Oh, looks like you've found me. I'm working on a project entitled "Beyond the Lines" along with several others. Peas

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ScatterBox Mar 24 2015, 11:10am says:

I said a bang, bang, bangity bang. I said a bang bang bangity bang (dun dun dun) bang bang, bangity bang

*fades off into distance*

+2 votes   game: Cause of War 1944
ScatterBox Mar 16 2015, 12:06pm says:

Way to crank out these models! Can't wait to see them in action. (either playing myself or a game-play video)

+2 votes   media: Soviet Weapons (PPSH-14 SMG)
ScatterBox Mar 12 2015, 2:03pm replied:

The map editor we use is strictly for Quake-based games. Portal, and HL both run off of the source engine (and I believe CS too) which is based off the Quake engine. Of course they use a way more advanced BSP version than Quake does, but I'm not sure how to make custom maps for it. Source SDK I believe?

+1 vote   game: Slender Files
ScatterBox Mar 6 2015, 10:51am says:

Looks so nice <3

+1 vote   media: Nice 3d items
ScatterBox Feb 26 2015, 1:28pm replied:

An interesting observation.. =P

+2 votes   media: MALLERIES!!!
ScatterBox Feb 25 2015, 7:54pm replied:

Dirt roads were extremely common to be comprised of dirt, even in small towns. It would be very easy for a huge robot to splash some up on a sign and have it dry under the hot sun in the South. Especially if it was raining and the mud was wet beforehand. It makes complete sense for the sign to be scratched up, have holes in it (bullet holes, as such) and even a little dirt on it.

+2 votes   media: Full Resolution Texture
ScatterBox Feb 25 2015, 2:33pm replied:

Plus this is in the middle of an Apocalypse. Wouldn't you think that such things would get torn up in the midst of war and fighting in the streets?

+2 votes   media: Full Resolution Texture
ScatterBox Feb 23 2015, 12:42pm says:

Title: "More weapons"

(For those who don't read Russian) =P

+2 votes   media: Больше оружия.
ScatterBox Feb 22 2015, 6:40pm says:

"The old ones are on the left and the new ones are on the right. The new ones have been down-scaled a lot to the old texture resolution for a fair comparison, but the PC version will use the full resolution textures for everything."

+2 votes   media: Texture Updates
ScatterBox Feb 20 2015, 3:36pm replied:

Well hello

+1 vote   member: ScatterBox
ScatterBox Feb 17 2015, 9:15pm replied:

Ah, it's going to be a lot more complicated than that... heh =P thanks for sharing though!

+1 vote   media: Alleys at Dusk
ScatterBox Feb 16 2015, 10:24pm says:

Well, I wouldn't say we all made it. Clint made the game and we supported. Still though, it was quite a surprise to see this happen.

+2 votes   media: A noteworthy mention
ScatterBox Feb 12 2015, 1:58pm says:

Unfortunately I don't think this is really going anywhere... but is any game in the PSP section now days?? Look, the newest release barely got any attention compared to the old releases. People are gone, they got sick of waiting, and the huge stall it took for them to make this release caused most of the PSP community to vanish.

At least we got this much.

Goodbye PSP... is was nice developing and playing home-brews with you all.

PS. I really miss the old NZP community :(

+2 votes   game: Nazi Zombies Portable
ScatterBox Feb 12 2015, 1:52pm replied:

this is dead

+1 vote   game: Solitude Reborn
ScatterBox Feb 12 2015, 1:49pm says:

ded. xD

+1 vote   game: Alpha Team Six
ScatterBox Feb 7 2015, 6:46pm replied:

what? no it's a Playstation Portable game.

+2 votes   download: Slender: Files EPISODE 1
ScatterBox Jan 29 2015, 8:34pm replied:

We are having a small demo release and possibly a bigger release afterwards.

+2 votes   article: Change of (Game)Plans
ScatterBox Jan 28 2015, 7:52pm replied:

I will play it on PSP and PC.

+2 votes   game: Cause of War 1944
ScatterBox Jan 14 2015, 9:50am replied:

I'm famous now.

0 votes   media: TDM on Graveyard
ScatterBox Jan 12 2015, 1:15pm says:

Looks good. I like the underwater effect.

+1 vote   media: Another Screenshot of Finished Map
ScatterBox Jan 11 2015, 5:24pm replied:

They released the full source so practically anything can be added.

+1 vote   game: Nazi Zombies Portable
ScatterBox Jan 11 2015, 1:41pm says:

... where's the water?

+1 vote   article: Salmon Simulator Demo is on it's way!
ScatterBox Jan 9 2015, 3:57pm replied:

Ghost_fang, yes.

+1 vote   media: TDM on Warehouse
ScatterBox Jan 5 2015, 9:46pm replied:

Ah, a perfect idea for the joke difficulty-

I mean.. what? Nothing like that will ever, EVER be added to the game. *ahem*

+2 votes   media: Henry Rifle, Ingame!
ScatterBox Jan 4 2015, 4:31pm says:

Texture still needs some heavy improvement.

+2 votes   media: Henry Rifle, Ingame!
ScatterBox Dec 27 2014, 11:45am replied:

Gotta use JackHammer for all of your nz:p custom maps now. Also, make sure you use a program called Wally for making your wads and NOT TEXMEX.

+1 vote   game: Nazi Zombies Portable
ScatterBox Dec 27 2014, 11:33am replied:

If they know how.

+1 vote   download: Nazi Zombies Portable v1.0 Source Code
ScatterBox Dec 27 2014, 9:20am says:

In case anyone missed it, the game got released! c:

Go download it!

+2 votes   game: Slender Files
ScatterBox Dec 22 2014, 10:37am replied:

He still has to texture it lol.. I think he said he just gone done with the actual geometry.

+1 vote   media: AR-18
ScatterBox Dec 21 2014, 4:02pm replied:

Yeah, all good here as well.. ModDB's video playback has always been kind of bad. :/

I'll be recording an update soon and putting it on YouTube.

+2 votes   media: Pepperbox Pistol animations
ScatterBox Dec 21 2014, 9:20am says:


The Pepperbox isn't the official name for the gun, I just never code them in using the correct names.. heh (bad habits ftw)

+1 vote   media: New Pepperbox Animations
ScatterBox Dec 3 2014, 3:07pm replied:

"Vegeta, what does Scatter say about how many polygons Pod's **** is?"

"IT'S OVER 9000!!"

"9000?! There's no way that could be right!"

0 votes   media: Sten (Silenced version)
ScatterBox Dec 3 2014, 11:10am replied:

No, it seems as if he secretly scans all of his weapons in from real life.

+1 vote   media: Sten (Silenced version)
ScatterBox Dec 1 2014, 8:42pm says:

Not really in-game.. but nice update!

What map format do you think you'll use for the maps? Quake 3 BSP is quite nice and fairly easy to implement.

+2 votes   media: In-Game Progress(Finally)
ScatterBox Dec 1 2014, 12:20pm replied:

I'd like to expand by saying that it's the art style that we're going for. If you don't think it looks great let us know, and we'll work on making them look more realistic. (-:

+2 votes   media: Custom Textures (preview)
ScatterBox Oct 28 2014, 3:39pm replied:

It's actually the same wood texture, with some edits and finishing touches. We also darkened the metal to match the wood more. There's also been some detail added to the top and the side.

We'll be working to remove a good amount of scratches on the metal to make it seem less like stainless steal and more like the metal they would have used on the guns, but with a few scratches.

+1 vote   media: Owens Automatic - Near Completion
ScatterBox Sep 13 2014, 12:40am says:

READ THE DESCRIPTION (lazy bums) : p

+1 vote   media: Not a gameplay video
ScatterBox Sep 7 2014, 10:04pm replied:

I think it's the fact that most people who aren't 3D artists don't really have an eye to see the difference between mainstream classifications of weapons. (aka. pistol, machine gun, ect.) They see two pistols and they look similar, and then the fact that they have the same color scheme kind of sets off something in the mind that makes them look even more identical.

Most people aren't looking at specific differences like that. Also, don't take this as me immediately coming to Meatbox's defense, because I noticed that the more I got into making 3D models, the more I started to see differences in objects. Differences in different weapon parts and details to be specific.

I'd like to say that although this weapon does have a bit less detail, it does seem to fit this model quite well. It seems like if you were to add much more then it might get a bit cluttered and a bit less... well how do I say it.. yours. Maybe adding some detail to the texture though? Subtle scratch here and there or something to make it look less 'perfect'.

Good luck on this project. From what I'm seeing it looks much more polished then some of your previous works. Keep it up!

+1 vote   media: Mag17
ScatterBox Sep 7 2014, 5:08pm replied:

Thanks for the feedback! The guy who modeled it did a good job, but he modeled each object of the gun separately, so I'll end up going through and attaching each object appropriately. I agree though, it is hard to tell which is better for this model without a texture.

We'll be working on it! : )

+2 votes   media: Owens Automatic- Smooth or Flat?
ScatterBox Aug 31 2014, 6:51pm replied:

He woke up and was feeling funny today.

+1 vote   media: Slammer ready for filming
ScatterBox Aug 17 2014, 9:37pm says:

Thanks to UnknownToaster I've corrected the size. In this picture it's much too short, and too fat on the end. It's been re-scaled and adjusted. I'll post a screenshot soon. :)

+1 vote   media: Shiny Baseball bat!
ScatterBox Aug 17 2014, 8:23pm says:

Make it shoot a fish out of each barrel.

0 votes   media: TripleShotgun LowPoly Textured
ScatterBox Aug 14 2014, 9:43pm says:

You have to admit, you like those cheesy transitions.

+2 votes   media: Launch Trailer (Episode 1)
ScatterBox Aug 14 2014, 7:26pm replied:

Yes, the PSP release is tomorrow. :)

+1 vote   article: Episode 1 Update
ScatterBox Aug 13 2014, 1:05am says:

Is Slender an option? :3

+2 votes   media: Choices! (WARNING: GRAPHIC)
ScatterBox Aug 11 2014, 6:14pm replied:

PC version will come a bit later

+1 vote   media: New Menu
ScatterBox Aug 9 2014, 11:25am says:

maybe more varied brick textures

+2 votes   media: City Redone
ScatterBox Aug 3 2014, 2:36am replied:

I honestly think that it is too hard to use a scope on a weapon in a PSP game. Analog isn't precise enough. (You can see it in his last video lol) but it does add nice detail nonetheless.

+3 votes   media: Scope Texture (PSP Version)
ScatterBox Aug 3 2014, 12:28am says:

Uhh.. time to get to work? .-.

+3 votes   media: Basic HUD
ScatterBox Jul 21 2014, 8:54pm says:

Waiting on Jason to finish up the animations so I can code them in. Gameplay video very soon.

(Been busy at work)

+2 votes   media: Blunderbuss Ingame!
ScatterBox Jul 20 2014, 8:02pm says:

Sarge did the gun texture..

0 votes   media: Colt Revolver Sfx + Anims
ScatterBox Jul 8 2014, 7:32pm says:

I don't like that guys face.. :/

+2 votes   media: Southern Ally (Confederate soldier) ANIM+SFX
ScatterBox Jul 4 2014, 11:35pm says:

Can't even shoot it. It's made of solid gold.

fake and gey.

+3 votes   media: Remington Versamax Tactical Gold Matcap
ScatterBox Jun 30 2014, 2:34pm replied:

"With no leader, there will be chaos" - Some dude

+3 votes   media: More Tank Robot concept!
ScatterBox Jun 22 2014, 2:01pm says:

Why is this in the PSP section?

Edit: Why is this in EVERY section?!

+2 votes   game: SeaCrit
ScatterBox Jun 11 2014, 7:11pm says:

The middle kinda looks like the stripes on a candy cane, but I like the model overall.

+1 vote   media: Triple Ball Flail
ScatterBox Jun 7 2014, 10:06pm says:

Where's the cores?

+2 votes   download: Quartal Full Release 1.0
ScatterBox Jun 7 2014, 8:48pm says:

(Thanks to Scatterbox)

+2 votes   media: Jackhammer WIP
ScatterBox May 28 2014, 10:09pm says:

I can see some random dudes face..

+5 votes   media: Pepperbox
ScatterBox May 26 2014, 4:03pm replied:

Alright, I'll put the sources for all of the projects into dropbox and send you a link.

+3 votes   media: This project has been cancelled
ScatterBox May 26 2014, 3:36pm says:

You guys can have all of the source code. Just ask for it when you get a new programmer.

+1 vote   media: This project has been cancelled
ScatterBox May 19 2014, 6:56am says:

Is there a texture for it yet perhaps? :P

+3 votes   media: Henry Rifle Animations
ScatterBox May 13 2014, 12:43pm replied:

Ah, I understand. Maybe you could make the barrel and the handle less smooth?

+1 vote   media: M1919 Browning 30cal (WiP)
ScatterBox May 13 2014, 9:28am says:

Definitely a good start. Maybe a little too boxy on some parts..

+1 vote   media: M1919 Browning 30cal (WiP)
ScatterBox Apr 17 2014, 6:39am replied:

I think it could work for just easy gamemode... maybe if you make the recon plane look a little more WW2'ish (make it look a bit older)

+3 votes   media: Recon Plane (Test)
ScatterBox Apr 16 2014, 9:59am replied:

and the double points icon.. not sure how much I like it.

+2 votes   media: It's my time to SHINE!
ScatterBox Apr 9 2014, 10:33pm says:

Dementium: The Ward

What do I win?

+2 votes   media: Does this look familiar?
ScatterBox Apr 6 2014, 10:45pm says:

No, those aren't claws. That's the armature (bones/rig) for the animations.

+3 votes   media: Derringer Animations (Snub)
ScatterBox Mar 27 2014, 6:24pm says:

:/ ...

+1 vote   media: Jackhammer rules!
ScatterBox Mar 12 2014, 7:48am says:

It looks like a complete game to me... :D

+2 votes   media: Teamscore counter
ScatterBox Feb 5 2014, 2:23pm says:

Dude!! This looks freakin amazing! Minecraft... :D (I see you've been working on the HUD too... looking good.!)

+3 votes   media: Fartcraft MP Map (WiP)
ScatterBox Jan 25 2014, 11:47am replied:

Alright, I'm going to be releasing a hotfix and fix all of the console spams. I'm also going to remove as much default quake code I can, but I pretty much just threw this together. And also slender has no animations. It's slender. xD

+4 votes   download: Slender PSP Release
ScatterBox Jan 4 2014, 2:14pm replied:

...wait. Since when was Slender in the 20's? xD

+2 votes   media: City
ScatterBox Dec 31 2013, 3:31am replied:

Yeah, the flashlight here is temporary.. (read description) I kept the sprite for a little.. easter egg for you. I knew you would find it! :D

+1 vote   media: Dock's crate system.
ScatterBox Dec 31 2013, 3:28am says:

Looks great! Now maybe to add a description to each class? (So the player knows which weapons they're getting)

0 votes   media: MP/Skirmish Class Selection (WiP)
ScatterBox Dec 29 2013, 9:22pm replied:

Yes it looks to "clean" right now, I agree. We are re-doing some textures soon. :)

+1 vote   media: New Hands
ScatterBox Dec 26 2013, 10:19pm says:

The game will be released for a beta download as soon as I get fog working in the engine! :D

0 votes   game: Slender PSP
ScatterBox Dec 26 2013, 10:18pm says:

Low FPS because I was in the emulator.. :/

+1 vote   media: Page
ScatterBox Dec 26 2013, 2:33pm says:


+1 vote   media: Enemy soldier animated!
ScatterBox Dec 23 2013, 12:11am replied:

We'll be re-doing the vids soon after I get my PSP. (the 26th of this month) Hopefully the gameplay will be a bit better, and on PSP this time, but I'm leaving in the enemy sounds because they're just so awesome! :D (just for the videos though)

+2 votes   article: Update number 4!
ScatterBox Dec 22 2013, 10:38pm replied:

I realize that people now think this game is a joke because of the videos posted. But I want you all to know that I am very serious about this, and this game is in most ways, not a joke. :)

+3 votes   article: Update number 4!
ScatterBox Dec 15 2013, 4:17pm says:

Is it finished? I think more detail could be added to the outside area of the map, as well as a bit more in the church. Also make sure to make the "flip side" (satanic side) is very detailed as well. There better be lots of easter eggs in the map! xD

+2 votes   media: Salem (Survival)
ScatterBox Dec 12 2013, 6:38am replied:

I don't think Senior put to much thought into his comment.. I think what he means is the confederate soldiers, or the "Southern Americans" in the civil war, and not the Southerners in this year. Now, that being said I don't agree with his comment fully, but most confederate soldiers, as well as union soldiers were very uneducated, and were very rude. Now, I don't mean all of them, and I certainly know meatbox didn't mean the Southerners of this day in age.

+1 vote   media: Forest Gameplay
ScatterBox Dec 7 2013, 1:58pm says:

Wow... I'm loving what you'r doing here. Nice open map, plenty of space to run around, it looks like it's outdoors, AND there's bots running around the map, all at extremely good FPS.( I also see bot messages as well, it adds a nice touch. xD ) I'm getting extremely excited for this game's release. (Now I just have to run to the store and pick up a PSP) Amazing.

+4 votes   media: Bot Teamplay Sneak peek
ScatterBox Dec 4 2013, 2:07pm says:

Never under 25 FPS. :D

+4 votes   media: Kar98k Ingame with Final Animations
ScatterBox Nov 30 2013, 12:13pm says:

Speechless right now...

0 votes   media: SCAR_H Highpoly Lowpoly comparison
ScatterBox Nov 22 2013, 9:09am says:

Do you make all of the maps yourself Mabuse? And I like what you're doing with the HUD, looks nice..

+3 votes   media: Hospital / Asylum MP Map (WiP)
ScatterBox Nov 21 2013, 6:47am says:

Oh, and this is in the emulator (java one) so it's really slow and that's why it's 28 FPS looking at a wall. in PSP it's about 50 (cause we has the enemy in the map)... :)

+2 votes   media: Snub in-game
ScatterBox Nov 18 2013, 5:16pm says:

Oh, and he's holding a rifle in his right hand... This is mainly just for show.

+1 vote   media: Enemy Soldier
ScatterBox Nov 18 2013, 3:35pm says:

You are honestly good enough to work for Treyarch or bigger... What are you doing on here?! Go get into the big leagues!!

+2 votes   media: SCAR_H Highpoly Textured
ScatterBox Nov 15 2013, 6:37am replied:

datsunlight.jpg xD

0 votes   media: Halflife Rendermodes on PSP!
ScatterBox Nov 15 2013, 6:16am says:

Holy ****! Keep up the good work!

-1 votes   media: Halflife Rendermodes on PSP!
ScatterBox Nov 5 2013, 8:31pm replied:

Shhh... ;)

+1 vote   media: Blunderbuss FPS View (For animations)
ScatterBox Nov 5 2013, 8:04pm says:

That's a shadow on the right thumb. :P Looks like an incomplete thumb, but it's complete!

+4 votes   media: Blunderbuss FPS View (For animations)
ScatterBox Oct 28 2013, 8:13pm replied:

Haha, thanks!! We will!!! Thanks for your support it help a lot!

+1 vote   article: Update number 2.... ISH
ScatterBox Oct 28 2013, 3:24pm replied:

The HUD was very messed up in DP engine, plus the gun rendering. Going to make a few book that you should be able to pick up and read!!

+1 vote   media: Town Hall Office Re-Upload
ScatterBox Oct 27 2013, 3:11pm replied:

This is my first model. xD

+2 votes   media: First gun model 3D view
ScatterBox Oct 25 2013, 5:55pm replied:

Yeah, we took that into account. The modeler fixed it up so it has less tris.. Thanks!

+1 vote   media: Broken Canon
ScatterBox Oct 25 2013, 4:27pm replied:

Like the ones that steal credit cards.

+6 votes   member: Ikill4fun32
ScatterBox Oct 23 2013, 4:27pm replied:

Is this a good thing? xD

+2 votes   media: Colt Revolving Rifle
ScatterBox Jul 11 2013, 4:11pm says:

Yes! Thank you do much for this tutorial!! You saved me!

+1 vote   media: Setting Weapons Up In Blender For Quake
ScatterBox May 26 2013, 4:35pm replied:

Just looking through your old models to see where you started out. Looks like you take things a bit to harsh.

+1 vote   media: M16K45
ScatterBox May 19 2013, 10:47pm replied:

I'm changing the idea of the mod.. don't worry.

0 votes   media: What we have so far.
ScatterBox May 19 2013, 7:08pm replied:

I think he's is right in a way.. I should have waited untill we had more work done to post the moddb page.

+1 vote   game: Beyond the Lines:RR
ScatterBox May 19 2013, 6:54pm replied:

I just started work on this a day ago. Chill dude.

-1 votes   game: Beyond the Lines:RR
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