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S.W.A.T Feb 11 2013, 1:40pm says:

so true without this no-one will ever get anywhere games start with just pen and paper an idea

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S.W.A.T Feb 11 2013, 1:37pm says:

Gamerknight has been a true asset to Days of Valor and pleasure to work with and hopefully conitune to work with him in the future very open minded and is full of many idea's

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S.W.A.T Jan 28 2013, 9:00am replied:

Alright ben what are you fishing for now?

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S.W.A.T Jan 26 2013, 6:41pm says:

can we get a complete list of what to expect ingame? or maybe the armies involed or what fronts we are going to see first

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S.W.A.T Apr 2 2012, 7:21pm says:

YEA Panda car!!! lol sorry little joke in the armed forces

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S.W.A.T Jan 27 2012, 3:46pm replied:

you a bought a retail version of the game (DvD) like me only thing is it requires steam to run like Empire + expansion Saga use Steam like a DRM to make sure you have a real copy of the game if your not using steam then you dont have a legit copy

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S.W.A.T Oct 11 2010, 12:46pm says:

Hello having a problem with the Launcher button doesnt seem to want to work for me everything is else is working fine i have a Digital Version from so i choose the top one as the out of list also tried the bottom one aswell neither work

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S.W.A.T Jul 11 2010, 11:18am replied:

For everyone one Tiger/Kingtiger required 5 Shermans/Cromwells the only tanks on the battlefield that could take a tiger/Kingtiger without heavy numbers was the M14 wildcat and the Firefly most other Ally tank were destoryed and the tank that could deflect a 88mm is the british Churchill mkIV (or one of the later models) thats for the western forces russian forces its a whole different story with there tanks

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S.W.A.T Jun 10 2010, 7:39pm replied:

i wasnt judging your team in anyway it was points between AP and HE and not once did a reference the mod in a bad way i even said the mod was great so dont get offence of an opinion

+1 vote   mod: Blitzkrieg-Mod
S.W.A.T Jun 10 2010, 8:11am replied:

Shadow i think you miss understand what HE is HE is used in many forms AA guns ect but you after to remember an early form of HE was used during WW1 and before that from Arty HE is High Explosive it is as you said an area of affect thats why is was first used in arty HE is used in Torpedos Arty shells mortars and even grenades HE is just that High Explosives also AP was the main stay for many german weapons.

88mm spanish civil war used HE opening days of poland and france the germans found out the 88mm was extremely effective in killing tanks which came around to the development of the 88mm AP ammo only thing with germany unlikes the british or the Russian where they used AT rifles and the british Piat which was HE most german hand held AT weaponery were shaped HE charges.

i think you should hit the history books Shadow

but still a great mod either way

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S.W.A.T Jun 7 2010, 10:02am replied:

i had the same problem when i got a router its a port problem and if its a netgear like mine its a pain to get working i tried the mod online and it works for me.

my concern is the Anti-guns ok they miss over extreme ranges sometimes but when a stug is sitting point blank to 4 ATs they still missed stug kills them then roles on. admit it was funny but damn annoying the stug couldnt be stopped took out shermans everything 1 stug Vs the allied war machine Stug wins LOL

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S.W.A.T Jun 7 2010, 7:18am says:

Good work no problems runs smoothly had a installer problem just took ages to execute the installer but apart from that all good its a great mod

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S.W.A.T May 23 2010, 7:54am says:

Gamescom is a trading event for small time groups to show they work to big publishers and other gaming companies its also a gaming fair and it is held in germany.

and we are in desperate need for coders anyone out there wanna help?????

StoneAge Digital

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S.W.A.T May 12 2010, 10:40am replied:

one it is true of the polish charging on horseback against the panzers thats not a lie. See tanks are slow bulky and can be out manourved by horses by ww1 standards most countries still believed that the polish believed horse was faster than tank clearly in ww1 it was but in the invasion of poland during 1939 it wasnt. The polish still got tank kills through the use of IED's that they just threw on the back of the tank.

and how can a sword cut through a tank?? even at ww1 the tanks were thick enough to stop a sword.

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S.W.A.T Mar 12 2010, 1:17pm says:

look good sides need to be altered abit

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S.W.A.T Mar 11 2010, 8:05am says:

wow Pashli good work mate

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S.W.A.T Mar 4 2010, 6:16pm replied:

yeah im blind what can say lol

+1 vote   mod: Days Of Valor
S.W.A.T Mar 4 2010, 6:07pm says:

yep ill do it brian just linking my old HDD to my comp now should have all the infomation to hand it works aint used this HDD in a few years

+1 vote   mod: Days Of Valor
S.W.A.T Mar 4 2010, 11:59am says:

if you need any infomation on the Companies/Battlions/Divisions send me a message and ill give you the infomation needed i have plenty of it lying on my computer from when i studied history and World war 2 is like a hobby good luck with your mod you've choosen a good engine to work on

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S.W.A.T Feb 21 2010, 2:16pm says:

Good mod enjoying it but theres a Problem with the Starbases if you Build 4 of them the game just mini dumps out once again brilliant mod

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S.W.A.T Dec 5 2009, 1:58pm says:

well i had 1.5 and just patched it to 1.6 so i take it i dont need the hotfix.

btw no problem i rarely leave a message on moddb but you've done alot of work that in my view Thq should put in the game but you and you team earned the compliment maybe we could go for a 1v1 sumtime

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S.W.A.T Dec 4 2009, 11:55am says:

Hotfix created new Error "AI Fatel Execution" ive kept the orignal Scar folder tbh i didnt have any problems till now Good mod btw really enjoying it

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S.W.A.T Apr 7 2006, 12:58pm says:

why look at SS3 when its not even out ?!? but gotta admitt its a good idea to bring WW2 to a Scifi Game and with the EaW engine it will look awesome

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