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tommacool Oct 12 2014, 2:40pm says:

Remove the tracers. Not used in rifles and pistols normally.

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tommacool Oct 10 2014, 1:31am says:


+2 votes     media: The Italian Alps.
tommacool Oct 1 2014, 3:15pm says:

Making a difficult game is not hard. Making a balanced game is hard.
So, no thanks.

+1 vote     download: 2-10x Monsters and Ammo - UPDATED!!!
tommacool Jul 4 2014, 1:29pm says:

I have Warband 1153 and 1158 installed on my computer.
the deluge choses the 1153 when I load the shortcut, but I dont have the deluge installed on 1153. how do I make it change to 1158?

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tommacool May 9 2014, 1:11am says:

Hi, I am a hobby musician that owns a home studio. I know how to mix and master properly. Only thing is that mainly compose rock / metal. But I would love to try other genres. And since I love all kind of music I think I could actually make some pretty badass music for you guys.
I am currently hired for another game music project (they found my youtube page and was impressed by my work), but I still have time for another project too I think.
I love the Pirates Of Caribbean themes (one of my favourite musical scores ever).
PM me if this sounds interesting. I can then send you my portfolio so you can see the quality of my work.

- Tom

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tommacool May 9 2014, 1:07am says:

Have you looked at Silent Hunter 3 for inspiration?
That game has a dynamic campaign with really intuitive ship travelling.
I would love to be able to look at my ship wherever I am on the ocean and same time chose fast travel and speed the time up when using a map.
I am thinking that if the Silent Hunter team made a Pirate game, that would be the ultimate game for me.

+1 vote     article: At a Glance: First Game Concept
tommacool May 9 2014, 1:03am says:

Following this. Downloading your Horizon mod now and will play it until this is released!

+2 votes     media: Stress Test
tommacool May 6 2014, 5:12pm says:

You need to change the font. Reading names and text is a pain!

+1 vote     mod: The Sword And The Axe
tommacool May 6 2014, 2:24am says:

Great mod, but found a "bug": If you work as a soldier for a lord, and asks to leave the duty, you gain a level, money and increase your reputation with him. You can easily join his army again, and do this forever. Sort of cheating.

+1 vote     mod: Brytenwalda
tommacool Mar 6 2014, 5:38pm says:

Original DooM songs were inspired by Metallica, Slayer, Pantera and so on.
Can't play Brutal DooM with ****** techno music!
Metal all the way!

+4 votes     download: BRUTAL DOOM - CLASSIC MUSIC - ENHANCED
tommacool Feb 14 2014, 4:42am says:

Need cockpit view badly!

+1 vote     mod: Star Wars: The Original Trilogy Mod
tommacool Jan 21 2014, 12:16pm replied:

If you google your problem (error messages / symptoms) you will propably find an answer

+1 vote     mod: Crysis Expanded MOD v1.0 Complete
tommacool Jan 18 2014, 3:36am says:

Remove the tracers. Looks stupid. No one uses tracers on normal weapons.

+1 vote     mod: Counter-Strike Red Line
tommacool Jan 18 2014, 12:37am says:

What's the point of this mod? Just play the old Doom games.
It's like trying to make a Ferrari drive and look like a Peugeot.

0 votes     article: Doom Reborn Alpha Version 0.82
tommacool Jan 5 2014, 11:49pm replied:

Thanks! Didn't see this comment before now! lol

+1 vote     mod: Aliens versus Predator Classic Redux
tommacool Jan 4 2014, 1:35pm says:

Is there a way to use the original flare sounds? The new sounds makes way too much noise.
Other than that the game is perfect

+1 vote     mod: Aliens versus Predator Classic Redux
tommacool Dec 27 2013, 3:39am says:

The sleeping bag looks like a machine gun in your inventory.
Except that, very good mod!

+1 vote     mod: COP Original Weapons Renewal
tommacool Dec 26 2013, 11:19am says:

Sorry, but he looks damn ugly and like a retard. 1 rating from me.

-4 votes     mod: Max Payne 1 Max in Campaign
tommacool Dec 3 2013, 1:57pm says:

I was hoping more for a multiplayer: One person is the thing and tries to kill the others. On the base of John Carpenter's movie.
In the game you would be doing sertain tasks depending which person you are. This way some people will be separated and The Thing can strike them.
The take-over will be fast and brutal but yet stealthy and rather quiet.

+1 vote     mod: The Thing Homeworld
tommacool Oct 31 2013, 7:07pm says:

Excellent mod! Only thing I noticed happened a couple of times is that an object that looked like some intestence / gibbs made me stuck, so I had to "idclip" to get moving on.

+1 vote     mod: Brutal Doom
tommacool Oct 20 2013, 12:37am says:

Your ****** mod crashes my game!
Other mods works fine btw.

-1 votes     mod: Ammo
tommacool Jul 14 2013, 7:03am says:

Horrible song. Lot's better E1M1 remakes / remixes to take from

0 votes     article: Brutal Doom version 19 announced
tommacool Jun 6 2013, 2:57am says:

Would have gotten this if it was more simulator. And drop that ****** dubstep please. Thought that **** was over by now and that the hipsters had moved to something new

+1 vote     article: Prototype #1 freely available!
tommacool May 23 2013, 8:26am replied:

There is a reason people are not playing it you know: It's ******* boring! If you want a good western with mount and blade, check out 1866. Best western game I ever played

+1 vote     mod: The Wild Wind
tommacool May 22 2013, 8:12pm buried:


0.99m? Seriously? What will the next version be? 0.99p?
Don't bother with this until it's finished. Go and play 1866 mod for Mount and blade (the original). 100 x better

-11 votes     mod: 1860s Old America
tommacool May 17 2013, 8:27am says:

What is this? No explanation what it does / change. EXPLAIN YOU MADDAFAKKER!!!

-1 votes     download: Max Payne 3 Sounds- Max Voice Clips
tommacool May 5 2013, 5:19pm says:

I will follow this. Looks good so far.

+1 vote     mod: Aliens versus Predator Classic Stasis
tommacool May 4 2013, 6:24pm replied:

Fair enough. I just watched Terminator 1 today and I got an excellent idea if you will pursue the FPS Terminator project in the future: In every new map you change between the future and present time, being Kyle Reese in both. The presence is more of a stealth game: hiding in shadows, taking down people silently, escaping. While the future ofcourse is just pure action.
Adding some RPG elements wouldn't hurt either.

+1 vote     game: FPS Terminator
tommacool Apr 28 2013, 5:35pm says:

You should have posted it TBD in the first place. What did you expect?
Not so clever, you are (Yoda voice)

-2 votes     article: About the release
tommacool Apr 28 2013, 5:33pm replied:

It should have been TBD in the first place. You have now pushed the release date over five times.

-4 votes     mod: Duke Nukem Forever 2013
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