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twcrash Aug 3 2014, 8:01am says:

Always a great mission TVig adding it to the file area and my hard drive as we type.....

+2 votes   mod: This Is War
twcrash May 24 2014, 6:52am says:

I say we never pay a dime from here on out for any of those games listed. I mean they are official abandonware right?

+1 vote   article: 50 more EA games soon to lose support for multiplayer online
twcrash Aug 5 2013, 8:34am says:

Excellent place to get everything that is Dragon Rising. I love this plave. The people are great as well. Good community and no drama so far

+1 vote   article: New Community Forums
twcrash Apr 17 2013, 8:08am says:

Great release TVig one of the best new missions available for ArmA series

+3 votes   download: Urban Conquest v006
twcrash Apr 6 2013, 1:18pm says:

I am wierd because I like the FOV which if you do the math is true first person view. This is why when you hold the mouse down in ArmA series it zooms into the same FOV. So the complaint about the FOV baffles me. I'll take the FOV versus that sickening blur the ArmA series seems to think is natural lmao.

+2 votes   article: This is War 2.5 update
twcrash Apr 3 2013, 8:34am says:

As for how it will run I just changed my system to a AMD A10 58800K based system and ArmA 3 runs great. Now I can't run it on Ultra settings but it is smoother as butter and looks great even on Standard settings. If you are like me on a budget (I spent 350.00 plus taxes on this system) and it is playing everything i want to play.Hit me up and i'll list parts if wanted. Also Arma 3 just runs 100x better than ArmA 2 runs out of the box even as an alpha build.

+3 votes   game: ARMA 3
twcrash Apr 3 2013, 8:25am says:

Great mission TVig will be one for MOTY keep it up

+2 votes   mod: Urban Conquest
twcrash Mar 14 2013, 3:37pm says:

I also play it and it does have a thriving player base with awesome missions like the one above. Excellent work TVig another great release. Also I would say instead of bashing this as OFP you should really look at it as Dragon Rising as most of us do. It definitely isn't arma or OFP. I play those as well but Dragon Rising is a beast for a four man team of players. Which is how I play most of the time anyways

+2 votes   article: This is War 2.5 update
twcrash Dec 30 2012, 5:29am says:

great set of winners this year. Love Black Mesa couldn't agree more. I love the fact that a mod for a game that is almost 19 years old made the top ten!!!.

+1 vote   article: Mod of the Year 2012
twcrash Dec 20 2012, 8:34pm says:

OFDR has become with the Community made mods and missions one of my all time favorite games. If you go on the assumption it is a 4 man coop you will find it to be an awesome playing game. The light effects mods, new weapons added, introduction of Hotkey menus and the Evolving EDX mission editor you have more than you can ever ask for. Go get it on Steam you will love it

+1 vote   game: Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising
twcrash Dec 13 2012, 8:59am says:

I did a new one for ya for 2.2 but you have a newer version coming?

+2 votes   media: This Is War 2.0 graphic
twcrash Dec 13 2012, 8:57am says:

Great job TVig! voted for ya in MOTY!!!

+3 votes   mod: This Is War
twcrash Dec 10 2012, 4:23pm says:

great mission

+3 votes   download: This is War v2.2
twcrash Aug 25 2012, 9:48pm says:

ok I only installed HL2 EP2 would that make the textures not show?

+1 vote   article: Lost Under The Snow is released!
twcrash Aug 25 2012, 8:59pm says:

there is a box labeled "breakers" you need to take the break out of and put into the panel

+2 votes   download: Lost Under The Snow
twcrash Aug 25 2012, 8:57pm says:

So far so good. I am stuck at a ramp with a lift with a cog missing. Can't find the cog yet. Also some textures arent showing. Check out the links for screenshots:

Cog puzzle I am talking about:

Here is where a generator is. see next pic for what was there:

Here is what is supposed to be there.shows back up when I back up:

this is a wall 1 or 2 rooms prior to the missing cog puzzle. just before you break the windows and jump through:

Door completely missing and wierd texture showing:

Same doorway just closer up. It is the same for both doors. I can move close enough and the door texture disappears and I can see the radioactive green stuff (missing cog puzzle)

+1 vote   article: Lost Under The Snow is released!
twcrash Aug 25 2012, 8:46pm says:

I take it some alternative download sites will be coming soon?

+3 votes   mod: Grey
twcrash Jul 18 2012, 7:20pm says:

Played a little bit this morning with TVig and I gotta say it is one of th ebest misisons for any military FPS i have played period. The depth of mission control and variables means that this mission will never play the same way twice. If you are a fan of Dragon Rising you NEED this mission. A solid 10 in mission building. Greta job Tvig

+4 votes   mod: Squad Level Tactics
twcrash May 27 2012, 6:19pm says:

Hajas mods are Famous for those of us who played COD4 so if you never played COD4 you wouldn't have a clue. Which is a shame great mod for COD4

+2 votes   article: Black Frontlines Released
twcrash Oct 11 2011, 7:44pm says:

umm that doesn't look like any switch blade I have ever owned...

+2 votes   article: Awesome progress
twcrash Sep 7 2011, 9:34pm says:

I just played it going through both doors. PLEASe expand this mod. I am hooked. I am 668.. I will obey....

+2 votes   mod: The Stanley Parable
twcrash Aug 4 2011, 5:37pm says:

I also get a crash same error

+1 vote   download: Alpha Project - Demo V2
twcrash Aug 2 2011, 2:47pm replied:

Actually that Voxel technology is sooo old it was what was used to make the First Delta Force game. circa 1990's

+1 vote   article: Unlimited Graphics in Games
twcrash May 12 2011, 4:49pm says:

I have bought enough games that were so goddamn bad I WISH i had pirated them...
Ok now with that said I do download a game here and there to test out but I do buy 100% of games I play. I like to own the game.

BUT now I wanna see who LIKE ME has purchased a HORRIBLE game for ALOT of money. I will start with.....


Yes I KNOW its a FREE game but like i said I like to own the game so YES I bought the RETAIL version (dogtags,artwork ect was included along with game unlock and premium)

Me and friends LOVED the betas. We had a blast so it was a no brainer.. til release and they crippled the free game so bad it wasn't worth playing and refused to stop the hackers. Needless to say i shelled out my hard earned cash for this pile of steaming poo.. And that is just ONE game.. I have LOTS more.... So what was yours?

+1 vote   poll: Why do you pirate games?
twcrash Feb 3 2011, 3:08pm says:

Downloading as I type

+3 votes   download: Incertitude: FULL GAME RELEASE (v1.1)
twcrash Dec 17 2010, 9:34pm says:

I am new to minecraft and I gotta say I am hooked and im a purist FPS kinda guy. Great job!!

+2 votes   article: Editors Choice - Most Innovative
twcrash Dec 17 2010, 11:52am says:

great Job!!! definitely a must have

+2 votes   mod: Squad Level Tactics
twcrash Oct 11 2010, 10:28pm says:

geesh TV not enuff self promotion in the CM forums for ya huh? lmao

+1 vote   download: OF:Dragon Rising Singleplayer Overhaul Mod v1.0
twcrash Oct 10 2010, 8:38pm says:

You need to rewrite your readme. Also this is designed for version 1.0 not 1.2 and you need to specify that or games will crash and all kinds of nasty stuff will be written about this.

+1 vote   article: How to Install OF:DR Singleplayer Overhaul Mod
twcrash Oct 10 2010, 12:59pm says:

if you all goto the codemaster forums you will find a TON of stuff even better than some of this. There is SaintAxe&Ror's mission pak,Nikneds 4.2 mappack,TemplarGFX custom mods and missions,Heaven's Feel campaign and a whole lot more. This is just a compilation of a small amount of stuff found there.
Here is a link:

+1 vote   mod: OF:Dragon Rising Singleplayer Overhaul Mod
twcrash Dec 26 2008, 9:50am says:

Map is really cool. I love the look and playability. You did a great job on this map.

+2 votes   download: Lava Giant
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