An aspiring developer, I wish to make my own mod. I've learned the basics of map making for Source Engine and I am starting to learn C++ for coding.

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smiffeh Jul 3 2011 says:

I'm going to personally admit that I have gotten a bit impatient and I've made some minor remarks about being impatient, but I think that if you are going to make something truly great, then don't bother with setting a release date or whatever. The progress bar notion is nice, but you can see it invokes rage in those who cannot control themselves. By seeing the progress bar not move for weeks at a time, it makes me a bit anxious that development has stopped, but I don't post angry remarks about when it's going to be done. I love the work that's been done, and I love this mod team. But seeing the community deal nasty, impatience-induced rage-filled comments seriously makes me question the amount of support people can get nowadays. RuMpel, take all the time you need. I'll be waiting somewhat impatiently, but I'll be excited when it is released. In the meantime unlike other ********* I won't be making retarded-as-**** troll comments on when it's going to be released. I've kept silent for quite some time, but the **** I see is ridiculous. You have my full support on this decision. Those comments are way more than unnecessary.

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smiffeh Apr 9 2011 replied:

There was a server that hosted a co-op AOM:DC. The host's name was Coccyx. The server was okay overall, but the bad part was that there was a lot of client-side crashing due to what I believe was sound errors.

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smiffeh Apr 9 2011 replied:

The guy's name was Coccyx (the Gay Skeleton, which was seriously his name). I don't know how he did it, I just know that the server he ran crashed a lot of clients due to sound errors.

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smiffeh Feb 12 2011 says:

I laugh at how console games are going up in price, and most PC games are still sitting comfortably in the $10 - $50 range. But of course that'll go up with time. The only time I really buy games is during the massive Christmas sales everyone has. You just can't argue with 75% off of a $50 game.

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smiffeh Dec 28 2010 says:

I must say that this is looking absolutely excellent. You are really giving the engine a nice fine-tuning.
Now...about those weapon models... Are they going to be improved upon, because I would personally love that. It seems that Crytek puts too much emphasis on an environment that looks absolutely beautiful and may overlook the quality on other things. Like the weapon models.

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smiffeh Dec 24 2010 says:

> 0:45
I want my feet?

I'm sure I'll understand it when I play it.

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smiffeh Nov 30 2010 replied:

Well, sorry.

Even as an animation, that's really good.
It looks like the weapon motions are fluid and not locked in (ie. the camera moves without the weapon following suit.)

Will there be tips throughout the game like the ones in this video or is that just captioning?
(I'm talking about the "Looks like this wall can be broken." Sorry no audio, sound card drivers are kind of screwed right now)

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smiffeh Nov 30 2010 says:

That right there is epic. I cannot wait.

Are the bricks rolling around just an animation, or will there be a serious business physics engine? Either way, it looks really badass.

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smiffeh Aug 13 2010 says:

So how many weapons does this add? First chance I get, I'll download this and test it out. I've been away from my gaming rig for too long.

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smiffeh Aug 13 2010 replied:

Motion blur? That's pretty badass. I absolutely cannot wait to see what little goodies you guys have added to spruce up the game.

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smiffeh Jun 16 2010 says:

This looks absolutely amazing. I am starting to get a little impatient waiting for the release. With the visual improvements, I can't wait to be scared shitless again.

The only question I have is this: Why have you guys not considered making something for the Source engine? Is it a matter of being too complicated or do you just like using the GoldSource engine?

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smiffeh Nov 25 2009 says:

Usually, I ignore it. But when it really irritates me, I start problem searching. If I can't find a fix, I'll uninstall it for a while, delete the old caches and directories, then reinstall it some time later.

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smiffeh Sep 26 2009 says:

The game looks excellent.
Interesting addition with the equipment management system.
It's a bit like Resident Evil 4/5.

Also, the textures look extremely nice, especially for Half life 1.

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