What is Battlescape?

Infinity: Battlescape is a multiplayer space sim spanning a single true to scale star system filled with dozens of planets and moons. Hundreds of players spanning up to 3 powerful corporations of the Starfold Confederacy will fight to win control of the system. The primary goal will be to capture or destroy your enemies infrastructure through a combination of the orbital bombardment capabilities of capital ships and small spacecraft including bombers, interceptors, and corvettes.

“We're working to recreate the epic space battles seen in popular movies and TV series such as Star Wars, Serenity, and Battlestar: Galactica. Combined with our ability to handle seamless planetary transitions and our focus on perfecting space combat, we're going to create a well polished experience that really distinguises itself from other space games. Our technology by itself provides an unforgettable experience and the media that have received the prototype have spent entire days just flying around and exploring”

-Keith Newton, CEO & Cofounder (80.lv Interview)

A match begins with each team being allocated some combination of space stations, planetary bases, factories, and AI controlled defense turrets. Each player will start with a moderate amount of credits with which they can upgrade or customize their ship and equipment, or acquire new ships.

Every couple of minutes a factory spawns a cargo ship which will transfer raw materials to the nearest space station or planetary base for processing into credits. These credits are split evenly among the members of the team however if the cargo ship is destroyed its owners lose the credits. Players are able to donate credits to other members of their team so that they can pool resources.

Light to Medium Spacecraft

Small ships with first-person, twitch based Newtonian controls will provide players with high speed dogfights inspired by those seen in sci-fi film and television. We've implemented a flight model that makes each planet a unique experience based on drag, thrust to weight ratio, atmospheric density, and turbulence.

  • Interceptors - Your standard fast, sleek, highly maneuverable killing machine. They are primarily designed for destroying enemy light spacecraft.
  • Fighters - Similar to interceptors, fighters are relatively fast and maneuverable however they also provide a limited ability to attack infrastructure. This ship will only be available if we reach our $500k stretch goal.
  • Bombers - Larger and less maneuverable than fighters with limited defensive capability. A handful of bombers can cause serious damage to enemy capital ships and infrastructure.
  • Corvettes - The tanks of space combat. Corvettes come armed with independently targeting turrets allowing a 360 degree arc of fire. While they don't pack the long-range punch of a bomber, a group of them can easily take out weaker capital ships.

Capital Starships

Capital ships are the backbone of a fleet and will be controlled in the 3rd person, providing a unique perspective of the unfolding battle. Individual weapons can independently target or be focused on a single enemy depending on field of view. There are three types of capital ship within Battlescape, each filling a specialized role:

  • Destroyers - The smallest and most maneuverable of the capital ships - destroyers are densely fitted with light weaponry to protect their larger brethren from swarms of fighters and bombers.
  • Cruisers - Heavy weapons platforms capable of reducing enemy infrastructure and capital ships to rubble within minutes. Despite their awesome power they are particularly vulnerable against bombers fitted with long range weaponry.
  • Carriers - Mobile spawn points capable of launching, refueling, and refitting small to medium spacecraft. A carrier has a finite number of spawnable ships however its squadrons can be replenished at a space station or base. With a limited number of light defensive weapons a carrier is particularly vulnerable once its squadrons have been destroyed.

Ship Customization

A hardpoint system allows for weapon customization. Choose from an array of weapon types including kinetic projectiles, energy based lasers, and missiles. You may also configure ship sub-systems such as radar, propulsion, and shields.

The I-Novae Engine

When we originally set out to build a space game we came to the conclusion that there wasn't any technology available that would allow us to realize our vision of a seamless transition from the surface of one planet to another without loading screens. We hate loading screens and, as life long space game enthusiasts, we resolved to build the technology to accomplish this ourselves. The fruit of that labor is the I-Novae Engine - a revolutionary new game engine capable of bringing you gameplay unlike anything you've ever experienced before.

To support our project, and gain access to the alpha or beta releases, you can pledge directly by creating an account on our website. InovaeStudios.com

Or follow us on social media ;) Twitter Facebook

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Weekly Update #83



Hey everybody, Flavien here, taking stead of Keith for the weekly update as he’s busy with the arrival of his first child.

As you know, we’ve been busy working on the next major patch for quite a while now. I’m happy to report that progress has been going pretty smoothly recently and that we’re seeing light at the end of the tunnel. This new version has taken a lot of development time, but includes some pretty heavy and fundamental architectural changes, especially in terms of networking, which will allow us to scale up to these hundreds-of-ships-at-once battles. In terms of gameplay it’s still pretty bare-bones, but we should be in a good state to iterate quickly towards an alpha release at the end of the year.

Battle test in atmosphere

For now, ETA for this new patch for dev-tier / stellar+ level backers is some time around next week. Planetary physics collisions is almost resolved ( I still need to implement some server-side code and do some stress test, but the algorithm is already functional ) but we’ll need a few additional days to implement some missing features and do a polish / bug fixes pass ( for instance I need to rework atmospheric flight mechanics and add back some thruster sound effects ). Keith has also recently been upgrading the website and installer dependencies.

External view can now be rotated around the ship

The art team has also started to gear up for the next patch, that will include a first basic version of capital ships ( with placeholder art and control scheme ). Some assets that have been in the works in the past months are being integrated into the project, including the new space station, factory and military base pieces.

Flying a Destroyer around a planet

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for more information about the new patch next week. I’ll probably do a streaming session as soon as it’s out, assuming the server is stable. See you !


Weekly Update #82

Weekly Update #82

News 3 comments

An internal Dev only playtest ahead of the next patch release, bug fixes, gameplay implementation, and some hard results in this weeks update!

Weekly Update #81

Weekly Update #81


Hundreds of ships in game, flying about, all firing their weapons at the same time... what a test!

Weekly Update #80: 400 Player Simulation!

Weekly Update #80: 400 Player Simulation!


Flavien teases some screenshots of a simulated 400 player battle. Time spent on critical engine features is beginning to pay off big as we near our next...

Weekly Update #79

Weekly Update #79


A smaller than usual report on our current activity. Keeping everyone up to date on our status.

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Are you in need of volunteer alpha/beta testers?

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InfinityDevs Creator

In order to finance our dreams, we've limited alpha/beta testoing to our backers on Kickstarter and IndieGoGo.

Our DevTier backers already have access to the prototype, with alpha access in the future.

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Infinity: Battlescape looks really cool and I also very much appreciate the amount of information found on your Kickstarter site as well as how honest you are there.

Basically the only problem I have is your statement about VR support. By now at least for me VR support is simply basic requirement in a space game. It's somewhat frustrating for me as well, but since I've started using the Rift DK2 in November 2011 I can't even enthusiastically yawn at non-VR space games (including Elite Dangerous on a conventional monitor) ... and I still wanted to play a few games in my favorite genre, which I now apparently cannot ever again do. (And that's something I say even after an entire year and extensive gaming breaks caused by important exams ... so it's no initial hype anymore.)

So looking at your official statement regarding VR support:

"(...)which is why we aren't making any promise at this stage.
As VR enthusiasts ourselves this is definitely something we will try to add on our own, especially if we are able to hit our higher stretch goals."

Well, if I was in a 'very' comfortable situation financially and could just go ahead and bet 20 or 50 US$ on a Kickstarter campaign that potentially (worst case though) could end up as nothing at all even if it financially succeeds and reaches all stretch goals I might even back it, but I'm not. I don't have to worry about my food right now, but ... well ... without at least a VERY clear dedication for VR support I just can't. :/ (And even if it ended up becoming the best space game in every single regard ... it would still be a "nothing" to me without VR support ... that's how essential it has become. :/ )

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

But, you do realize, how little percentage of gamers in the world have those expensive VR headsets? So, you see, when I find a new game, first what I check that it is NOT VR-only. I am not flaming or anything bad. I am just saying, most of the world is non-VR.

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best luck to I-novae engine and team, starting small is something many of us fans wished for since 2007-2010 ;)

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INtense! Staff

couldn't agree more

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They are launching their Kickstarter for Infinity:Battlescape on the 21st!!!

Video: Youtu.be
Images: Goo.gl
More info: Goo.gl
Countdown: Inovaestudios.com

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Hello, my name is Tim Kristiansen.
I was wondering if you're looking for a music producer/sound designer for your game.
I have previously made the music and effects for 'Robototics' which became a featured app/game on appstore.
If you're interested, I'd really appreciate it if you contact me back. Thank you :)

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InfinityDevs Creator

Apologies, we already have a dedicated sound designer and musician on the team. But that you for the offer. Cheers!

Reply Good karma+3 votes

Sounds interesting :v

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