About me? Just an airborne veteran who likes mods I guess. I play lotta Heroes & Generals.

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1US_Shermanator-87 Feb 24 2015, 1:01pm says:

My line infantry get murdered by cav no matter what I do.

0 votes   mod: L'Aigle
1US_Shermanator-87 Jan 30 2015, 4:07pm says:

I am getting that one too.

+1 vote   mod: Red Rising Modification
1US_Shermanator-87 Jan 30 2015, 2:31pm says:

A friend and myself have come across the issue of our mods constantly being out of sync. We have both tried multiple installations and installed the mods the same way and the way it is supposed to be installed with it's fixes.

+1 vote   mod: Red Rising Modification
1US_Shermanator-87 Sep 28 2014, 7:15pm says:

I love this mod to death but there are some serious issues with it's amount of realism, a German rocket from a nebelwerfer landed somewhere around 30 meters away from one of my AT guns and caused it to explode. Infantry combat seems a bit off as well, I used 17th SS Panzergrenadiers against US Airborne and they stood absolutely zero chance.

+1 vote   mod: Normandy 1944: European Theater
1US_Shermanator-87 Aug 30 2014, 1:45pm says:

Me and a friend of mine are having some issues with multiplayer. Playing 1v1, sometimes it crashes, alright that's fine. But, when we do a 2v2 or more his game (as host) crashes either at the start or a little while into the game, any answers?

+2 votes   mod: Normandy 1944: European Theater
1US_Shermanator-87 Dec 11 2013, 4:49pm says:

Ya'll need to update this to warband 1.158! It looks so fun!

+3 votes   mod: Warband Enhanced
1US_Shermanator-87 May 21 2013, 10:39pm says:

If you're lookin for a great realism unit, try the 28th Jagerdivision! Were an outstandingly fun clan with great members, good tactics, custom maps and skins, and much Much more!! Try us at: 28jagerdivisionhq.enjin.com For recruited by, you can put Wolff or Shermanator if you really want, it'd help me, but it makes no difference, im just really looking to help this greta clan grow and succeed! Hope to see you there!!

+3 votes   mod: Invasion 1944
1US_Shermanator-87 Apr 27 2013, 9:55pm says:

I would trade sexual favors for a release within this year. Haha jk, take your time and, it's already on the top of my watch-list. I really appreciate all the work you have put into this, it's outstanding! To me, it seems this mod is worth more than the game itself! Keep doin your thing man, because this is more than a mod it's a piece of gamer-art and you amount of pride you should feel is mind-blowing! Great job, 1000/10 from this paratrooper!

+2 votes   news: Artillery In Singleplayer
1US_Shermanator-87 Mar 30 2013, 6:13pm says:

...The guys 5 O'clock shadow...? Or stubble, or whatever you want to call it?

+3 votes   media: Marching Past Old Friends
1US_Shermanator-87 Dec 27 2012, 1:53am says:

So just had a quick question, are you guys back in development or no?

+2 votes   mod: MERP | Middle Earth Roleplaying Project
1US_Shermanator-87 Dec 26 2012, 12:55am replied:

Very sad battle. There's a reason poppies are used as a sign as respect for passed servicemen, i'm glad the most spiritual part of the picture took time as the picture is very well done. Great job, love the mod!

+1 vote   media: Launcher Background
1US_Shermanator-87 Dec 22 2012, 11:34pm says:

"In Flanders Fields, where the poppies blow"

+1 vote   media: Launcher Background
1US_Shermanator-87 Dec 21 2012, 10:05am says:

Oh and another thing, when you shoot you're sposed to keep you're elbow down, just lettin ya'll know! Looks great though! Scaling could use some work maybe, the Thompson seems a tad too small but the enfield is definitely too small.

+3 votes   news: A Christmas Treat
1US_Shermanator-87 Nov 29 2012, 5:17pm says:

It wasn't a bomber, pretty sure it's a cargo plane.

+1 vote   media: Ил76
1US_Shermanator-87 Nov 17 2012, 7:44pm says:

Also, the equipment F.E. belts, mag pouches, backpacks, canteens etc etc is known as ALICE just Google ALICE equipment and you'll find it.

+1 vote   media: Player Model USA
1US_Shermanator-87 Oct 20 2012, 2:23pm says:

Oh my god that's ******' awesome!!

+8 votes   media: You're next!
1US_Shermanator-87 Oct 18 2012, 8:19am says:

Looks great! Although I will say, when the US soldiers wore this camo pattern they didn't have helmet covers, only the Marines had covers. Army guys just got the standard green-painted M1 ****-pot. So if you're goin for realism there ya go! :) Can't wait, gonna love this mod!

+1 vote   media: American 2nd Armored Division Mechanized Infantry
1US_Shermanator-87 Oct 18 2012, 8:16am says:

Looks good but the green seems a bit out of place to me.

+6 votes   media: New SS Skins
1US_Shermanator-87 Sep 30 2012, 12:02am says:

Thats awesome!

+13 votes   media: French Year XI 12-pounder
1US_Shermanator-87 Sep 29 2012, 9:37pm replied:

I disagree but I don't want to start an argument lol. :) Anyways, you're right. Their berets are a light blueish color.

0 votes   media: VDV - Operative
1US_Shermanator-87 Sep 24 2012, 8:24am says:

Take you're time brother, the quality of these units is amazing, simply outstanding. This will most likely be one of the greatest mods ever made for M&B so please, take you're time! :)

+10 votes   news: Celebrating 500 Watchers with Russian Cavalry
1US_Shermanator-87 Sep 23 2012, 8:47pm says:

Haha yeah it's pretty funny the things people would give us, where'd you do ROTC at warmonger? I did mine at Iowa.

+2 votes   media: Infantry On Their Way
1US_Shermanator-87 Sep 23 2012, 8:01pm says:

Ahhh, I love it! Very well done!

+2 votes   media: M1910 Maxim
1US_Shermanator-87 Sep 23 2012, 2:33pm says:

Sweet Jesus man, keep ******* awesomeness!

+4 votes   media: Russian Cavalry
1US_Shermanator-87 Sep 22 2012, 9:38pm says:

I agree with mr.nuke, during Vietnam they used green camouflaged helmet covers.

+3 votes   media: Player Model USA
1US_Shermanator-87 Sep 22 2012, 9:34pm says:

Sooo ya know whatd be amazing? If a three man team carried that M1919A4 but couldnt shoot until they were set up on the tri-pod, hopefully you guys will make my dream come true! Hahaha!

+5 votes   media: M1919A4 lmg & M1919A6 lmg
1US_Shermanator-87 Sep 14 2012, 7:06am says:

Oh Donder, you continue to be everyone's hero, I really miss ya pal!

+1 vote   news: The Longest War: War 64 (Dietl)
1US_Shermanator-87 Sep 9 2012, 5:58pm replied:

Looks like it, Halftrack did something similar for his Battle of the Bulge mod, it looked ridiculous but it was worth it!

+2 votes   media: British airborne & commando
1US_Shermanator-87 Aug 29 2012, 7:57pm says:

Lol shouldn't it be 'Vacation' instead of 'vacancy'? Pretty sure were plannin on takin a tropical trip, not an empty hotel room to fill! ;)

+1 vote   media: Main Menu
1US_Shermanator-87 Aug 22 2012, 7:40pm replied:

So they should have the standard Russian helmet, by that time the USSR wasn't poor as dirt and had standard issue helmets AND paratroopers were still eliteish infantry at that time so helmets would have been issued, especially in the jungle. Just puttin my thoughts in, as I was a paratrooper for 5 years. :)

+1 vote   media: VDV - Operative
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