I am a modder for the Source Engine, the Goldsource Engine, and the Crysis Engine. I am primarily a Level Designer and a World Creator. I have been working with the Hammer World Editor for nearly six years and have since then learned a lot about the Source Engine. On top of my Mapping skills, I am learning to Model for the Source Engine using the Autodesk 3Ds Max 2012 software. Besides those, I am an artist, Musician, and a lover of Video Games.

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SourHyperion1 Aug 19 2014 says:

I'd just like to say as someone who tried to bring Halo to Source, best of luck. It'll be a challenge and life will get in the way, but I hope you guys can succeed where I failed (To anyone who followed that mess, I'm sorry).

SourHyperion1 Apr 6 2014 replied:

I really, really hope you understand that SOCOM stands for Special Operations Command and that they supervise Special Operators, and that they themselves are not a field unit. USSOCOM watches over joint operations between various branches of the military (SEALs working with Rangers, Force Recon working with DEVGRU, etc.). H&K designed the pistol for units operating under SOCOM, not for administrators. I'd also like to add that most special operators prefer the SIG Sauer P226 over the Mk23 so even then, units operating under USSOCOM don't really use it that much.

+3 votes   media: New SOCOM by Alexander Voysey
SourHyperion1 Feb 19 2014 says:

Can I ask why you have a picture of dual HK USP Matches when the picture is titled Glock & .357?

+3 votes   media: Akimbo USP&.357
SourHyperion1 May 16 2013 says:

I love how your screenshot has missing textures. It shows you really put a lot of effort into your mapping. Those textures are also top notch. Now, why don't you run along and learn how to make something that is actually good looking.

+2 votes   download: blackmesa source Traing room s
SourHyperion1 Apr 17 2013 says:

I would love to get into working on mutliplayer, sadly I am so loaded with work these days it would be nearly impossible. I'll keep tabs on this, though. If you guys still need a mapper for multiplayer when things quiet down, maybe I'll join in.

+1 vote   news: Join the team!
SourHyperion1 Apr 17 2013 says:

Reminds me of Trigun. That is one fine looking revolver, though.

+2 votes   media: DSOS Revolver
SourHyperion1 Apr 11 2013 says:

Reminds me of Far Cry 3, except grittier... and less full of mushrooms.

+1 vote   media: Beach Cave
SourHyperion1 Mar 17 2013 says:

Gah. I can't get it to start. It shows the splash screen and then crashes. Any suggestions?

+1 vote   mod: sproyd's SweetFX Graphical Enhancement Config
SourHyperion1 Mar 17 2013 says:

Tried to use this and it doesn't work. FC2 crashes on startup.

+1 vote   download: GES
SourHyperion1 Mar 8 2013 says:

Filter Rape?

+1 vote   media: "I'm not finished yet!"
SourHyperion1 Mar 3 2013 replied:

Hello, as in the greeting. For example, "Hello, Sir, this model is a fine piece of work." I believe what he is trying to say is this model is very reminiscent of the creatures found in STALKER.

+1 vote   media: Zombie boss
SourHyperion1 Feb 22 2013 says:

That view model...

+3 votes   media: Aztec map UPDATE
SourHyperion1 Feb 18 2013 replied:

This is running UT3's engine. You know, the engine that powers games like Batman Arkham Asylum/City, Splinter Cell Conviction, Dead Space, etc. This engine is still pretty powerful, even if it is a few years old.

+1 vote   news: Aliens KF 1.2 Added to ModDB
SourHyperion1 Feb 18 2013 replied:

I don't understand the problem you're having. My computer is a piece of crap compared to yours and it runs it just fine. I haven't had the low-res texture issue at all. The only issue I've had is on the first mission I went into a corner and the whole game when down to 1 fps, textures were loaded, but it just got real laggy and wouldn't stop.

+1 vote   news: RAGE Tool Kit Available Today on Steam
SourHyperion1 Jan 21 2013 replied:

Doom 3 BFG Edition doesn't support mods. If you want to play Doom 3 mods, you're going to have to buy regular old Doom 3.

+2 votes   mod: Doom 3 RPG 2013
SourHyperion1 Dec 29 2012 says:

Glad to see we're all speaking english here.

+2 votes   news: What is this?
SourHyperion1 Dec 21 2012 replied:

It was more of:
Mayan #1: What is that strange noise outside?
Mayan #2: I don't know sort of sounds like-
Mayan #3: INVADERS! (The Spanish)

+6 votes   media: End of The world? No thanks!
SourHyperion1 Dec 19 2012 says:

For those of you questioning whether to buy it or not, here are some details that will help you with your choice.

WarZ is a fairly simple game that will seem fairly daunting on your first day. In the beginning it is a struggle to find food, medicine, water, and weapons. It is a rather interesting game, but finding stuff takes a while and can get annoying. The major problem with looking for items, however, is that zombies horde around wherever items hide. You need to be patient and careful. Death will result in a long wait to come back. Zombies are also a pain mainly because they can run slightly faster than you, have unlimited stamina, and when you have no weapons all you can do is run. I highly recommend finding a friend to play with while you're there. I personally have only had one encounter with someone killing me for no good reason, but aside from that my other deaths have been from exploring towns. I recommend this to someone willing to spend a game that is worth 14 dollars on steam. Do not buy this, however, if you are expecting guns instantly and zombies everywhere. You will be let down immediately. I personally think this game will improve over time as I grow in it, and the developers work out the bugs.

+1 vote   game: Infestation: Survivor Stories
SourHyperion1 Dec 6 2012 says:

I would mess with the hand textures, too. They look very manly. Otherwise, the tie would give them uniformity, but without actually looks okay.

+1 vote   media: Security...Meh
SourHyperion1 Dec 6 2012 says:

Uh, well the textures on the helicopter look really bad and the map's rock textures are horrible because they are not even close to seamless.

+2 votes   media: Redemption AH-1S
SourHyperion1 Oct 30 2012 says:

Far Cry 2?

+2 votes   media: New Maps for next patch
SourHyperion1 Sep 16 2012 says:

Looks a lot like the Normandy SR2

+12 votes   media: Apex Studios Update 16/09/2012
SourHyperion1 Sep 15 2012 says:

Played up to Blast Pit. Simply amazing. It was worth all of the delays and years of waiting. Congratulations on making a spectacular mod, gentlemen and ladies.

+3 votes   mod: Black Mesa
SourHyperion1 Sep 15 2012 replied:

Depends on your point of view. Crysis is a better looking engine, yes. But the Source engine is a lot more mod friendly.

+2 votes   news: The Mutant Factor removed from Greenlight!
SourHyperion1 Sep 5 2012 says:

Nice job decompiling a map. I'm guessing you are new to the mapping community so I'll let you in on a tip. Editing other peoples work is frowned upon. You need permission to give out someone's hard work. It's flattering in a sense, yes, but if you want an RP map go hire somebody to do it or learn to map yourself. Stealing isn't going to work, though.

0 votes   download: gm_mobenix_v3_final.vmf
SourHyperion1 Sep 3 2012 says:

Can't help but think of this song:
Looking forward to playing the mod and good luck with Xen and BMDM.

+1 vote   news: Community Update!
SourHyperion1 Aug 30 2012 says:

SCP-087 Source.

0 votes   media: Stairwell
SourHyperion1 Aug 25 2012 says:

That looks pretty good ,guys. Keep it up.

+1 vote   media: CyberAscidian - WIP
SourHyperion1 Jul 27 2012 says:

Wait a second. So your main character's name is Aleksey Son of Bogdan? In russian the -ovich means son of *Father's Name* I don't believe Bogdan is a name either. Mod sounds interesting, but you might want to fix that.

+3 votes   mod: Half-Life 2: The Beginning
SourHyperion1 Jul 27 2012 says:


+1 vote   media: Boss fighting
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