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Hey guys, I'm the number 10. Go ahead and multiply me. See what happens.

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Last Stand Game
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Really good game, just had to post it here.

So, I'd already done a game with the two guys/gals (possible... xD) playing with me. We'd done really well, got to wave twenty, all died. Meh. xD.

So we played another game. I remained Eldar (wanted exp to get to lv 20) and the others changed their builds. SM tank and PuppetGard chose a Chaos sorcerer, focused on Doppelganger and using Let the Galaxy Burn staff.

So, it all started really well. Then, come wave 3 (yes, THREE!) the SM drops. I was like "Oh damn", but we continued playing. Wave 10 came and went. No deaths yet. Wave 12, and the Sorcerer's FC died, so he cloned a wraith. Wave 13-14 he died, so I revived him.

Wave 16, we managed to kill the doppelgangers, including the SM that dropped, with no deaths. We even managed to clone the SM and overcame a super dreadnaught that refused to die (xD).

The following waves, piece of cake. Kinda. I had to conceal and teleport around, and used confuse to support, and he burned everyone and SM pwned everyone.

Wave 20, we die. I kinda figured that, though.

Still an impressive game, though. Two players getting to wave 20 is pretty rare, in my book. Especially since we are pretty weak chars in terms of how much damage we can take. We were really lucky I kept the Eldar, I was thinking of going Chaos myself. Farseer is vital in those sorts of games, though.

So a very good game, I had fun with it. xD.

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