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John_N447 Mar 10 2014, 9:32am replied:

lern french if you wish to play it or ask NICELY if they translate it to your language.
People like you are the reason why many think english people are unpolite.

0 votes   mod: Stargate - Infini
John_N447 Feb 13 2014, 11:28am replied:

Yes, there is a way to disable those splashs.
In the file "Movies.xml" delete or comment out these lines:

<Movie Name="Logo1">

<Movie Name="Logo2">

That's all.
The file is to be found in the config.meg.

However, if you alter gamefiles it may happen that you are unable to play with others who did not.

+2 votes   mod: Empire at War - Fight for Freedom
John_N447 Jan 26 2014, 12:39pm says:

Several GBs of downloads ;D
A great but will be a pain to write, as there are so many units.

Just think of Star Wars.
Just think of Episode 4.
Just think of the whole aspects of the ships that were made and are in the game but behave completely otherwise that in the movies.
Those would be a begin but what with Episode 5 and 6?
What about Stargate, Star Trek and Starship Troopers?

There are literally thousands of ships.
As I said, sounds absolutely cool.

+1 vote   news: star wars mods
John_N447 Jan 26 2014, 12:32pm says:

Might be the point but I eamn more like scripting the mod so that it searches up to ten modpackages and then runs it.
Modpack 1: SAU3.0 (just mentioning)
Modpack 2: Fight for Freedom
Modpack 3: Pegasus Chronicles
Modpack 4: XYZ-other mod
Calling Modpacks only as mp1.xml .
Inside of this modpackage should be everything that is needed for the package, as for example asquadrons.xml, spaeunitsfighters.xml and so on.
Models would be placed under models/mp1/, same with textures.

Just have to test this whole idea.
What do you think?

+1 vote   news: What about a mod everyone can change to his/her likeings?
John_N447 Jan 17 2014, 9:38am replied:

Hm...the unreal development kit features tools that make it easy to create something like this.
There are tutorials to even create Tetris in it.
Well, it would be a lot (really, a lot) of work but you could createa bhasic game in it, see if it works (scripting etc) and as far as I know kismet (the scripting editor, looks somehow like a mindmap) is strong enough to implement gamemodes, lifecycles, spawns and also more heavy tasks as resetting players and stuff like AI, although I may be wrong with the AI.

You can create strategy games with udk and even can create games that do look completely other than the original Unreal tournament used to look.

However, other games are:
-Starcraft 2 (maybe the first on)
-any Source engine game
-Men of War series
-Maybe the Total War series (do not know but the engine should work good with thousands of zombies)
-Civilization series
-Supreme Ruler Series
-Warhammer 40k series
-and thats it, I am officially out of games.

+1 vote   news: mod idea
John_N447 Jan 15 2014, 11:51am says:

the game "Rise of nations" does not provide the requirements, I think.
There are no real ressources consumed by units apart from when they are built.
The territory fee when entering enemy territory would be perfect for it being some kind of postapocalyptic setting.
So...Maybe one could create some kind of strategy game involcing zombies in a postapocalyptic setting, featuring radiation around cities or something like that but survival strategy might not work, if one asked me.

+1 vote   news: mod idea
John_N447 Jan 14 2014, 1:06pm says:

Still pretty empty, how about adding stuff, I would post some ideas if I may do so.

+1 vote   group: mod idea developers
John_N447 Jan 14 2014, 1:02pm replied:

Well ,the old versions avaible on Moddb do not add anything new to the game, they just change it.
Faster firing, less Hardpoint health and strogner shields.
Those old versions represent the state that my modding skills were when I first begun modding.

Revieweing the whole stats, reviews and also comments regarding the mod, it was probably an error to publicly upload it when I jsut did and should have waited a year or so.

Well, afterwards one knows more, or however one would translate this...

The newer Versions (3.0 - not recommended, very buggy, only on Strategyinformer) and as well the version that I gave to the beta-testers (they...joined in the last hour or so[concerning the past beta event]) had more content that was not in the game.

However, at the current rate I think I can release a new update in the next month from now but I am not sure.
There are still parts in the mod that do not work as I intended them to. But the new units do work and textures are nothing unknown to me anymore, so the progress on the new faction (the other new one is ready but still has to be balanced and possibly exported to be modular) should be rather fast than slow.

+1 vote   mod: Empire at War - Fight for Freedom
John_N447 Jan 14 2014, 12:08pm replied:

At the moment only outdated versions of the mod are avaible.(Those were made for EaW)
The new mod (which is for FoC) was not yet released.
I am working on gameplay mechanics right now, so a release is currently not possible. (Too many [MISSING]'s, upgrades that do not work at some random point that needs to be fixed, etc)
There are multiple new factions I want to write but there are...problems balancing them.
As I wrote, I intend to make the game more...Movie feeling, so for example, battles are far more complex, as with rockets that can be stopped, Fighters that can deal damage to heavier ships if those are left alone (see Deathstar against fighters) etc etc etc. As I want to get at least 2 new factions (and if possible make them modular, so that they can be downloaded separtely on the next release, there are some units I still have to figure out how to balance them.

Concerning the play issueas you mentioned:
What exactly do you mean?

+2 votes   mod: Empire at War - Fight for Freedom
John_N447 Jan 12 2014, 12:52pm replied:

Have to figure out how to balance everything but I think so.

+1 vote   media: Please, guess three times ;D
John_N447 Jan 12 2014, 12:51pm replied:


+1 vote   media: Please, guess three times ;D
John_N447 Jan 11 2014, 12:23pm says:

And yeah, prices are not final.

+1 vote   media: Please, guess three times ;D
John_N447 Jan 11 2014, 10:03am says:

Before the question pops up:
upgraded X-Wings have stronger shields, faster firing Lasers and protonentorpedoes.
upgraded Y-Wings have a new turret on top of the Cockpit (not moving yet)as well as stronger shields

MC-80s have now point defenses to defend themselvews against fighters/bombers.
Upgraded MC-80s are, they are still MC-80s but have more shield points and two hangars. Oh, nd they can use their special ability as long as they wish to. However, they shoot less frequently and cannot deploy squadrons whilst they do.

+1 vote   media: Rebel Units
John_N447 Nov 16 2013, 7:02pm replied:

Over a year with some time paused.
However, the version you played is over a year old, the progress on the game was stopped, I switched over to FoC.
The SDs that were only avaiable on Tech5 are the most powerful ones now, there are as well some avaiable from Tech 4.
Those are weaker.

Well, the description thing is true but not more present in the more actual version.

And keep in mind that over a year past since then.

+1 vote   mod: Empire at War - Fight for Freedom
John_N447 Nov 16 2013, 5:52pm replied:

It could be a problem with the mixed squadrons.
I did recently find out how to add special abilities to selfcreated units, specifically fighters.
When I wrote a squadron, it wasn't possible to use the fighter's abilities. I think that this would lead to an Apphang when the AI tries to activate an ability that is present but not useable.
Try playing as Rebels once, if the game doesn't crash at all, it were the mixed fighters.
If so, I will upload the current version as soon as possible, so that you can play as Empire without crashes.

+1 vote   mod: Empire at War - Fight for Freedom
John_N447 Nov 16 2013, 5:48pm replied:

At nothing, elseways I couldn't write this.
5 Minutes ago?
Some fun way to test something:
Well, it is testing only, no other purpose, so...

At the current point I am working on unit repurposing.
Y-Wings do have a turret on the top of the cockpit. This turret now shoots.
X-Wings do now have protonentorpedoes, as soon as you reach Tech5 (prerequirements yet to write).

Next would be the techtrees.
Then some new units, models etc - still some way to go.

+1 vote   mod: Empire at War - Fight for Freedom
John_N447 Nov 15 2013, 8:53am replied:

What exactly were you doing?
Galactic Conquest?
Land battles?

What faction did you play?

+1 vote   mod: Empire at War - Fight for Freedom
John_N447 Nov 15 2013, 8:52am replied:

the mod?
It is free.
The game?
20€ at steam, 10-15 in the stores.
At this point: I have no idea what it costs in other countries, these prices represent german ones.

+1 vote   mod: Empire at War - Fight for Freedom
John_N447 Aug 19 2013, 12:36am replied:

I would if I got the english mastertextfile. without it, I cannot make it english.

+1 vote   media: Fight for Freedom 2 WiP - Point Defenses
John_N447 Jul 4 2013, 10:17am replied:

it is an idea but at the current state I won't add full nations.
Ground combat is way too complicated right now.
You have to, other than with space skirmish, create animations for your units. Those take ages.

+1 vote   news: What do YOU want?
John_N447 Jul 4 2013, 10:15am replied:

Yeas and already planned.
I want to recalculate all sizes.
Takes a lot of time but will sure be worth it.

+1 vote   media: Fight for Freedom 2 WiP - Point Defenses
John_N447 Jun 29 2013, 9:46am replied:

As far as I know right now the EugeneLoadingBar was added to the game Act of War : Direct Action. Your patch however, is for the Expansion pack.
I don't know whether there is a EugeneLoadingBar.exe for the Expansion or not but if not, you won't have to give it the compatibility mode.

+1 vote   download: Proper Windows 7 Fix for Act of War
John_N447 Jun 17 2013, 9:23pm replied:

they still got the heavy weapons.
In this video they might be a little hard to spot.
However, I just wanted to have the focus in this video on the point defenses.
Tomorrow I'll upload a viddeo with the other weapons.
These are currently:
(depending on which SD)

-4 Turbolasers
-2 Ioncannons
-4 Turbolasers
-2 Ioncannons
-Point defense
-2 Dual-Turbolasers
-2 Turbolasers
-2 Ioncannons
-Point defense

And about hating the vanilla:
If I was completely ok with how the game works, I wouldn't mod it, would I? ;D

+2 votes   media: Fight for Freedom 2 WiP - Point Defenses
John_N447 Jun 11 2013, 3:38pm replied:

it is fun as games get in most cases a good synchronisation.

+2 votes   media: Fight for Freedom 2 - Bombers
John_N447 Jun 11 2013, 10:44am replied:

the upgrades, eg. the X-Wing Shield upgrade is meant to unlock a more powerful X-Wing that has Shields.

Although the idea with more abilities is good.
What do you think:
X-Wings get an ability to create shields for a certain amount of time. If this ability is off, they deal more damage but have no shields.

after all, the empire got the x-wing first and abandoned the project as it was to expensive to them....well, not that they didn't have the money ;D

+1 vote   media: Techtree Rebellion
John_N447 Jun 11 2013, 9:05am replied:

As the link is broken...

I will up a new link as fast as possible.

+1 vote   game: Act of War: Direct Action
John_N447 Jun 11 2013, 8:17am says:

Yeah...and I know that some units are still missing.

Ja, ich weiß, dass einige Einheiten noch fehlen.

+1 vote   media: Techtree Rebellion
John_N447 May 21 2013, 3:58pm says:

well, so true ;D

However, the thing is that SDs now have one fast firing, inaccurate Laser and one slow firing, that deals more damage and is by far more accurate.

Bombers do not miss all shots, as I tested the "Bomber" idea and it is pretty neat that the SDs have the possibility to dodge but only when they are used wisely.

Additionaly I added a new type of X-Wing, it got the old fashioned protonentorpedos. I do however yet have to find the name of those.

In the story line "heritage of the jedis" (german title translated into english) there is a new kind of X-Wing mentioned, sadly I forgot how it was called.

+1 vote   news: Protonentorpedos
John_N447 May 21 2013, 10:54am says:

Has anyone the english mastertextfile?

+1 vote   mod: Empire at War - Fight for Freedom
John_N447 May 16 2013, 12:58pm says:

was busy for a very long time but never stopped working on getting better concerning, models, coding etc.

+1 vote   media: Frigate - selfmade
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