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Spart117MC Sep 11 2014, 6:47am replied:

Or have a warp core breach every five minutes.

+3 votes     media: Limping home
Spart117MC Aug 23 2014, 9:07am replied:

"We are the Borg. Lower your shields and surrender your ships. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile."

+2 votes     media: New Bird of prey models
Spart117MC Jun 13 2014, 3:47pm replied:

Babylon 5?

+7 votes     media: New fighter sounds
Spart117MC May 1 2014, 1:13am replied:

Little known fact, Geth use monocles.

+9 votes     media: Batarian Dreadnought
Spart117MC Apr 7 2014, 10:18am replied:

Listen to The Sisko.

+2 votes     media: Monac-class Spacedock
Spart117MC Mar 28 2014, 7:41pm replied:

"This is Earth Alliance Squadron Black Omega to stolen transport. You are ordered to surrender and prepare to be boarded."

Wait a minute...

+5 votes     media: Fighter enhancements
Spart117MC Mar 27 2014, 2:23am says:

Will the Maquis eventually get their own unique starships?

+1 vote     mod: Star Trek: Armada 3
Spart117MC Mar 22 2014, 2:47am says:

That looks amazing. If you don't intend to use this in the main game would you mind releasing it later as an optional option for people to use?

+1 vote     media: Testing debris for fighters
Spart117MC Mar 8 2014, 2:36pm says:

Thanks for throwing me an invite! :)

+1 vote     group: Fallout Fan Group
Spart117MC Feb 11 2014, 8:28pm says:

Am I the only one who kinda wants to see a Nor-type station refit to DS9 levels of awesome and take on an entire Klingon fleet?

+5 votes     media: For Cardassia!!
Spart117MC Dec 15 2013, 6:09pm replied:

"It's been a long road, getting from there to here..."

+2 votes     download: Sins of the Prophets Rebellion ONLY Alpha
Spart117MC Dec 12 2013, 2:45pm replied:

You're too kind.

+8 votes     media: Livestreamed Event Tomorrow
Spart117MC Dec 12 2013, 3:46am replied:

More along the lines of the magic war bus.

+1 vote     media: Battle Bus
Spart117MC Sep 30 2013, 3:30pm replied:

"This is the captain speaking, all personnel prepare for drop. We are at T-minus three and counting."

+11 votes     media: Rebellion 1.79's Shader Update
Spart117MC Sep 22 2013, 11:19pm replied:

"First echelon, you're with me. Blanket those cruisers. Take 'em out one by one. Second echelon, keep those carriers busy."

+6 votes     media: New ship icons in game
Spart117MC May 4 2013, 3:38pm replied:

Dear mother of god...

+3 votes     media: Taiidan Ion Frigate
Spart117MC Apr 16 2013, 2:42am replied:

It is a Timber Wolf, the pinnacle of weapons technology, though I doubt a freeborn such as yourself would recognize it as such.

Down with the Inner Sphere.

+11 votes     media: April Update
Spart117MC Mar 21 2013, 7:39pm replied:

Sooo... not Craigslist?

+2 votes     media: Geth Dreadnought: Continued
Spart117MC Mar 21 2013, 7:38pm replied:

It's utilitarian because it's essentially a scaled up version of just about everything else they build (including that one ground vehicle from ME3). Whereas other races have to design everything for larger vessels the geth only have scale things up linearly, for the most part, and simplify the process thus cutting back on time and resources required.

Also this may not have been taken into account when the devs thought up the geth craft but they actually look to be more thought out than those of other races; I mean this only from an armor standpoint. One of the greatest innovations in the past century in mechanized warfare has been sloped armor, its advantage being that a tank needs less armor to neutralize an incoming shell than say if the armor was set vertically. In space there is no way to have sloped armor, at least in the classical sense, work because an enemy can essentially attack from any angle. In fact the only way to have any defense similar to sloped armor is to make a ship into a sphere. While they are not spheres, geth craft are the most curved vessels in the game, and have better chances of surviving mass effect fire that pass through their kinetic barriers.

Of course all this could just also be me talking out of my ***.

+3 votes     media: Geth Dreadnought: Continued
Spart117MC Mar 12 2013, 6:41pm says:

Awesome, as always, but what's with that weird shadow striping, or is that just me?

+1 vote     media: Volus Dread: V2 Rebellion
Spart117MC Mar 11 2013, 8:21pm replied:

Does this mean that you'll be remodeling the turian frigate as well?

+1 vote     media: Volus Dread: V2 Model
Spart117MC Mar 6 2013, 10:44pm replied:

*Takes a step back*

+7 votes     media: Geth Dread
Spart117MC Mar 6 2013, 9:36pm replied:

You forgot the smartass pilot, quirky mechanic, old war buddy, not so smart but loyal muscle, respectable individual, doc who's on the run with his skitzo sister, and mysterious preacher.

"Burn the land and boil the sea, you can't take the sky from me."

+19 votes     media: Wrath of the Reapers
Spart117MC Mar 2 2013, 11:49pm replied:

They should have disruptor torpedoes.

+1 vote     media: Cerberus Frigate: Redesign
Spart117MC Jan 14 2013, 1:55am says:

It's like Star Trek, but without that pesky Prime Directive, so it's much better!

+4 votes     media: New lights: Thanks EO
Spart117MC Dec 31 2012, 8:45am replied:

Or it could be possible to have the trade ports have multiple types of trade ships, each spawning several small ones that carry a small amount of credits but move quickly and one or two large ones that carry large bulks but move slowly.

+3 votes     media: Iteron Mk1
Spart117MC Dec 6 2012, 9:04pm says:

Yes! Tail fins! This mod is perfect now.

+1 vote     media: Systems Alliance Cruiser: Skinned
Spart117MC Oct 7 2012, 10:08pm replied:

Ahem, actually the block design makes more sense.

Its stated in the Codex that most vessels (mainly those that are not intended for atmospheric maneuvering) have decks, which I quote, are "perpendicular to their thrust axis." This means that for those standing on a deck their feet are directed to the ship's engines and their heads to the front of the ship.

For a design like this it makes more sense for a ship to be block like as it makes placing systems, corridors, and so forth much more easier not to mention it would be far more easier and cheaper to construct.

The classic Alliance design seems to be a bit ridiculous when this is taken into account.

+5 votes     media: Possible Cerberus Dread
Spart117MC Oct 7 2012, 7:24pm says:

I prefer the old, it gave more variety to the Cerberus Fleet.

+4 votes     media: Possible Cerberus Dread
Spart117MC Oct 7 2012, 1:48am replied:

Ah... damn me...

+1 vote     media: Cerberus Cruiser Redux
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