This mod adds a couple of new units to the Eldar faction - mainly further aspect warriors - and focuses generally to refurbish the playing experience. This mod gives the faction a distinctive arsenal of long- and short- ranged weapons with differing effectivity against various targets. Exarchs get stronger armour now, enhancing their survivability, but also require more population, so that the choice, which one you'll summon, has more weight in your strategy. A new hero, Autarch, has been added, and the abilities of both others have been adjusted to reflect more the lore, with Warlock functioning more like a supportive front-line leader and Farseer like a long-range damage provider. Hero-specific units - Vyper hovercraft for Autarch, Warlock Champion for Farseer and Wraithguard for Warlock - also hint at the best use of your unit's capabilities.

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functioning units


T2 secondary melee/psyker hero, very fast (6), plus with Fleet of Foot can outrun anything on foot; also has the Harlequin's Kiss ability which is especially effective against groups of infantry; can be built through the Webway Portal, similarly as the standard Harlequin squad; it also has an area effect Embolden ability, which can be replaced through weapon upgrades by Haywire Grenades or Psychic Blast

T1 swift scout vehicle available to a host led by Autarch only; similarly to IG Sentinel, it has only a weak armor and a less accurate scatter laser, but also twin shuriken cannons, with 18 (boostable to 24) movement speed it is also quite fast; furthermore, on T2 it can be upgraded with an energy shield and a missile launcher, making it an effective weapon against vehicles

Storm Guardians
T1 basic melee infantry, classic with Chainswords and Pistols; good for capturing res.points
abilities: Fleet of Foot, Plasma Grenade
upgrades: Battle Equipment, Warlock, Howling Banshees, Striking Scorpions

Striking Scorpions
T1 close-range aspect warrior, armed with Chainswords and Shuriken Pistols; effective against infantry
abilities: Fleet of Foot, Mandiblaster (ranged laser attack with light knockback)
Aspect upgrade: Infiltrate, health and moving speed bonuses
Exarch abilities: leap attack

Warlock Champion
T2 psyker, melee or support one-man unit, only 1 can be built at time; carries a Witchblade
abilities: Fleet of Foot, Destructor, Conceal (temporarily camouflages units in selected area)
upgrades: Singing Spear (130 melee damage, effective vs vehicles), Runes of Witnessing (grants Channeling ability - enhances energy regeneration of a target)

Dire Avengers
T1 upgrade for Guardians, tactical unit with a Shuriken Catapult, good against infantry
abilities: Defend (temporary defence & morale bonus), Plasma Grenade
Exarch abilities: Bladestorm (suppressive fire against a target), melee bonus

Dark Reapers
T3 heavy infantry with Missile Launcher, good against vehicles and beasts; a dedicated Carnifex killer, requires setup for firing
Exarch abilities: Web of Skulls (through aspect upg., suppressive grenade), twin launcher

Fire Dragons
T2 aspect warriors with Fusion Guns, short-range, very effective against vehicles
Aspect upgrade: Fleet of Foot, Tank Hunt (temporarily boosts damage against target vehicle), firing range and moving speed bonuses
Exarch abilities: Crack Shot (powerful knockback attack), double range

versatile heavy infantry armed with Power Swords and Fusion Pistols
abilities: Fleet of Foot, Holofield (energy shield)
T2 upg. Death Jester: heavy weapons specialist with a Shrieker Cannon (44 damage, 45 range), best against infantry
T3 upg. Shadowseer: psyker with a great sight range (60), armed with a Singing Spear (52 melee damage), grants Veil of Tears ability - lowers enemy firing range

Skirmish build lists - units available at HQ according to the hero type

T1 - Guardians (T1 upg. Dire Avengers), Storm Guardians (T1 upg. Howling Banshees or Striking Scorpions), Rangers, Heavy Weapons Platform (T2 upg. Brightlance, T3 D-Cannon), Vyper
T2 - Warp Spiders, Fire Dragons, Falcon, Wraithlord
T3 - Fire Prism, Dark Reapers

T1 - Guardians, Storm Guardians, Rangers, Heavy Weapons Platform
T2 - Warp Spiders, Fire Dragons, Falcon, Wraithlord, Warlock Champion
T3 - Fire Prism, Dark Reapers

T1 - Guardians, Storm Guardians, Rangers, Heavy Weapons Platform
T2 - Warp Spiders, Fire Dragons, Falcon, Wraithlord, Wraithguard
T3 - Fire Prism, Dark Reapers

Avatar and Seer Council may be still built, but by different mechanics - Avatar as a global ability, Seer Council as a retinue for Farseer, through the upgrade table. Use Webway Portal to build Harlequins and the Solitaire.

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Harlequin Mod 0.5r

Harlequin Mod 0.5r

Full Version 2 comments

version 0.5 of the mod for DoW2: Retribution; adds two new units and various improvements


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It stops downloading halfway. Is there a fix to this?

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First will be more units?

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ivicok Creator

well, as I'm trying to hold on the WH40k canon, which means there isn't much more to be done with Eldar, but a few more will be coming

if you prefer Chaos, I'd recommend you the Codex Edition -

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