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9 comments by Shadow_Micha on Mar 17th, 2015

Geese is the main antagonist mostly in SNK games Fatal Fury series. He appeared in King of Fighters series too as normal playable character, not as boss character like in Fatal Fury.

Name : Geese Howard
Fighting Style : Aikido and Kojubutsu with some down-to-earth (literally) but fucken strong energy blasts.
Weapon of Choice : Atemi Nage and Reppuken
Likes : High rooftops (Living on)
Dislikes : High rooftops (Being thrown from)

Character History

Geese Howard was then a homeless young'un living on the streets of Southtown with his mom. For some reason, an old, bald, midget who knows the ways to control the Earth's energy (Tung Fu Roe) found him and decided to teach him those ways, alongside another homeless but goody-two-shoes kid named Jeff Bogard. While Jeff was being given candy and taught bad-ass ways, Geese was only taught how to play X-Box with energy and collect idol girl group photopacks. Frustrated, Geese challenged Jeff to a fight but got his ass kicked instead. With no hope left, Geese abandoned the two and ran back to his mom crying and swearing that one day he will become a mafia boss, to show Jeff who's "boss".

And as the rebellious teenage years approached, Geese learned the way of the streets, maneuvered his way into some gangs, learned some martial arts by watching tutorials on YouTube, committed crimes himself to get respect and heat, and soon after, was able to have an abandoned building for himself and his quickly-growing-gang. Though it sounds like a giant fucken place for ducks to flock, he still insisted the name "Geese Tower" for it.

When they were big enough to outnumber the members of 3rd Street Saints, they decided to take on a Mafia organization for themselves, controlled by the baton-wielding Mr. BIG. The pitiful gang of Geese was easily beaten, but not Geese himself. Thanks to the Atemi Nage, everyone who tried to cross him got killed, scaring Mr. BIG for life and giving up control of the city to him. At last, Geese Howard has become the leader of Southtown's most vicious crime organization.


Here are the list of special moves owned by our very own Geese Howard. Some are hellish moveset ever made by him. Professional guidance required.

1. Reppuken


Geese's signature move. In fact, he signs papers with this move. Geese does the Reppuken by drawing a straight line towards the enemy's direction. And so, an energy wave follows up and hits the victim's toe, but it will hurt like being punched in the gut. Some nerds think this means "Violent Wind Fist", but it is just a coincidence; yelling "Reppuken!" with a rough voice while sending a energy blast sounds cool.

2. Double Reppuken

"Double Reppuken"

This proves to be the fact that "Reppuken" isn't naturally taken from the Japanese language. If Geese had made that, the "double" word would be Japanese too, all in all sounding more like an irritating "Ichii-go-Reppuken!". In this move, Geese just launches a bigger Reppuken using his both hands, showing his ambidexterity.

3. Shippuken
The same as the Reppuken but made in the air, that means without floor this time. It is badly slow but very effective against rushing and jumping enemies, and cockroaches.

4. Jaei Ken

"Jaei Ken"

An improved elbow strike with a follow-up combo, named by some called-so-experts as "Evil shadow fists". Geese does a russian reversal on a Reppuken in a way that, instead of him launching a Reppuken, the Reppuken launches him. (russian reversal, duh)

As any bolchevist-based attack, this deals more damage, and the victim is very prone to lose some teeth or being thrown from a window, door, building, roof, his/her foot, or any tall place.

5. Atemi Nage

Atemi Nage Gedan

Atemi Nage Ch┼źdan

This attack consists of doing absolutely nothing until someone tries to do something. When someone tries, then he does it. Yes, none knows how he does it.

  • If someone tries to attack him, he does it, grabs the victim by the shoulder, and throws him on the floor.
  • If someone tries to attack him on air, he does it, grabs the victim by the shoulder, and throws him on the floor.
  • If someone tries to attack him with a low attack, he does it, grabs the victim by the shoulder, and throws him on the floor.
  • If someone tries to attack him on his back, he does it, grabs the victim by the shoulder, and throws him on the floor.
  • If someone tries to shoot him with a gun, he does it, grabs the victim by the shoulder, and throws him on the floor.

Whatever you use to attack him during Atemi Nage does not matter: He will grabs you by the shoulder and throw you on the floor. He will often taunt them with an exclimation of "predictabo!", "too easy!" or "nice try!". Some fan said "haha n00b!" was heard once, but unconfirmed.

6. Rashoumon


Geese read once about that story. Then, without apparent/logical reason, devised an attack and chose "Rashoumon" as its name. The attack goes as the following:

  • Geese does it on a enemy
  • Geese halts the Atemi Nage process
  • Geese throws the enemy up on the air just for dramatical effect
  • Geese creates a standard ISO-14002 Fireball made of non-electrical energy, then blasts it off on the enemy's chest as he falls down
  • Geese does a badass pose, then ends the attack

This is one of few unblockable moves he loves everytime he is in mood to throw someone's butt. Everytime he finishes the screen showing "n00b" in kanji.

7. Raging Storm

"Raging Sroom"

One of Geese's super move. He gathers energy like a Genki Dama (but he only takes about 250ms to gather the energy and don't need to beg the earth for strength) then slams it on the floor like anything you would want to throw on the floor. The resulting explosion may vary accordingly with the game, or the nerfs. Usually the most frequent Raging Storm makes a huge geyser of energy coming from an inter dimensional hole. When this happens, Geese uses his hands to control the amount of energy leaked (if he takes his hands out of the hole, he and the enemy are likely to be blasted in a zillion pieces).

8. Energy Break/Thunder Break

"Energy Break"

Geese can call a reinforcement from interplanetary forces standing by and has 'em to launch a devastating attack consists of multiple laser beams. NASA once confirmed this as unknown space orbital phenomenon, but erased any evidence based of it because they are too afraid of him

"Thunder Break"

Almost the strongest of all Geese's attack. He does about the same as in the Raging Storm. In fact, THIS attack had to be THE Raging Storm, since it is, in fact, a Raging Storm. A raging storm made solely of thick lightning bolts that kills on contact. Can affect weather in 1200 miles radius.

That covers most of his insanely-looking moves. And one more thing, Geese always hated you (and Terry) when you didn't play this when playing Fatal Fury series using him.

"Geeeesa" Terry while facing Geese Howard.


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