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A playable alpha demo is available now for download to the ModDB community. I have to thank you ModDB, once again, for the support, and you have my apologies for the release being a day late. but please keep in mind that this demo, while playable, is still an early work in progress, but this will not be the only alpha demo. there will be more to come in the next few months.

Posted by Narlyteeth on Jul 18th, 2010


Once again, ModDB, I'm extremely thankful for the support I've been getting. I believe you guys helped me with your feedback to push what was once a little mod for a game that hardly anyone owns, to something with much greater potential. The move from a mod to Indie not dramatical increased the number of watchers, but also wouldn't be if it wasn't for Epic Games inc. releasing the Unreal Development Kit, in my opinion the most powerful toolkit for creating games in the industry, for no cost. So I have major respect for Epic.

And I'm very sorry for not being able to release the demo on time due to technical difficulties, but at the same time, I'm actually quite surprise of how patient you guys where. I was honestly expecting angry messages and comments by now. This is my first time releasing a stand alone game (finished or not), so I am still a bit noobish at stuff like this.

Now I've only tested this specific demo/installment on my machine. I'm pretty confident that it should work on your machines too. As for now there is no true system requirements, let me warn you people ahead of time that this game is not light what so ever. I'm actually quite fortunate to have a Geforce GTX 280 and an AMD phenom II cpu on my machine which runs my game great. For those who have mid-ranged hardware ((GTX 240 - 8600GTS)(dual-core cpu)), I recommend that you run the game at a 800x600 resolution. There really is no other settings for this game at the moment other than changing the resolution.

The purpose of this demo is for proof of concept. That means it's really more like a tech-demo than anything. While this is the first demo for the game, it's certainly not the last. Expect another demo for this game to be released some time in the fall. Other things you should expect from the update would be more enemy types, more weapons, and the level to be extended.


So I really hope you guys will enjoy this demo. If you are having any technical problems with it, please send me a PM, or leave a comment on the mod page.

Enjoy your summer.

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Klammy Jul 18 2010, 9:24pm says:

I'm not sure I've ever seen an FPS that's so intense and cinematic. I can't wait to try this.

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Freakydemon Jul 19 2010, 6:26am replied: Online

It has the same feeling of chaos, cinema and action as Killzone 2 it even has the same heavy controls and movements it seems. So if you like this you're gonna like The PS3 exclusive as well.
On topic now: This looks pretty interesting, tracking.

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Morthon Jul 19 2010, 2:09pm replied:

Wish I had a PS3.. >__> Though, still happy with my Xbox 360 ^-^

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Freakydemon Jul 19 2010, 4:30pm replied: Online

O.o .... BURN
Whatever tickles your fancy :p

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NuclearBanane Jul 21 2010, 7:51pm buried:


To bad I've played this and it seems like some ones first build.
No options. No Information. No custom hud. All old UT3 assets still preset. Main menu can be turned into FPS hud of ut3.

Dude, dudes.
This isn't worth releasing or the Hype.
Devs, please wait til you iron it all out before releasing anything.
This makes my over all expectations of the game lower. But doesn't this will fail.

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lozzer22 Jul 21 2010, 8:43pm replied:

Omg its only an alpha build!

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NuclearBanane Jul 24 2010, 3:35pm replied:

No it's a Beta 1.0 .
Skipping, Alpha or even 0.x versions of beta.

Just saying a beta is near completion.

And this is just a tec demo with faulty sound.
Notice how fast my comment was buried. I think ppl do not notice where quality is slaking.

It's not bad. But it not good that for sure.

Games need cinematic propertys' but cannot rely on them purely.
If you all keep giving him OMFGs. this project will face plant before we see a second level.

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qpac Jul 25 2010, 3:11am replied:

Would you mind telling me where does it say, that it's beta? Since the headline says it's an alpha demo.

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KidD34TH Aug 3 2010, 10:39am replied:

@NuclearBanane - You're just a retard who doesn't understand the difference between alpha, beta, final. Grid has been working on this steadily by himself for some time now. It's expected to have some bugs and not everyone is going to like it, because it's an alpha. Good god, I mean he JUST switched from Gears of War to the UDK. Give him some time to update everything and polish it all.
Grid will not be canceling the project, ever. He has all intentions to improve it and continue a steady pace of releases.
Troll less, or get off ModDB, idiot.

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xalener Jul 24 2010, 2:11pm replied:

None of this hype is Grid's fault. It just happened. If anything, the hype is everyone else's fault.

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darksx Jul 23 2010, 10:37am replied:

Nice job on what looks like is going to be a great mod. But I’m concerned about your weapons, there seems to be way to much weapon bob when firing especially when in zoom mode. These are plasma weapons. Basically an energy projection weapon. There would be no weapon bounce at all. These are not projectile weapons. I think you need to take a hard look at that and rethink your thoughts on it.
But this is what I’ve been waiting for in a Terminator game. Reminds me of the really old one that came out years ago, can’t recall the name of it now. But it had a lot of combat too.

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KEEP_IT_UP! Jul 18 2010, 9:27pm says:

awesome update! finally :)

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Dr.Sean Jul 18 2010, 10:10pm says:

Moar HUD plz

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wbokunic Jul 18 2010, 10:54pm replied:

Less realism? No thank you! This is a simulation for our impending robotic future war!

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Marffy Jul 21 2010, 12:07am replied:

that would ruin this games awesomness.

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Runekn Jul 21 2010, 1:49pm replied:

press Esc while cutscene is running then back to the game, there you got your HUD

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krg Jul 18 2010, 10:13pm says:


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Checalov Jul 18 2010, 10:15pm says:

Map looks abit meh though.

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Droven-mad Jul 18 2010, 10:50pm says:

Wow that looked epic

Great work

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MitchellS Jul 18 2010, 10:53pm says:

Holy **** thats amazing.

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Zearox Jul 18 2010, 11:23pm says:


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AJ_Quick Jul 18 2010, 11:36pm says:

nice special effects !

but uh...what am I supposed to do?

I got dropped into the middle of a fight against two terminators, and they seem quite resistant to my laz0rs. Doesn't seem to be any way to sneak past them either

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Narlyteeth Jul 19 2010, 12:30am replied:

you can split them in half by shooting them in the mid section.

using the G key you can throw grenades. a direct hit is an instant kill, but keep your distance.

clicking the middle mouse button will let you alt fire. for the resistance assault rifle, it will fire your grenade launcher attachment.

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formerlyknownasMrCP Jul 19 2010, 12:35am says:

Looks great, but a few issues I have with it:

1. The sky isn't dark enough, it needs a lot more darkness to be more closer to Terminator 1 and 2's future- it should have a very cold look about it. (some of your earlier screenshots look spot on!)

2. Terminators textures aren't detailed enough, this is a real important thing because I should be crapping myself when I see them- at the moment they don't look scary enough due to the low resolution textures.

3. Running up behind a terminator really shouldn't be possible- they're designed to be fully aware of these attacks- so taking them down in that way doesn't make a whole lot of sense- the t-800 models especially should be a bitch to try to take down that way due to their sheer physical strength.

4. Glowing weapons are a bit "huh?" but I figure they're just placeholders.

Other than that, it looks amazing- its sad that an indie can do more justice to the franchise than Holywood and an entire army of game developers ever could- so many god awful terminator games, you're doing a great service by making this game. Keep it up.

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Narlyteeth Jul 19 2010, 1:40am replied:

the sky is not too bright. this level is not even LA (location of the movies). It's a Skynet base in San Francisco. It's supposed to look more industrial with warmer colors. you might want to look at my concept art and see what the Idea is.

you are the first person who's had a problem with the terminators' textures and I say the textures are fine. I might add a tiled bump map over it for an extra layer of detail, but that is the most I'll do.

terminators are just as aware of there surroundings as the HKs. and the resistance don't seem to do too bad sneaking around them. assassination kills is just another way to "mix up the gameplay"

I agree that the weapon Icons kill the immersion a bit. And I do want to have the player to not have to play EyeSpy just to find a weapon. I'm not taking the effect out, but I will tweak it a bit.

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badMEDIA Jul 19 2010, 7:35am replied:

will there ever be a multiplayer version?

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formerlyknownasMrCP Jul 20 2010, 12:07am replied:

I think its just the dirtier ones that I'm having issues with.

Quote:assassination kills is just another way to "mix up the gameplay"

sorry but I think your game design decision is getting in the way of what makes sense. You'd have thought Kyle Reece could have just done this to the T-800 in Terminator 1.. but he didn't. Yet Kyle is supposed to be one of their best. And again I doubt skynet would allow such a weakspot to exist. (except in the 4th film where Skynet for some reason builds hybrid humans will free will.. 4th film was god awful.)

Quote:this level is not even LA (location of the movies)

I'll let that slide then.

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ElderGamer Jul 21 2010, 12:46am replied:

In the 4th film it's just that one guy, it's before Skynet was even Skynet. Also I think the T-800's you see on the battlefield are different than the infiltration models. Just my thoughts.

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DarkLiberator Jul 19 2010, 1:08am says:

I have an ATI 5750, and an i5 3.2 GHz dual core, would it run this?

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Murdouken Jul 19 2010, 1:34am replied:

i5's are quad cores.

Yes you can easily run it, we have the same setup except my processor is MUCH worse (Pentium D) and I can run it at like 40 FPS.

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DarkLiberator Jul 19 2010, 2:23am replied:

Really? It says on the Intel page mine is a Dual core with multithreading.

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nige111 Jul 20 2010, 3:32pm replied:

How odd, I have a 5770 and a q6600 and I'm barely pulling 30fps.

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ThatOGDon Jul 19 2010, 1:14am says:

so much win

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Murdouken Jul 19 2010, 1:36am says:

It's absolutely brilliant, the only problem I have is that I have to go through the loading screen every time I die. You should make like a respawn system so that when I die, I just pop back to the start.

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Narlyteeth Jul 19 2010, 1:41am replied:

There will be a checkpoint system in the future.

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vfn4i83 Jul 19 2010, 1:47am says:

And plz a mouse sensitivity option. A dont now the command for UT engine I just cant play, and no one should have to play with control is just inhuman.

But Great feeling, really amazing looking game. Keep it up.

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eagleVision Jul 19 2010, 1:48am says:

Excellent atmosphere. You get a 10/10 on that. Laggy controls are a problem though ^^u

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wbokunic Jul 19 2010, 2:04am says:

My PC chugs playing at 1080p. That's saying a lot too. Every UDK game I've played I can max the settings at 1080p. Mind adding some settings?

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Incognito84 Jul 19 2010, 2:14am says:

Really nice preview of what's to come... I'm going to be watching this game, now!

It doesn't run very well on my system... I have a pretty decent right with a GTX 275. The framerate is stable on high resolution but the mouse is very delayed (happens with Unreal Engine III games).

Any tips to make it more responsive?

Is it unresponsive more or less because it's not optimized or because it's just plain heavy?

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Narlyteeth Jul 19 2010, 12:44pm replied:

don't use the latest drivers from nvidia. use 190.62

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Bloodviper Jul 19 2010, 2:30am says:

I wish from now every fps will look like this. Dude get signed :D you're awesome

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DarkLiberator Jul 19 2010, 2:48am says:

Ok, played it a few times, needs some checkpoints like others have said, I like the surrounding details and the background looks nice throw in a mouse sensitivity option, and this is perfect.. I get a max frame rate of 30 even while recording using FRAPS. Its kinda scary, and I hesitate even to stick my head out form behind the wreckage because I get killed the instant I do. Keep up the fantastic work!

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--JoKeR-- Jul 19 2010, 3:16am says:

after 20min of play time i died nearly 20times
im dropped from the helicopter walks some steps than see a terminator shot on him after some secs im dead
this happens offer and offer again and again
sometimes i killed one terminator but then comes another who killed me
anohter time i got killed by one of these grenades or bombs which are flying around
also the movement is not perfect at all
sometimes you cant crouch then you cant move while crouching then you got stuck by something or someone

sry but this game looks epic but plays totally ****** up and this way its not fun for me

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Dremth Jul 19 2010, 3:31am says:

Can't wait until I can get back home so I can play this

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SPYFF Jul 19 2010, 3:57am says:

Oh, no! Crash width start FPS Terminator!

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scray Jul 19 2010, 4:34am says:

Im not usually one to say this kinda stuff,
but man,
I can't stop seeing Killzone 2 when I watch this trailer.

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SDKD Jul 19 2010, 4:53am says:

the weapons looks like from killzone 2

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Captain_Perfect Jul 19 2010, 5:05am says:

nice!! you released the demo just on my birthday and i thank you for that because this game is very important to me and i have watched it's progress a very long time <3

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blu_magic101 Jul 19 2010, 5:32am says:

how come the t 800 keep on hit ko-ing me

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Torabi Jul 19 2010, 7:33am says:

Wow, good job! All I can say is that it is very intense and gave me some Killzone 2 vibes, which is great. Two things though, the difficulty feels rather steep since you can't kill the terminators (or maybe I'm just a bad shot) and the game needs a lot of optimization. But it is your first release, first of many I hope. So there is bound to be improvement in the future.

Good job!

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