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I'm a computer programming lover, also an id Software's assumed fanboy. Enjoying working into computer stuff (my current job, thought about working in the gaming industry one day... now I prefer do my own stuff !), I'm a big metal music lover & collector, from cool to rather extreme genres (Sepultura, Mayhem, Motörhead), currently singer in a small Rock band, I now own my motorcycle license with my proudly acquired Harley Davidson Street Bob 2013 and in the process of working on an iterative project from scratch.

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Sebultura Jun 23 2013 says:

That reminds me a bit of Morrowind !
Cool stuff !

+5 votes   media: Old Habits "Rebuild" Images
Sebultura Apr 7 2013 says:

Awesome environments !
I'm glad to see that the team is till working on this game.
The same as Hexen: The Edge Of Chaos game, I hope to see a full release one day to enjoy the whole: continue to great work, dudes !

+4 votes   news: Crucible of Omens: Progress Report
Sebultura Apr 7 2013 says:

Continue the great work !

To me it's better to take time before releasing any updates, given the fact that you're still in the need of more people for this huge work.

Of course it's important to post some updates in order to maintain motivation for the team.

Still following the project in the hope that it will be released full one day !

+1 vote   news: Saturday 6th April, 2013...Updates? Updates.
Sebultura Sep 1 2012 says:

Man, I love the style, colors and effect in that scene !

+2 votes   media: Finished Lighting the DarkWarior Complex Main Area
Sebultura Aug 27 2012 says:

Great texture !

+2 votes   media: Retexture
Sebultura Aug 4 2012 says:

Hey ! As always, this game looks really sexy: great colours, colour effects & textures, we can feel the dark atmosphere and coming from the Doom 3 engine, it's a real improvement to me about the genre and theme !

Continue the awesome work !

+3 votes   news: Some new screenshots for Hub
Sebultura Jan 27 2012 says:

Looks great !

+3 votes   media: Early Forest Footage (shadows on)
Sebultura Dec 5 2011 says:

Just reminds me a small thing I did with Quake 4: we wanted a system where the player could use both hands, so I just handled a full separated second "weapon" to use the other model: worked like a charm !

Maybe you could do it the same way (i.e. would be part of the weapon models, so not noticeable with mirrors and also from other players) ?

+2 votes   news: First Person Body View... Is it really that Special?
Sebultura Dec 5 2011 says:

Great work, dude ! I like the idea of a Wolfenstein mod for Doom 3 !

+3 votes   media: Dynamic Animations. Fire/Reload
Sebultura Nov 30 2011 says:

Just dropping a small message to let you know that if you guys need a French translator, I can help on this side: I don't have that much time for a full dedication everyday, but if you've got a list of strings, I can do it as "it comes".

+3 votes   mod: The Dark Mod
Sebultura Nov 24 2011 says:

Your mod remains my top #1 on id Tech 4 engine (followed by TDM, but I prefer the Hexen universe and feeling) and it's great to know that the team is going well and also that there's still enthusiasm around this project !

Keep up the good work, dudes !

+2 votes   news: Tuesday 22nd November, 2011...A Quick but Productive Year
Sebultura Jun 1 2011 says:

Loving this... except the game title, honestly ! I think that you should take another name that isn't directly related to the game type. Just my point of view, good job anyway !

+2 votes   media: Teaser May 2011
Sebultura Oct 27 2010 says:

Ah dudes, this is awesome news since I took a look at your work: this mod is in the top 2 of my list (other one being the Hexen one).

Salutations to the team & let's this mod rock once out ;p

+1 vote   news: October 25th
Sebultura Oct 27 2010 says:

Good news ! Dudes, I bought the whole Heretic / Hexen games just in order to live a whole experience ending with your game: whatever the results, I wish you a great release & community rewards !

+1 vote   news: Chaos Beckons Thee - Release Date!
Sebultura Aug 6 2010 says:

Hey =FF=Sturm, work looks great ;)

The style of this pic reminds me about The Dark Mod atmosphere.

+3 votes   media: Ship interior corridor 'WIP'
Sebultura Jul 22 2010 says:

Awesome !

+3 votes   media: Wolf Wallpaper 1600x1200
Sebultura Jul 19 2010 says:

That's cool work you've done here: it feels like a true fan work and the first glimpse into this alpha release makes me think that it'll be a cool experience.

I'm personally very interested as a gamer by this idea of a Terminator mod/game done by fans, because I was previously interested as a developer to make a project such as yours in the past: this didn't happened by lack of time, experience, but I anyway kept all the references I could have find (this included almost all us comics at the time, the movies, all downloads from and a full scale T-800 "Combat" Sideshow bust that was supposed to be my 1st ref for a model :p).

All this to wish you good luck with all the work that need to be achieved & to let you know there's 1 dude more to support the thing :)

+1 vote   news: Fps Terminator Alpha v1.0 Demo Released
Sebultura May 3 2010 says:

I think it's too high: I can see motion sickness coming for a lot of people just because of this.

Anyway, the whole stuff looks really cool !

+2 votes   media: Fps Terminator UDK test May 2, 2010
Sebultura Aug 5 2009 says:

Great stuff guys, the evolution is cool to observe since the time !

+1 vote   news: July 24th, 2009
Sebultura Jan 19 2009 replied:

That was just what I had in mind, anyway Mr.Kadish: take it easy, this is a mod & Godfather FPS games didn't had that much scenario but were nonetheless fun to play with (which is one of the goals to that mod).

angry_bot => thanks for the advices below, we appreciate & yeah, this is aimed to be based from Doom 3's MP gameplay with a more vindicative and tense feeling in the action".

+3 votes   news: DAZE: the first Trailer is done! dive into dark corners!
Sebultura Nov 15 2008 says:

Just my 2 cents: it's always more attractive to see the result in the end of a tutorial, so maybe, by just adding a screenshot of the room ingame would do it ?

Anyway, like other people making tutorials: thanks for the effort.

+2 votes   tutorial: Hammer Beginners Tutorial (With pictures!)
Sebultura Oct 19 2008 says:

That's a good idea: I like the Aztec atmosphere with the puzzle stuff. Nice one !

+1 vote   news: The Ball - Oztoc - Released!
Sebultura Oct 9 2008 says:

Hey guys, the atmosphere is cool with those shaders & the testing session was fun (nice screens produced here :p).

I'm happy to have seen the result & that rather stable version: that multiplayer proves the Doom 3 engine is still capable of great stuff.

Keep up the good work !

+1 vote   news: DAZE: Media Update and new information
Sebultura Jul 23 2007 says:

It's going well, despite the loss of many members in the team.

We're still working on the game: we're about to have a new spell system, that is, we'll be able to launch spells while firing the weapon (which wasn't the case before & the code wasn't present from Doom 3 / Quake 4 SDK).

Apart from this, there's a lot of work on bug tracking, the current private build was ported to the 1.4.2 Quake 4 patch and I'm about to see for a Linux compatibility too (we had some results with that in past builds so this should be ok).

We'll try to get people more informed in the coming months, anyway, keep in mind that we're a very small team now & things takes time to come, so we're doing our best with current resources.

Thanks for the interest.

+1 vote   mod: Requiem: Avenging Angel
Sebultura Jan 25 2007 says:

It's nice to organize such a contest !

So good job every single dude coming here & making mods, winners and loosers: in mod making, there's nothing to loose, just big experience to get !

On a side suggestion for Mod DB, I think that it would be great to have a big table resuming how the votes were put in each mod, so that everyone can have an idea of the mod scene.


+3 votes   feature: Mods of 2006 - Player's Choice
Sebultura Jan 25 2007 says:

Thanks for your words dudes ;)

+1 vote   news: New Features
Sebultura Oct 30 2005 says:

No problemo & keep up the good work ;)

+1 vote   news: Our First Magazine Appearance
Sebultura Oct 29 2005 says:

My little translation:

Ashes of Apocalypse

Some post-nuclear Morrowind: great stuff!

You left Morrowind while it was an excellent solo role playing game in a very classical medieval-fantastic universe.
Well, time passed out and, now that we're all waiting for Oblivion, some crazy guys decided to make a post-nuclear role playing game from this ancestor.
First, on a graphical point, we're close to an Anarchy Online: a good point. The goal of the game ? Survive in this hostile world. Everything changed: textures, graphics for sure and all materials too, due to the period. Geiger counter, weapons and other new stuff will be there. The developpers predict customizable weapons, but nothing's really definitive due to the project's advance. For the moment, the game zone predicted for the first beta version will be very limited, but original modders of the project predict to size up the Ashes Of Apocalypse's universe.
Until the arrival of Fallout 3 (developpement by Bethesda), to hunt some mutant: check out the official website of this mod and don't hesitate to post your ideas on the forum: those little guys are very receptives to new ideas. The launch of the mod should be done in the fall of 2005... Cross your fingers !

+1 vote   news: Our First Magazine Appearance
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