You are in for an epic mindf*ck. Mark Leung: Revenge of the Bitch is the first episode in a series of mean-spirited parody RPGs that has been dubbed by one critic as “Final Fantasy meets the Internet.” Set in the vast world of Untitled, Revenge of the Bitch combines adventure and classic turn-based battle sequences with monsters ranging from adorable housecats to ruthlessly high pot-smoking purple monsters. The game features five playable characters, customizable classes and up to 30 hours of gameplay. Written, conceived and designed by Mark Leung himself! Revenge of the Bitch is an indie game built with the blood, sweat, tears and other bodily fluids of a small and slightly insane team of developers. In addition to designing all the monsters in the game, Mark Leung himself also provide voiceovers for most of them, wack-a-doodle!

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Your game is going to be the ******* bomb.


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This is relevant to my interest

This game...... is......




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This Game is AWESOME!!!
Even the Title says EPIC AWESOME!!!

Slaying kittens with cardboard swords while listening to woefully bad (yet hilariously fitting) voice acting has never been this much fun! This game has managed to get quite a few laughs out of me so far, and I am genuinely enjoying the adventure. There are still a few issues with the game keeping it from being perfect, but all around a very enjoyable title!


sadly, i cannot comment on the playing of the game, i paid for it, tried to install it with no success at all, i contacted uglysoft, and i have to say that their after sales follow up is atrocious, i have waited umpteen months now for an update to make playing of this game possible, but nothing, in the first few days after trying to install it, i was told , go to our website and download this version, and i am sorry, but if this does not work , then i can do nothing for you, the programmers are no longer working for me, sadly this seems to happen quite a lot on desura, you pays your money, and get nothing, i have about three games on here that i have not been able to play, and quite frankly, it is just too much hassle to try and resolve, if a game does not work, then surely you should be offered, a, advice, or b , a refund, it would not happen in a shop, you would just go back to the shop, and get your refund, does anyone agree, at least with bigfish games, you get what you pay for, working downloads.


Amazing indie RPG and Mark Leung is magical.

Mark Leung hits the spot as a parody game, unlike some other parody games this game isn't a tryhard.

It is flatout simple and never tries to be like other parody games, clearly its made from Marks own vision of parody and given his personal "jester" nature the end result feels very natural.

It is not the best crafted game obviously and has some minor issues with sometimes audio refusing to work if you use openal or bad gfx settings may force you to delete the "prefs.cs" file and restart the config from scratch, but aside from that, the live action videos give it a certain flavor rarely seen in games nowadays I was definitely pleased with this game.

As for RPG elements there is leveling and several equipement pieces and a fair amount of items, really anything you would expect form a old school rpg, simple but deep enough where its not just flatout nonsense.

Freezed out at loading a new game..


Everytime i start i see a grey window, the Application switches over to full screen which gets black, i hear for a Moment a Sound and then it crashes.

If the Demo don't work then there is no way the actual game will work!

-10 rating from me for horible error.

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