallest : Tyranids-800, Orks-600, Guard-500, Eldar-300, Marines-100. All personnal take up 1 pop.
Speed, from fastest to slowest: Eldar and some nids, Marines and some nids, orks and some nids, guard.
There is a frag-krak missile switch for all imperial/Chaos missiles.
Plasma cannons use the Executioner plasma shot model too. Its cooler. Works with the eldar plasma grenade detonation visuals. Very striking.

Permissions and such : Please ask me first, either here or on Relic Forums.

Here is a few book examples of Astartes:
Safe for work link.

For those with 32 Windows:
You need to edit the Bat file. Its like a text file.

Find ('reg query "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Valve\Steam" /v "InstallPath"')
Replace with ('reg query "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Valve\Steam" /v "InstallPath"')

Old links:


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EDIT: In the current mod here, the Tau race crashes the game when the army painter comes up. Not sure what causes that. That is only for Last Stand tau. To paint your in game tau armies, use the IG section of the army painter.


Prepare to face hundreds upon hundreds of raging orks, hungry tyranids and treacherous eldar with your strike force!

Wield Meltaguns, Plasma grenades, Dreadnought Autocannons and more!

Veritatem Imperialis

Veritatem Imperialis

News 0 comments

Here is the Battlefleet Gothic Armada mod I'm working on at the moment.

The mod works again

The mod works again

News 3 comments

Thanks to the Elite mod team, the mod is now working and back into action! After a few balance passes and adding CSM a new ability ,tied in to chaos standard...

Mod broken

Mod broken

News 0 comments

The mod is now broken. Don't open the army painter, the necron patch messed it up. You can still play it if you avoid the army painter.

Post 1.2 Balance changes

Post 1.2 Balance changes

News 12 comments

Post 1.2 balance changes. There were some bugs reported that got fixed. If you notice any bugs or balance problems comment in this article.

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Vengeance of the Blood Ravens 1.35 Patch

Vengeance of the Blood Ravens 1.35 Patch

Patch 1 comment

Install 1.3 first. Extract to D:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Dawn of War II - Retribution\Astartes\Archives

Vengeance of the Blood Ravens 1.3

Vengeance of the Blood Ravens 1.3

Full Version 39 comments

Install the mod into your main Dow II retribution folder. Readme file included with Credits and instructions. Run either with Astartes.bat, or go to your...

1.25 Patch OUTDATED

1.25 Patch OUTDATED

Patch 3 comments

This is a bugfix patch. Extract it first to find readme and Astartesattrib.sga Needs 1.2 release to be installed first. Go to your dow2 retribution main...

Vengeance of the Blood Ravens 1.2 OUTDATED

Vengeance of the Blood Ravens 1.2 OUTDATED

Full Version 15 comments

Install the mod into your main Dow II retribution folder. Readme file included with Credits and instructions. Run either with Astartes.bat, or go to your...

Vengeance of the Blood Ravens patch 1.1 -Outdated-

Vengeance of the Blood Ravens patch 1.1 -Outdated-

Patch 19 comments

New patch that needs Version 1.0 to work! It adds the weapon balance changes that makes units last longer!

Vengeance of the Blood Ravens 1.0 (OUTDATED)

Vengeance of the Blood Ravens 1.0 (OUTDATED)

Full Version 52 comments

Install the mod into your main Dow II retribution folder. Readme file included with Credits and instructions. Run either with Astartes.bat, or go to your...

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Is Warmaster mod dead?
If so, could you use some models and units from there?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
DeusImperator Creator

I already use the HH models I could use, but I'll ask if Uncle Anaesthesia wants to continue or not.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
DeusImperator Creator

Patch 1.35 is out with a few bugfixes and Eldar buffs.

This patch requires you to Install 1.3 first.

You'll need to replace Astartesattrib.sga in your D:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Dawn of War II - Retribution\Astartes\Archives (or foler like it) folder with the new one from the 1.35 patch.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

This is nothing short of the best 40k mod ever made for a game. I've scoured the internet for the chance to capture what it feels like to get down n dirty in M41 and this is the only mod that does the job.

I'm a loyal servant of the Emperor, 100%, but my buddy plays eldar and he's having some problems. We've been doing ork stomps and the base dps on many of his eldar line infantry has him suffering against heavy/superheavy infantry. Really, I'm talking about Nobz here. I've been trying to help him find the magic bullet and so far, the best I've got is mass brightlance fire backed with firedragons and D-cannons. I cannot believe I'm typing this, but I feel like some of the eldar aspect warriors need a slight damage boost (warp spiders, dark reapers). Some others feel like they need a mechanic to promote survivability (banshees and scorpions lack sufficient health or an apothecary esc unit to combo with in order to promote survivability, closest thing is channeling runes). The most basic eldar infantry also feels unable to defend against comparable starting infantry (gaunts, boyz, and guardsmen(who really come into their own with special weapons)).

I would like to add that I used to play this mod before you added the veteran health boosts for SM, and you are my hero for doing so.

I feel unclean for advocating for xenos. I need to go beg forgiveness from the Emperor.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
DeusImperator Creator

I always found mass Dark Reapers to be a bane when I was fighting against eldar as Space marines. Did he try a combination of Fire Dragons with Dark Reapers, to 1-4 squad ratio?

Warp Spiders are supposed to deal very heavy damage to light infantry. How do they fare against Gaunts or Boys or Guardsmen?

I could see upping Scorpion health, but Banshees are supposed to be glass cannons that can quickly get in and wipe out stuff like Lootas or Zoantrhopes or Devastators armed with lascannons.

Which basic eldar infantry do you mean? Thank you for the feedback and please answer as precisely as possible.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

The maximum two warpspider squads that you can get perform decently against regular infantry but don't dispatch a regular shoota squad as fast as even three upgraded guardsmen squads do. Nor do those two warpspider squads appear to have the impact against heavy infantry and heroes that the guardsmen have. The ability to teleport and throw haywire grenades becomes their primary purpose, which means that in the heat of battle they get bumped for more impactful squads.

The regular dire avengers, which are capped at three squads costing 9 population each, appear to do half as much damage as an upgraded guardsmen squad does when shooting regular infantry. The dire avengers provide some suppression, although less than an imperial las turret, but damage is the problem that I'm grappling with.

I suppose it is worth noting that a quick comparison of rangers and scout snipers also shows a problem for eldar play. Rangers might presumably provide long ranged anti infantry capabilities. But their RoF appears to be significantly less than scouts. A scout squad will devour an enemy infantry squad that comes its way, even threatening heroes and heavier squads, while the rangers take much longer and don't appear to be a viable solution to the problem I'm describing.

I just found the "focused beam" button for the dark reapers. I'll admit, having them provide soft AV helps. In a group of four, they proved more than capable of softening heavy armor and wrecking lighter vehicles (def dread in my test). However, the focused beam state slows their RoF significantly. Having just done a few in-game tests against Nobz, I found it difficult to distinguish their DPS in focused/non-focused against super heavy/heavy inf. Moreover, those four fully upgraded squads of Dark Reapers felt underwhelming when shooting nobz, flash gitz, or the warboss.

I'm genuinely an astra militarum/adeptus astartes guy. If you left the eldar unchanged, I wouldn't be broken up about it. Also, me and my buds are only playing the mod in comp stomps, so I have no idea how a competitive game would go. I am confident that if you start up a game of 1v1 as Eldar vs. Orks, and play a defensive game, your experience will be much the same as mine. At some point the presence of multiple nob squads, super heavy vehicles, and long range heavy infantry, will demand a response that can't seem to be found in any of the long range eldar infantry. Brightlances are a real bright spot (especially when twinlinked on a wave serpent), because they seem to have perfect accuracy against infantry. The Avatar of Kaine is a highly useful line holder, especially when the warlock channeling runes spell fully heals him in 1-2 seconds. The focused blast/AoE blast on the fire prism is also helpful, but doesn't provide the necessary deterrent to super heavy/heavy inf. The resulting effect is oddly static play for eldar. In order to hold the line, the eldar have to construct masses of cheap turrets and back them with large numbers of vehicles. The eldar infantry with the repair skill can do so with incredible speed, which helps keep those vehicles/turrets alive. Fire dragons actually do pretty good damage, so they can help focus fire squads that get too close. Bright lances and d cannons thin approaching enemies. With enough time it works, but it requires a massive expenditure of resources and tier 3 to get enough fire saturation.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
DeusImperator Creator

I think you found something with the Eldar. They are supposed to be better than baseline infantry of IG or orks, but they don't have any upgrades.

Warp spiders are supposed to be the "flamer" unit, that deals excellent damage to light infantry but is pretty useless against everything else. So don't send them against heroes or heavy infantry, their purpose is to melt light infantry by shooting very sharp razorwire cloud at them.

Scouts are purposefully better than Rangers (or any other sniper) , in line with Astartes being the best army unit against unit.

I'm not yet sure about what to do with the eldar, either damage increase or letting them have more of one aspect warrior type.

Did you try the Seer Wraithlord with the D-cannon against nobs? Or the fire prism with the 3rd focused beam option against superheavies?
The prism now has 3 firing modes. Wide AOE blast against light infantry like a mortar, a medium blast for heavy infantry and a non-aoe anti tank shot.

I would like to see what your input is to my suggestions before I make any changes.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Just did an extended unit test with a friend of mine. All units out of cover. The takeaways were:

Warpspiders need a damage increase. 1 guardsmen squad with good hits landed from a plasma gun, was able to kill a regular slugga boy squad faster than the spiders were.

Dire avengers did almost no damage to the slugga boyz. Without artifice, I genuinely believe it would have taken over 10 real-world minutes to kill them.

A single dark reaper squad did very low damage to a nob squad, again, less than a plasma guard squad. And their dps was reduced with a switch to their anti-armor fire mode. Five squads of fully upgraded dark reapers were destroyed by a single nob squad moving from target to target. The nobs were at approx. half health when finished.

Eldar missile launchers also do extremely low damage against both light and heavy infantry. Eldar starcannons do such negligible damage that they did not appear to impact Nob hp at all.

Several eldar weapons present real promise while suffering from RoF problems. That includes the wraith seer D cannon and the various fire prism blasts. The wraith guard manage to provide good RoF on their normal guns, and good damage, but their accuracy is a real issue against moving targets (their D-Scythes did very low dps against a nob squad, and seemed the less compelling option) All of these did damage, but again, were outclassed by 1 or 2 plasma guardsmen squads in terms of DPS while firing at nobs. (Wraithguard are the real exception. They do more dps than a few guardsmen for sure. Their only problem is accuracy, which I don't think would be an issue if they had the range to sit behind a firing line.)

Eldar melee units also struggle in the chaos of battle. They just take too much damage from too many sources when on the front line.

The punchline is: Eldar have trouble with heavy infantry. I can always cast doom on one nob squad and fire everything at them. They lose 4-5 models and retreat. But the introduction of only a few more key targets becomes very overwhelming.

Comp stomps against orc computers with the guard is a fantastic experience, but very challenging. With the SM, the game is as challenging as you want to make it for yourself, which I think is perfect. I need to say, after all of this, that I really am not advocating bringing the eldar into that SM tier of power. The idea makes me shudder. But, for example, however much damage an imperial guard plasma gun does, I'm thinking that eldar starcannons should be more equivalent. Similar idea across the board.

I really appreciate your hearing me out through this. I'm done advocating for the FILTHY xenos now. Emperor forgive me. I disgust myself.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
DeusImperator Creator

Plasmas are not supposed to be good against sluggas. It should be grenade launchers and flamers against them.

I'll check Warpspiders, they should be devastating to light infantry.

Avengers should definately be able to take on boys. I'll check them too.

Eldar missiles and starcannons should be high AP plasma. I'll see if I accidentally gave them wrong AP or some other messup had happened (Once added a 0 to assault cannon rate of fire and it was hilariously powerful)

Dark Reapers I don't want to buff any more at the moment they can already go through space marines at an alarming rate.

I'll give Scorpions more Health. Banshees I want to make into glass cannons, so they should be fragile. Maybe increase their speed a bit to let them get into combat faster.

I don't want to increase dark reaper damage too much.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

hey buddy :)
i wanted to make a small request, would u consider making a version of your mod with only infantry and no vehicles,so we can do infantry vs infantry fights, would be awesome to fight against hordes of ork boyz or chaos cultists or regular gaunts.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
DeusImperator Creator

I'm sorry, I tried it with Wrath but the extra work was too much.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

no worries friend, this is still better than DOW 3 :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
DeusImperator Creator

Unless I turn every lascannon into a multilaser, it has to be! :)

Reply Good karma+2 votes
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