I is a cannon freak of Star Wars, Star Craft, and Halo. i think if its written/in movie form and is considered cannon by the majority and proven true in other works, it is cannon (except the new clone wars series i hate that with all my heart). it is also not recomended to argue with me about cannon, i has too much time and will argue the point. I am also a pretty decent gamer and enjoy strategy and first person shooter ( i know the defference some people think that CoD has strategy in it. my town doesnt have the smartest peoples). Star Craft 2: Wings Of Liberty is so far the best strategy game imo. and i think halo has the best FPS (cod is ok, but it gives you no time to shoot back). legos are also a good past time, they is fun and have star wars and halo series (halo megabloks). but not much else to say i will rant at a later time.

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Phoenix Rising

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Fantastic game! the space combat is probably the best of any mods, the giant galaxy allows for amazing gameplay, especially with the new planetary upgrade systems. probably my favorite mod, only ones i consider even remotely close would be thrawns revenge or halo campain commander.


Critical Collapse

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Thrawn's Revenge: Imperial Civil War

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