Hello everybody,

This thread is for the Retribution version of the Wrath of the Blood Ravens mod.

1.2 Full release is now out!

Install the mod by unraring it to the main retribution folder, set textures to ultra high and running Astartes.bat file.

Gabriel Gorgutz and BloodRavage (Aradiel) have very kindly given me permission to use their modifications and models. I am very grateful, and here are the threads to their epic mods.



Here is my own mod for Chaos Rising.


Credits: Here are all the people who contributed to Retribution modding. I have copied the original credits for fullness, and I will do my best to update them if something changes.

The Codex Edition mod team:

Special thanks for the valuable feedback to the balancing team and community, and to Xenenator for organizing this page.
HEROES OF THE IMPERIUM: Take a moment to honor these brave souls, without whom the Light of the Astronomican would have gone out long ago...
Bloodravage, Master of the Forge (Models, textures, animations, the Standard Bearer, new weapon fx, pintle guns and too many awesome models to list here, check out his mod Destroyer40k)
Canis Lupus, Chapter Master (Models, textures, animations, new Eldar features, worked on pintle guns with Bloodravage)
Horus Heretic, Warmaster of Chaos and the WOA + FOK team
Full credits to the WOA team can be found here: Woa + FoK Modteam -http://fok.dow-mods.com/index.php
Smokin' Joe NL, 1st Company Captain (organizing games, getting new people into the mod, being a top player since the very first release, balance info, and overall support)
Swarmlord Sovereign, The Great Devourer (helping to organize games and get new people into the mod, balance info, becoming a top player and writing some of the up-coming player guides, being a source for lore and tt accuracy, especially for SM and Nids)
Shuma, Master of the Armoury (models, textures)
RagnarR40k, Master Artificer and Codicier (artwork, chapters and banners, game ideas)
Caid, Master of the Eldar Warhost (Dark Reaper models and weapons)
Jaylo138, Master of the Armoury (models, textures for terminator Chaplain)
Hangar-8, Keeper of the Chapter Heraldry (artwork, chapters and banners)
Darrius88, Master Reclusiarch (chaplain model and textures)
Shadowninja009, for helping me with some models and the scout heavy bolter issues.
Unusualfashion/OneProduct, Master of the Librarium (coding, many instances of help getting things to work)
Miguel, Master of the Librarium (coding, many instances of getting wargear and other issues cleared up)

The Destroyer 40k mod team :

Thank you to NastyNoodle for her understanding, and for the continued use of the Tau models used within the Tau race.
-Tau models crated by NastyNoodle:
-Tau Firewarriors, Tau Heavy Weapons team, Kroot, Drones, Crisis Suits, Devilfish, Skyray, Hammerhead variants, and all Tau troop and vehicle weapons.

Thank you to Shuma for the use of the listed models and textures, I hope that I have included them all:
-Dreadnought weapons and textures, chaplain, terminator chaplain, comander terminator helmet, chaos plague lord, khorne champion, veteran helmets, black templar models and multiple weapons textures.

Thank you as well to HorusHeretic for the use of new marine and chaos bolter textures, sternguand and vanguard armour pieces, khorne berzerkers, thousand sons, chaos terminator helms, whirlwind launcher, and predator side mounted lascannons.

Edit: And of course Bloodravage himself!

The Wrath of the Blood Ravens mod team :

Aliblabla, Jaylo138, Zetrial for making their super mods and support.
Special Thanks to Shuma for his unit models.
Netrogor and Rodzaju for their inspiring modding.
Predi and Leves for the faithul testing and ideas that they provided.
Predi (Malcador) again for the help with the item descriptions!
Corsix, Exo Elite and TheEndlessGrey, Copernicus and Dekhranic for their great tools and wisdom.
Buguba, Miguel and Gorb for advices.
Darrius86 for his Chaplain.
Shuma for the wonderful Chaos Terminators, Rubric marines, Khorne berzerkers and Space Marine Helmets.
Nerevarine for his help with the corrupted Chaos Marines.
Kolaris for the Sternguard Ammunition mod.
Chaos Godstone for fixing the angel gate bug.

Vengeance of the Blood Ravens team and helpful people:

Canis Lupus/LupusXIII and Sterling/SweetBeatrice for their help and contributions with models like the Predator Executioner and Leman Russ Demolisher.

Minimod mod team:

Thanks to Sweet Beatrice, Shuma, Horus Heretic and the WOA team, Shadowninja, Orkfaeller, Uncle Anaesthesia, Hadrun and Konfi, I'll update some specific Chapters and Legions.

Elite mod team:
David CZ for his new Dark Reapers!
Orkfaeller for his Cadian medics and Krieg Quartermasters!
Sterling for All the models he made, Here is the link to the Elite balance mod.

Horusheretic and Mirage Knight and the Warpstorm over Aurelia team: Forums.relicnews.com
Cucc from Relicnews forums : Getting me a new, working edition of Dekrhanic's packing tools!
Gorb from Relicnews forums for helping me get the rest of the mod tools to work!

Thanks to Garrick for the new SM tank armours!

Thank all of the above people for their hard work.

My mod will try to give these fantastic units a new feel and style. After all, I wish to create a new experience, and not just rename the original mods. I will also be trying to help out with the Codex Edition mod with some of the coding.

This is not a codex mod, but a movie marines lore mod. This means the marines here are powered according to the lore, but I will try to balance this by making the other factions units more numerous and faster and cheaper to make.

After all, a proper ork horde or Tyranid swarm is hundreds of xenos strong!

Space Marines : Commanders will be Chapter captain, Legion captain and Grey Knight Brother Captain. Chaplains, Techmarines and Apothecaries, Librarians and Emperor's Champions will be available to all as secondary heroes. GKs can summon the IG Inquisitor lady.
Chaos : Khorne Lord and Nurgle Lord and Sorcerer, plus summonable Plague Champion.
Guard : Commanders Cadian general, Shuma style Krieg General , Tau commander. Commissar and Inquisitor are Summonable.
Eldar : Autarch replaces WSE, Exarch is now summonable.
Orks : Warboss, Mekboy, Weirdboy. Kommando nob will be secondary hero.
Tyranids : Same as before, though I may turn the Swarmlord into a hero. Give him "staregic options" as the wargear, which enhances all tyranids on the map in a certain way. Like Resilience gives more health, Aggression more damage, Fleet more speed.

Heavy weapons: All of these can turn around to fire.
SM and CSM and nids : No teardown or setup time. You just need to be stationary and the superhuman reflexes and strenght will do the rest.
Orks and Eldar: No teardown, very short setup. (1-2sec) Super strenght or speed gets the job done fast.
IG and Tau : Little teardown, longer setup (3-4sec) . These guys take time to set up.

Weapon ranges:
Short: meltas and flamers, around 20.
Medium : Rifles and such, around 40.
Long: Heavy weapons and snipers, around 60.

Also, all meltas will be changed from Mars pattern to Esteban VII pattern, so they will act like in the Space marine game. Baneblade and Demolisher guns fire automatically, not as an ability.
Population limit, from greatest to smallest : Tyranids-800, Orks-600, Guard-500, Eldar-300, Marines-100. All personnal take up 1 pop.
Speed, from fastest to slowest: Eldar and some nids, Marines and some nids, orks and some nids, guard.
There is a frag-krak missile switch for all imperial/Chaos missiles.
Plasma cannons use the Executioner plasma shot model too. Its cooler. Works with the eldar plasma grenade detonation visuals. Very striking.

Permissions and such : Please ask me first, either here or on Relic Forums.

Here is a few book examples of Astartes:
Safe for work link.

For those with 32 Windows:
You need to edit the Bat file. Its like a text file.

Find ('reg query "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Valve\Steam" /v "InstallPath"')
Replace with ('reg query "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Valve\Steam" /v "InstallPath"')

Old links:


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EDIT: In the current mod here, the Tau race crashes the game when the army painter comes up. Not sure what causes that. That is only for Last Stand tau. To paint your in game tau armies, use the IG section of the army painter.


Prepare to face hundreds upon hundreds of raging orks, hungry tyranids and treacherous eldar with your strike force!

Wield Meltaguns, Plasma grenades, Dreadnought Autocannons and more!

Veritatem Imperialis

Veritatem Imperialis

News 0 comments

Here is the Battlefleet Gothic Armada mod I'm working on at the moment.

The mod works again

The mod works again

News 3 comments

Thanks to the Elite mod team, the mod is now working and back into action! After a few balance passes and adding CSM a new ability ,tied in to chaos standard...

Mod broken

Mod broken

News 0 comments

The mod is now broken. Don't open the army painter, the necron patch messed it up. You can still play it if you avoid the army painter.

Post 1.2 Balance changes

Post 1.2 Balance changes

News 12 comments

Post 1.2 balance changes. There were some bugs reported that got fixed. If you notice any bugs or balance problems comment in this article.

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Vengeance of the Blood Ravens 1.35 Patch

Vengeance of the Blood Ravens 1.35 Patch

Patch 2 comments

Install 1.3 first. Extract to D:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Dawn of War II - Retribution\Astartes\Archives

Vengeance of the Blood Ravens 1.3

Vengeance of the Blood Ravens 1.3

Full Version 43 comments

Install the mod into your main Dow II retribution folder. Readme file included with Credits and instructions. Run either with Astartes.bat, or go to your...

1.25 Patch OUTDATED

1.25 Patch OUTDATED

Patch 3 comments

This is a bugfix patch. Extract it first to find readme and Astartesattrib.sga Needs 1.2 release to be installed first. Go to your dow2 retribution main...

Vengeance of the Blood Ravens 1.2 OUTDATED

Vengeance of the Blood Ravens 1.2 OUTDATED

Full Version 15 comments

Install the mod into your main Dow II retribution folder. Readme file included with Credits and instructions. Run either with Astartes.bat, or go to your...

Vengeance of the Blood Ravens patch 1.1 -Outdated-

Vengeance of the Blood Ravens patch 1.1 -Outdated-

Patch 19 comments

New patch that needs Version 1.0 to work! It adds the weapon balance changes that makes units last longer!

Vengeance of the Blood Ravens 1.0 (OUTDATED)

Vengeance of the Blood Ravens 1.0 (OUTDATED)

Full Version 52 comments

Install the mod into your main Dow II retribution folder. Readme file included with Credits and instructions. Run either with Astartes.bat, or go to your...

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If I choose the space marine my game crash :/

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DeusImperator Creator

You need your texture settings on Ultra. Please, read the readme.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

again wieard things hapens,land raider atacks force comander,terminators atack force comander,force comander atack terminators and land raider.

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It would be incredibly cool if the Witch Hunters faction could be integrated. You could use the models from the same name mod for Dawn of War 1: you've done the same with Tau and the Witch Hunters mod's models were probably better than the DoW 2 models.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
DeusImperator Creator

The Tau are not Dow1 models. Also that anime inspired mod is not really better than the models I use. I can't rig up dow1 models to work with dow2 even if it was legal.

I'm sorry but that's just too much work for a squatted faction.

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didnt see it until now that warhound titan is in the game


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Hi Deus, been trying out the new update and have to say I'm enjoying it, but the Eldar do still seem to have a bit of a problem with heavies like Rubric Marines in particular as they don't really have a super heavy to counter them (The Avatar gets badly knocked around by even standard CSMs in melee).

A couple of bugs: The Wave Serpent has access to the Plasma Missile ability even if it isn't armed with the missile launcher, and gets a second Plasma Missile ability once given the twin linked launcher; Is that on purpose or a bug? Similarly, the Eldar Rangers cost 30 pop, and the webway gate ui is somewhat distorted.

For the most part thematically, it feels like the eldar need to just die a little less. At the moment they're really most viable when set to auto-reinforce next to a webway gate, which feels much more like a tyranid or Guard approach. Perhaps making them much tougher if in cover might be an idea rather than using guardians as bullet sponges?

Finally; Might we one day see other guard regiments?

Keep up the awesome work, this is by far the best DoW2 mod that I've had the pleasure to play (and I've tried a lot!) :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
DeusImperator Creator

The Avatar is bugged for some reason. It takes far more damage than it should and I can't pinpoint why.

Yeah apparently the Wave serpent can fire its "shield" as a plasma orb in the TT, that's what that ability is.

Rangers are a bug and I will look at them.

I'm not sure how to go around eldar survivability but I'll think on it.

There may be more IG skins, but honestly its not a priorty at this point.

Did you try a combo of Dark Reapers, Fire Dragons and Wraithguard to counter other superheavies?

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Ok, so tried out another last night to see how a firing line of Dark Reapers, Fire Dragons and Wraithguard hold up with Dire Avengers with Shimmershields acting as the front rank. The line holds together reasonably well for a time. It still took a large number of squads (2DR, 2FD, 1WG, 2DA) in order to hold off a charge of 3 CSM Raptor squads, but it was able to kill them off quickly enough that major damage could be averted.

I kept up this defence for maybe 20 minutes without much trouble. The real issue was when the Chaos AI reached tier 3 and brought up dual land raiders and terminators. Using the Lance setting on the Fire Prism, average damage to the land raiders was about 2500 a shot, which just wasn't enough to do any damage before it carved through the dark reapers.

2 Fire Prisms, a Wraithseer, and two wave serpents with Bright Lances were what I had added to the infantry firing line by this point, in addition to a D-cannon platform, but it just wasn't enough, and the terminators (Along with the Terminator Lord) ploughed through the entire line in melee, at which point I had to concede.

Even throwing in striking scorpions to tie up the terminators for a few moments, and banshees as an armour-piercing follow up, didn't do much to halt the destruction of the gun line. To cap it off, the AI summoned a shrine on top of the line which killed them quicker than they could reinforce from the warp gate.

At the earlier tiers, aspect warriors were actually surprisingly survivable; 2 squads of dire avengers and 2 guardians with shuriken cannons were able to force a CSM squad to retreat with only one loss, but against larger targets they are cut to ribbons.

I feel like perhaps the best solution is maybe a major cover bonus or dodge at tier 3? Likewise, someway to keep the Eldar Falcon and Wraithlord in any way relevant to the fight would be good (Maybe a fire rate buff for the falcon pulse laser? It's a long range two shot weapon on TT, I believe)

At any rate, the problem really seems to emerge when terminators and land raiders enter the field since the eldar counters just don't do the damage or take the hits that they need to.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
DeusImperator Creator

It is generally not a good idea to let space marines of any kind advance to Tier 3.

Their race design philosophy is that they reach later tiers more expensively but they get more powerful when they reach it.

Other races like orks and nids can advance through tiers faster I believe.

Also against marines, its best to be always on the offensive, since if they go on it, they are the best at it.

What AI setting were you using by the way?

Cover doesn't work that way I'm afraid, and dodge is actually bugged and can't be used.
Dodge actually is bugged. If an enemy attacks too slowly, its damage is totally negated. So a unit with dodge stat becomes invulnerable to anything but the most rapid fire type of attacks.

In mid game, I would say putting on Harlequins and Scorpions is better than Dire Avengers. Dire Avengers are not really useful against any type of marine at all beside scouts or cultists.

I think Falcon's pulsar lance already fires faster than lascannons and the like. Actually it fires faster but with less range I think.

If you do let the SM advance to tier 3, having as many FPs as you can with the Avatar helps. Remember, the Avatar buffs your entire army. Wraithguard

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