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John_N447 Jun 11 2013, 9:05am replied:

As the link is broken...

I will up a new link as fast as possible.

+1 vote   game: Act of War: Direct Action
John_N447 May 9 2013, 7:57am replied:

If you can speek in german or use the gogle translator, you can find a solution here:

+1 vote   game: Act of War: Direct Action
John_N447 Apr 29 2013, 8:11pm replied:

In fact, I just played it on a 64-Bit Win7 with more than 2 Gigs of Ram ;D

+1 vote   game: Act of War: Direct Action
John_N447 Apr 29 2013, 8:10pm replied:

look here:

+1 vote   game: Act of War: Direct Action
John_N447 Apr 29 2013, 8:07pm replied:

you have to patch the game in Order to get those files.

+1 vote   download: Proper Windows 7 Fix for Act of War
John_N447 Apr 27 2013, 8:29am replied:

I got some spare time from my training.
I think that I can now continue modding right away.
Nut yeah, I agree there wasn't much of an update from my side for a long time.

+2 votes   mod: Empire at War - Fight for Freedom
John_N447 Apr 20 2013, 2:47pm replied:

You might have to change your tactic, as I changed the behaviour and statistics of many units.

+1 vote   mod: Empire at War - Fight for Freedom
John_N447 Apr 14 2013, 2:00pm replied:

hm...I think I didn't even touch any lua-files.

+1 vote   mod: Empire at War - Fight for Freedom
John_N447 Mar 19 2013, 11:39am replied:

I think that this is unimportant regarding what they want to show us with that image.
But I agree with your statement.

+5 votes   media: T-Rex Ground Alignment
John_N447 Feb 24 2013, 7:52am replied:

seems that there is a bug with the language files. might be because of a mixup in the .string file.

+1 vote   mod: Empire at War - Fight for Freedom
John_N447 Dec 22 2012, 2:23pm says:

Actually english users can play the german version as well.
The german translation concerning menupoints was at two or three points missleading, eg: Cancel was taken for cancel game and not for back to game [in the german version it is different in most games]. That was kinda confusing.
The english version doesn't have those mixups.
Only point that is not that good:
Font doesn't fit to the interface (main menu; ingame menu).
Apart from that, english users can as well use the german prerelease.

+1 vote   mod: Modern User Interface
John_N447 Dec 10 2012, 3:15pm says:

Ok, I wrote an article BUT:
Moddb ate it.
Now I have to rewrite it.

+2 votes   group: Spycorp. Technologies
John_N447 Dec 10 2012, 2:41pm says:

If you want your own flags ingame, just feel free to ask.

+3 votes   mod: Modern User Interface
John_N447 Oct 4 2012, 12:07pm replied:

Well, as far as I can remember there are multiple files already in EAW that are in FoC but weren't used in EaW.
For example the Jedi(Venator) cruiser.
It is in the game but not useable. Sadly.
If you would ask me, as long as one possesses all licenses, it should be allowed to use the contents.
As long as, for example I, don't say the SSD was created by me, it should be fine.
I mean, I bought all 3 Alamo games created b y Petroglyph.
Shouldn't I be allowed to use the content then?
As far as I know the .alo files are not being used by any other game than:
-Empire at War
-Empire at War: Forces of Corruption
-Universe at War: Earth Assault

+1 vote   mod: Empire at War - Fight for Freedom
John_N447 Jul 29 2012, 8:32am replied:

Well, I'l give it a try. Although I will ask them about the factions when I am ready to add a new faction as I still have to add a lot of things and functions.
First of all I will have to get the game morew realistic but have to find a balance nethertheless.
But I hereby promise that it will neither a rock-paper-scissor nor a system with same strength-per-unitclass.
I am currently working on it and I think that I can upload some videos in the next hours.

+3 votes   article: Working on a new version....
John_N447 Jul 28 2012, 6:40pm replied:

no, it is thought to be that way.
As I think they always made games the way so that everyone could play it.
It may make sense to first send a space fleet and let the ground forces wait until it is safe for them but it kinda destroys the sense of the land battles as you could as well just attack the planet with the deathstar and destroy the planet.
That makes the deathstar way more important to the empire than it should be and therefor the empire doesn't use it's groundunits at all after a certain point.

the AT-AT itself would be built in the campaign map.
You send it as you would senbd a space fleet but when you approach an planet you get spaceunits. those are the groundunits OR they are their escort ships.
For example the AT-AT would be IN a stardestroyer as these carry the AT-ATs in the deep space.
Other units would be in Lambda shuttles or other hyper space able ships.

Anyways thank you for reading the news and as far as you have any questions, just feel free to ask.

+2 votes   article: Working on a new version....
John_N447 Jul 28 2012, 6:22am says:

Created a forum.
All ideas and or crititcs as well as questions are very welcome.

+1 vote   mod: Empire at War - Fight for Freedom
John_N447 Jul 28 2012, 5:49am says:

Yeah moddb, new record, 12 hours until admin authorizatioln...I am impressed -.-

+3 votes   article: Working on a new version....
John_N447 Jul 27 2012, 10:17pm replied:

not yet but the next version will be for FoC

+1 vote   mod: Empire at War - Fight for Freedom
John_N447 Jul 27 2012, 9:30am replied:

I think it would be even more noticeable if you postet the link here.

+2 votes   mod: Empire at War - Fight for Freedom
John_N447 Jul 24 2012, 1:12pm replied:

Erstmal isses nur ne Idee, aber auf lange Sicht kommt es rein.

+1 vote   media: BC-304
John_N447 Jul 23 2012, 9:03am replied:

It is basically a modification of the normal gameplay.
Stargate Content will be added as soon, as I figure out how to implement a new faction.
As I will have to begin over today (FoC doesn't take any of the Mod's files...) This could take some time.
Alsop, I will have some hard time to configure the Corruption's ships.
As they do have shield-ignoring-projectiles, theswe woulld be quite overpowered in the strong shields, weak armor principe.

I hope that I will soon get out a new version but it sure will take some time.
As for the time when the screenshots were relesed, there already was a good stargate mod for EAW.
If you didn't know it yet, I can only recommend it.
It will take some time to get Stargate working.
As I now will have three factions, I am currently thinking about removing the corruption and giving that slot to Stargate.

What do you guys think about that idea?

+4 votes   mod: Empire at War - Fight for Freedom
John_N447 May 6 2012, 12:13pm replied:

Tell this to the more than 2000000000 chinese and african people. They'll laugh at you.
Seriously 99%?
So...because MOST people in industrial and or urban environments do speak english means that all apart from Germany speak English?
Let's just calculate this out.
We have a total world population from 7000000000 people. And in germany there live 82000000. So.... IF ALL countries in the world APART from Germany would ONLY talk would be right. But they actually aren't.
So....thanks for using Google Translator and come again soon.

0 votes   article: CS:S Content for Gmod 2014 (Up-dated)
John_N447 May 2 2012, 4:15pm replied:

Because today is not the fourth but the second of may?

0 votes   media: May 4th Update
John_N447 Mar 11 2012, 6:36pm says:

yay, Bf3/Battlefield Theme^^
I really like the concepts and effects of the airplanes.

+3 votes   media: Anti-Tank Weapons
John_N447 Jan 29 2012, 2:58pm says:

Die Minen sehen ja alle genial aus, aber bei so vielen Details....werden die größer und ertragsreicher? Wäre zumindest ein Weg, die zu behalten, anstatt diese tollen Models einfach zu verwerfen...
Wäre nur Schade um die ganze Arbeit.

+1 vote   mod: Stargate - Empire at War: Pegasus Chronicles
John_N447 Jan 15 2012, 8:47pm replied:

I fear you will have to buy CS:S.
Or you could try to find the Content on

+3 votes   mod: ๖ۣۜĐ.B CREÅTION
John_N447 Nov 21 2011, 2:40am replied:

Well, the way you isntalled seems to be right.
Did you patch the game? That might be the Error.
If you did so, please try to look whether you have the Victory Destroyer seen in this video:
It might already work but as far as I remember I haven't done a Menubackground for the early versions of the mod.
Nethertheless thanks to all who downloaded the mod.
Was really lazy lately, think I'll put my next time in the next version....took me way too long for the next version.

+1 vote   mod: Empire at War - Fight for Freedom
John_N447 Oct 11 2011, 3:49pm replied:

I am asking you all this just because of this fact.
If there are enough people saying that they haven't got FoC I'll continue using EaW, although it would be easier in FoC.

+2 votes   article: EaW or EaW:FoC?
John_N447 Oct 11 2011, 3:48pm replied:

yes, Federation at War was the mod I mentioned.

+2 votes   article: EaW or EaW:FoC?
John_N447 Oct 5 2011, 10:30pm replied:

well.....Star Trek was not intended to be in the mod, but I can tell you that there are good mods concerning Star Trek ships.
There was another one but I can't find it right now.
If I wanted to make Star Trek in this mod, it would take years for me, since I had to make new models, textures and, the most important, new lasers.(Phasers look way other than the lasers from Star Wars....)
But thanks for the idea.
Maybe, if I am done with the Stargate things, e.g. the faction, the ships and troops, I'll make Star Trek but sadly this day is still far.

+2 votes   article: EaW or EaW:FoC?
John_N447 Jan 26 2014, 12:39pm says:

Several GBs of downloads ;D
A great but will be a pain to write, as there are so many units.

Just think of Star Wars.
Just think of Episode 4.
Just think of the whole aspects of the ships that were made and are in the game but behave completely otherwise that in the movies.
Those would be a begin but what with Episode 5 and 6?
What about Stargate, Star Trek and Starship Troopers?

There are literally thousands of ships.
As I said, sounds absolutely cool.

+1 vote   article: star wars mods
John_N447 Jan 15 2014, 11:51am says:

the game "Rise of nations" does not provide the requirements, I think.
There are no real ressources consumed by units apart from when they are built.
The territory fee when entering enemy territory would be perfect for it being some kind of postapocalyptic setting.
So...Maybe one could create some kind of strategy game involcing zombies in a postapocalyptic setting, featuring radiation around cities or something like that but survival strategy might not work, if one asked me.

+1 vote   article: mod idea
John_N447 Jan 14 2014, 1:06pm says:

Still pretty empty, how about adding stuff, I would post some ideas if I may do so.

+1 vote   group: mod idea developers
John_N447 Jan 11 2014, 12:23pm says:

And yeah, prices are not final.

+1 vote   media: Please, guess three times ;D
John_N447 Jan 11 2014, 10:03am says:

Before the question pops up:
upgraded X-Wings have stronger shields, faster firing Lasers and protonentorpedoes.
upgraded Y-Wings have a new turret on top of the Cockpit (not moving yet)as well as stronger shields

MC-80s have now point defenses to defend themselvews against fighters/bombers.
Upgraded MC-80s are, they are still MC-80s but have more shield points and two hangars. Oh, nd they can use their special ability as long as they wish to. However, they shoot less frequently and cannot deploy squadrons whilst they do.

+1 vote   media: Rebel Units
John_N447 Jul 4 2013, 10:17am replied:

it is an idea but at the current state I won't add full nations.
Ground combat is way too complicated right now.
You have to, other than with space skirmish, create animations for your units. Those take ages.

+1 vote   article: What do YOU want?
John_N447 Jun 17 2013, 9:23pm replied:

they still got the heavy weapons.
In this video they might be a little hard to spot.
However, I just wanted to have the focus in this video on the point defenses.
Tomorrow I'll upload a viddeo with the other weapons.
These are currently:
(depending on which SD)

-4 Turbolasers
-2 Ioncannons
-4 Turbolasers
-2 Ioncannons
-Point defense
-2 Dual-Turbolasers
-2 Turbolasers
-2 Ioncannons
-Point defense

And about hating the vanilla:
If I was completely ok with how the game works, I wouldn't mod it, would I? ;D

+2 votes   media: Fight for Freedom 2 WiP - Point Defenses
John_N447 Jun 11 2013, 3:38pm replied:

it is fun as games get in most cases a good synchronisation.

+2 votes   media: Fight for Freedom 2 - Bombers
John_N447 Jun 11 2013, 8:17am says:

Yeah...and I know that some units are still missing.

Ja, ich weiß, dass einige Einheiten noch fehlen.

+1 vote   media: Techtree Rebellion
John_N447 Oct 5 2011, 7:35pm says:

Just in case, you had some ideas that didn't make it in a mod yet:
What would you like to see in a mod?

+2 votes   article: EaW or EaW:FoC?
John_N447 Jul 14 2011, 5:53am replied:

may I assist you a little?

+2 votes   group: ŜÅŜŲ Stargate Atlantis Special Unit
John_N447 Oct 13 2010, 5:02pm replied:

yeah, but thanks go to Stargate-Modding-Group

+1 vote   media: BC-304 all HPs
John_N447 Oct 10 2010, 12:22pm replied:

von mir aus, haste recht
werde es dann auch ab sofort so schreiben
hab's gleich mal geändert

+2 votes   article: ALPHA - Preview of 3.0
John_N447 Oct 5 2010, 1:30pm replied:

I think a pricing of 50 is low enough for the TIEs, isn't it?
Furthermore it is not planned to make X-Wing Protonentorpedoes, but it's a great idea.

+1 vote   article: Version 3.0
John_N447 Oct 1 2010, 8:11pm replied:

nethertheless the next version comes with installer

+2 votes   download: Fight for Freedom 2.2 [OUTDATET]
John_N447 Sep 4 2010, 6:34am says:

am I the only one who thinks like this about that the X-Wings look better than in Rogue Squadron?^^

+2 votes   media: In-game shot
John_N447 Aug 21 2010, 1:48pm says:

As described, Imperator-I SDs are weaker than MonCals...
But IMperator-II are stronger than them.

+1 vote   media: new, strong MonCals
John_N447 Aug 15 2010, 4:24pm says:

hey, have you made these models in .alo or in a compatible format, so that one can transform them to .alo?
I could use them in my mod, if you'd agree with me in using them.

-1 votes   member: MawDrallin
John_N447 Aug 12 2010, 7:20pm says:

BEFORE YOU GIVE UP: under custom maps you should find a map called 3-Playermap001 or similar, it's until now the only map that supports 3 fractions, more maps follow soon.

+1 vote   download: Version 2.0 BETA
John_N447 Aug 10 2010, 6:20pm replied:

Think I'll do an English version too.
But that will happen some times after the german release or at the same time, since I have to reinstall the game in English to be able to do so.

+1 vote   article: Back and working
John_N447 Jul 6 2010, 6:29pm says:

to not make you think the StarDestroyer would be damaged in the beginning, thje smoking parts are just missing for an unknown reason in version 1.0.

+1 vote   media: How to attack an StarDestroyer
John_N447 Jul 5 2010, 3:15am replied:

well, you
Ich spreche mal deutsch, okay?
Also, wenn der Mod richtig installiert wurde, sioeht man das eigentlich NUR an den veränderungen Ingame und der Tatsache, dass man das LucasArts Video überspringen kann.
Ich werde sobald ich kann einen neuen Ladebildschirm machen, damit der Tausch ersichtlicher wird.

If you're speaking English...
Okay. My mod is a modifikation of the Vanilla EAW.
You can see changes ingame only.
One change is that you can SKIP both videos, the Petroglyph AND the LucasArts video when starting the game.

+1 vote   article: Need Backup!!
John_N447 Jun 29 2010, 5:37pm replied:

after having thought about it a second time, mabe I'll do some custom-models, but if they'll look better, that is the question...

+1 vote   mod: Empire at War - Fight for Freedom
John_N447 Jun 27 2010, 5:15am replied:

I think I won't.
I have no possibilities to do so.
But if you mean the video, I'll do a better one with next version.

+1 vote   mod: Empire at War - Fight for Freedom
John_N447 Jun 26 2010, 8:10am says:

Hi Leute

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