I'm a student in IT Carlow, Ireland studying computer systems. I play a lot of games and I'll be tossing my abominations onto moddb eventually, but for now I gotta get better at coding.

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Dungeon Defenders

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Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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Hear me out before the downvote brigade arrives.

This is not Elder Scrolls.

It may be made with the same IP, it may have many similar attributes, but this is NOT Elder Scrolls.

The graphics are beautiful, the soundtrack is half new and half ripped directly from Morrowind. Unfortunately that's all they took from Morrowind.

What I loved in the older games (Oblivion included) was the sheer freedom afforded to the player, especially in the silly spells you could come up with. You could do anything in Morrowind. Oblivion dumbed it down quite a bit but there was still something good there.

Spellmaking is gone. 90% of everything outside of destruction has been simply removed. Gone.

There are about 80 spells left in the game, total. Half of which are just destruction spells (damage stuff) and half of the rest are restoration spells (heal stuff). There are one or two conjuration spells and the rest simply cast lights on the walls.

The lore has gone way too dark. High Elves have gone from snarky westerners to cloaked nazis. The blades are nearly all dead. The only decent sized city in Skyrim is destroyed. Morrowind was apparently blown up by a flying city, a rock and Red Mountain going up. There is no respite from the grey color scheme anywhere.

It's too damn depressing.

Weapon smithing has been added, but it seems in a form directly ripped from Nehrim, and then somehow made worse for the hell of it.

Sneaking is no longer really useful. Some sneaking missions involve enemies literally LEANING on the ******* door you're meant to go through. I snook past all the other guards, snook up to the door, the guy there says something about me being at my post then attacks immediately. It seems they designed that mission to only be possible for High Elves.

The game still deserves a high score simply when compared to the rest of the current fare. In comparison to all but Minecraft and Dark Souls it deserves 10/10. But I can't give it that knowing what has been removed.


Frozen Synapse

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Best Game In The History Of All Games.



Mod review

This game like any other had it's problems. Griefers by the bucketload, occasional crashes and disconnects...

But you keep playing it. And playing it. Because when you find that one decent game of the night. One game where both teams work well together and no griefers appear... This is beyond anything else out there in the sheer amount of FUN you will have playing it.



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Utterly stunning in every possible way. The atmosphere of the house is incredible, keeping you on edge for every little sound, every door closing or opening on it's own. The dream sequences are dark and disturbing, with that same edge all the way through.

Then you get to the action sequences and it's here that this mod beats just about every commercial game in the fps genre. The weapons are perfectly balanced and truly feel dangerous in your hands, the SMOD style of free movement gives you the opportunity to attack with speed and grace while the ironsights give a nice little fallback point when longer range accuracy is needed.

The storyline so far has done extremely well to give depth to the characters (Jake's partner's diary is a nice touch, and quite interesting), the soundtrack is a step above just about anything I've heard in a HL2 mod bar Minerva, Dear Esther and NeoTokyo, and all this in just the prologue. Wow.

Eagerly awaiting Chapter 1.



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Break blocks. Place blocks. Combine blocks to make different blocks. Get killed by creepers. Awesome.


Mark Leung: Revenge of the Bitch

Game review

Nightmare House 2

Mod review - 19 agree - 2 disagree

One of the best mods out there. Must play.


Half-Life 2

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