I is a cannon freak of Star Wars, Star Craft, and Halo. i think if its written/in movie form and is considered cannon by the majority and proven true in other works, it is cannon (except the new clone wars series i hate that with all my heart). it is also not recomended to argue with me about cannon, i has too much time and will argue the point. I am also a pretty decent gamer and enjoy strategy and first person shooter ( i know the defference some people think that CoD has strategy in it. my town doesnt have the smartest peoples). Star Craft 2: Wings Of Liberty is so far the best strategy game imo. and i think halo has the best FPS (cod is ok, but it gives you no time to shoot back). legos are also a good past time, they is fun and have star wars and halo series (halo megabloks). but not much else to say i will rant at a later time.

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Ok, I am doing my yearly replay of games, almost all of which are from the original Xbox. Unfortuantely this means that I will be disconnected from Xbox Live. However, I am sharing the list becuase I'm bored and thought someone might be curious.
1st- Knights of the Old Republic; why not, its one of the greatest games ever (best RPG is what everyone thinks I'm assuming) and i havent finished every single quest available, which im hoping to do this time.
2nd- Halo 2; Best campain of the series, and depending on if I can borrow two games at a time, I might play Halo: Combat Evolved with this. Depending on how fast I finish the other game(s), I might play the third again.
3rd- Knights of the Old Republic 2: the Sith Lords; I didnt finish this the first time, I kept getting stuck just outside of the Trayus Academy. This game depends on when it will be played, however, becuase the disc is damaged and im hoping to fix it.
4th- Burnout: Revenge; im hoping to get slightly farther than last time, ive always enjoyed the game.
5th-Forza Motorsport 3; I started out as a racing gamer on the playstation 1 with Grand Tourismo 2 (Gt2)

If anyone can think of anyother games, give me a shout becuase im hoping to do a big amount before I go back to Reach (the local Covenant dont like me being there... and come to think of it, some of the Spartans dont either.)

Also, Im playing Fate and its expansion/sequal Undiscovered Realms on the computer.


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Hey, id like to find someone who can help me with modding on Foc. ive been wanting to make a super mod (kinda like pheonix rising) that has all the right planet locations, and bunches more planets and possibly new era's like the yuuzhan vong war and the second galactic civil war. post below if you can help and thanks.

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