My names Jamie, but I prefer to be called SpooBoy. I play games, CSS and L4D2 mainly. I work for Opposing Forces 2 as their storyboard consultant, if you got any questions about the mod don't be shy to ask. Anyways if your looking at my profile I've either pissed you off or got your attention by pissing someone else off, please, comment.

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Spooboy Sep 7 2015 says:

I really like it, but I have some criticism. The red car really draws the eye because it's opposing the green/brown color of the for-ground. The second I loaded up the pic I saw the car first, and because of that there's something that makes this picture look 'weird'. I'm not saying it looks bad (because it's beautifully mapped), but there's an oddity to it. Judging from the picture alone (and assuming that the car doesn't move, or has importance) I'd say remove the car or change it's color to a something similar to the for-ground.

Now, if the car is supposed to draw the eye, then I'd say it's doing it's job well. And if that's the case it just look strange because this is a still image.

I was going to say that the yellow and white building have the same issue, but I'm going to assume it's just a matter of perspective. Still, I'd keep this into consideration. I don't want to tell you how to do your job, and am guessing you've already considered things like this. However, if not, it's food for thought. :)

Anyways, it looks really great (structurally). Keep up the great work!

EDIT: The white on green/brown for-ground actually does look strange. I'd argue that the grey wall is sorta white, but it's more like a dirty brown. The white next to the brown building isn't that big of a deal because it's not too eye-catching, but it looks a little weird with the bloom effect.

+3 votes   media: Canal
Spooboy Aug 6 2015 says:


+1 vote   media: The door
Spooboy Jul 29 2015 says:

An area map inside a game map. Props to you if you can figure out how to make a map inside of a map inside of a map.

+4 votes   media: Hammer Valley map
Spooboy Jul 23 2015 says:

Looks really nice! Nice job!

+3 votes   media: Ventilation
Spooboy Jul 20 2015 says:

I've been following this for a LONG time. It's sad to see TQFE get put on pause, but I'm excited for seeing more updates from battlescape. Good luck guys. It's funny to see all these games now a-days coming out using the 'fly from planet to space'formula. Actually, I've dubbed this the Infinity Effect.

+3 votes   game: Infinity: Battlescape
Spooboy Jul 15 2015 says:

Solid game-play, great direction. My only minor complaint (besides the already mentioned lack of detail) would be the part where you climb onto the catwalk from the elevator. Maybe just remove a section of the railing, because I can see somebody getting stuck on that part. The little box you climbed up on didn't look climbable, whereas every other climbable area had an opening/ledge. The area where you drop from the catwalk to the ladder is really well done, though. The blue tarp was a great prop piece for direction.

Anyways, it looked like a solid puzzle, and I'm almost a little peeved that you showed the solution. I would have loved to solve this! Maybe you guys should edit up your videos to leave out parts of the solution so the player who's already watched the video doesn't know how to get through.

+1 vote   media: Stormdrain Reserve
Spooboy Jul 11 2015 says:

Here's my quick thoughts on the mod.

The beginning chapter(s) were a little drawn out, but it all pulled together in the end - I don't really know how to swing on this issue. Honestly though, I think the tram segment should be radically shortened, and maybe the 'above ground' area as well. In my personal opinion, if it went for the ending cinematic, the game should have started in the salt mines (with the tram connecting directly to the above offices).

Also, the topside to salt mine elevator was just way to long. I get it's purpose, and it was very cool... but the same effect could have been achieved with a break of vision and loading time; upon the load, it would only be roughly 30 seconds until it touches down on the ground.

In some areas there was a severe lack of direction. I find that some of the 'easier' tests were actually harder then more complex ones because a small detail was missed (the one with the dripping blue gel behind the deadly laser grid comes to mind). The ending chapters actually had some really good direction, and although the tests were difficult, the direct eventually lead to a solution.

In some tests, the solution involved things that hadn't previously been displayed. I could name a few, but one in particular involved throwing a cube into the air and using a light bridge to catch it. It was actually pretty difficult.

Other tests could be solved by cheating. In the rundown test chambers, there's a test involving jump gel and light bridges. If you spam the floor with blue gel you can pass the test with only 2 portals. Also, because of a lack of direction I was forced to cheat on some chambers.

Anyways, I really liked the mod. It was one of the best portal 2 mods released so far and I'm grateful for having gotten to play it!

EDIT: I wanted to add that if portals are placed in the correct places in specific timed areas (and the correct sequence), fizzlers can be bypassed and the puzzle can be passed in a variety of ways. Again, when the solution is not apparent with direction, sometimes this is the only way to solve a test. Because of this, tests become very hard and drawn out. Please consider revising the direction of your mod with an update.

+2 votes   news: Portal Stories: Mel has been released!
Spooboy Jun 30 2015 replied:

By commodities do you mean beer? Because I really hope you mean beer.

+2 votes   media: INFRA: Forest Gameplay
Spooboy Jun 25 2015 says:

I keep trying to get this mod off of steam, but steam isn't allowing me to install. It says I have to buy it for $0.00 dollars, which is causing problems when I go to pay. It's just giving me an error.

I already own and have portal 2 installed on my computer. Anyone encountering this problem?

+2 votes   mod: Portal Stories : Mel
Spooboy Jun 25 2015 says:

I'd absolutely love to donate to you guys, but the sad truth is that I'm struggling financially. I can give you some views, though!

+3 votes   news: Campaign update
Spooboy Jun 24 2015 replied:

But does it feel like bags of sand?

+2 votes   media: The decision
Spooboy Jun 8 2015 says:

Hello, again!

I have a question regarding this section. Now, I'm going to assume that the cube is only used in the video to display some of the portal guns new effects, but if not I have a minor complaint.

Like the last time I posted something, there appears to be a problem regarding progression. If the cube needed for this BTS section were to fall over the ledge/drop, then what happens next? Would you automatically fail and be forced to reload a save, or would you be given an additional cube?

Again, I understand that this is most likely a demonstration - based on the fact that the gun was sitting on the cube. However if not it would be a real pain.

And, as always, this looks absolutely beautiful. There are few portal 2 mods that I actually take interest in these days, but this is one of them. Best of luck!

+1 vote   media: AQTD IV #2
Spooboy Jun 8 2015 says:

When I view original there's this weird little logo between the middle of the image, and the bottom.

Am I going crazy?

As always, good work!

+1 vote   media: Unfinished drainage pump pit
Spooboy May 28 2015 says:

Brace yourselves,

Indiegogo campaign is coming.

+4 votes   news: Devblog #52
Spooboy May 13 2015 replied:

My mistake.

+1 vote   media: The infamous drawbridge
Spooboy May 13 2015 says:

Looks great!

+3 votes   media: It's a freaking minitrain!
Spooboy May 3 2015 says:

Every single pic gets me more and more hyped for the mod. Cannot wait.

+3 votes   media: The infamous drawbridge
Spooboy Apr 23 2015 says:

Hey man! I'm so happy I found this little known mod. It's great! Saw the news article and the reddit post, and I gotta say you have some serious talent!

+1 vote   download: Transmissions - Element 120 1.05
Spooboy Jan 31 2015 says:

This has professional written all over it. Beautifully done guys.

+3 votes   media: Portal Stories: Mel Trailer
Spooboy Jan 22 2015 replied:

EDIT: I'm a *******... apologizes Goldeneye team.

+1 vote   media: Archives Classic
Spooboy Jan 20 2015 says:

Okay, guys please don't take this the wrong way. I've followed this mod for quite some time now, years (almost from the start). I've patiently sat and followed the developments, read the articles and got hyped up whenever a map was updated or released. A while back everything got a nice polish on it and maps like silo and casino were top notch awesome. Then I look at this map. It's boring. In fact it's ugly. Yes, I understand that the original game was like this, too, but that's not an excuses. There's so much that you could add while keeping the flow similar. At the end of the day, it's your mod, and your assets, I'm just one person saying it'd be nice to have a better looking archives (and library).

+1 vote   media: Archives Classic
Spooboy Jan 2 2015 says:

Hype train! choo choo mother *******!

0 votes   mod: Black Mesa
Spooboy Jan 1 2015 says:

Yinz guys got a problem with that?

+1 vote   media: Media Update!
Spooboy Jan 1 2015 says:

Not digging the big cylinder brushes. Might just be the angle, though.

+1 vote   media: Media Update!
Spooboy Dec 20 2014 says:

Holy ****! The voice acting was amazing! I almost wish the entire trailer was done with the POV narration, because those sequences were bad-***. Still though, this is - and I say this confidently - the best trailer for a mod I've ever seen.

Good job guys!

+3 votes   media: Alchemilla Trailer
Spooboy Dec 20 2014 says:

Really well done. You guys rock!

+2 votes   media: City streets
Spooboy Dec 6 2014 replied:

I wholeheartedly agree. From the images and videos I've seen so far this music is a perfect fit.

+3 votes   news: Devblog #43
Spooboy Dec 6 2014 says:

Wow! I love it!

+2 votes   media: Main menu
Spooboy Dec 2 2014 says:

Looks great!

+7 votes   media: Dev Screenshots
Spooboy Nov 30 2014 says:

Wow this is beautiful!

Edit: Or should I have said "No trained architect would put a (insert stupid thing) here"

+2 votes   media: Office Complex - c1a2
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