SourceForts is a Half Life 2: Deathmatch mod where Combine and Rebels face off in capture-the-flag action with a big twist. Players build bases and other structures with blocks and plates in the "build phase" to protect themselves and their team's flag (which is actually a ball), and then duke it out and try to capture the enemy's flag in the "combat phase". Once the combat phase has ended, it's back to build, where players can repair, improve, and change their creations to ready them for the next combat phase.

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One of the best mods ever developed.
The gameplay is amazing, if you're good at building - and I'm counting myself to these people - you can create amazing uber forts.
It's a masterpice, giving people so much fun and awesome moments.
I still remember the Lans where we played it all night on our favourite server.
We'll miss you, Urban.

"Live to build, build to win."

Building forts is really fun!

SourceForts is a fun and cooperative HL2-MP Mod.


I use too play it quite a bit but at one point there was no servers.

This fort game is not okay ... Beside, it is heavily influenced by TF2 ... I don't like this kind HL2-TF2 hybrid!

well made

no reason why but i love it

A very fun and addicting experience that I much prefer over HL2: Deathmatch.

The creation of forts using the blocks you are given challenges the mind to go wild and create what ever the user wishes. Because of this, source forts is never the same game twice. There's always new strategies to try out within each map.

It's disappointing to see almost all textures reused from Half-Life 2 in these maps however. I understand it's based in the same universe and can't really complain but more original textures and maybe even character models would make this mod stand out from the rest of the Half-Life based mods out there.

With that said, it has been a long time since I last played the mod so it could have improved on my outdated impression.

In the end, it's worth the time investment but from what I gather from various people on the mod's main page, there seems to be no servers which is a shame. :(

This mod is one of the finest that I've played. Not only is building forts fun (especially with friends), but the combat is pretty fast-paced as well.

You get plenty of time to build your fort, and a nice variety of classes to choose from (reminds me a little of Team Fortress), and was a refreshing mod to play compared to some of the recently released ones.

The downsides:

On the servers that I joined, there was at least one "Griefer" - People that purposely mess up what you are attempting to build or alter your current objective to break your fun for their own satisfaction.

Also, when there are lots of people on a team, you quickly hit the prop limit and can't build quite the amazing base you want to build. (However, if you do have a team that can work well together, you can still pull it off)

Overall, I would give this mod a 9/10 for smooth gameplay, it's unique, and is easy to get on and play for hours on end. The only thing preventing a full 10/10 is the amount of griefers and the prop amount issue.

Other than that, a fantastic mod! I would recommend it to anyone looking for something new to try!

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