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New Release

New Release

Jackal 0 comments

Hop in your jeeps and squish those baddies! My remake of the NES classic Jackal is finished and ready for action. It's a vertical scrolling 3d shooter...

New Release

Jackal 0 comments

Supreme thanks go out to Cheapalert for generously hosting the Jackal Download over at PlanetGargoyle and saving me from FreeWebs hell. The next...

Beta Version Released!

Jackal 0 comments

The Beta version of Jackal has been released. The game is about 90% done right now, but I thought I'd release this version while I continue to finish...

2 New Vids Posted

CastleVania 0 comments

Hey guys, I've uploaded a couple of avi's for Castlevania. The first one is a comparison between the original NES version of the game and my...

New Castlevania release!

CastleVania 2 comments

The latest release of the Castlevania mod is out, so bust out your whips and get ready for some side-scrolling action! This game has the classic NES/SNES...

New download is ready (v. 1.69)

CastleVania 0 comments

The download for version 1.69 is ready. Check it out here:

New download in 1 week

CastleVania 0 comments

I've been working on re-doing the maps the last few days and I posted a few new screenshots. I'm guessing I have 2 more days of mapping, another 2 days...

Motion Blur and Even Better Textures!!!

CastleVania 1 comment

I've figured out how to add motion blur to the Quake engine and now it just needs a little fine tuning. I'll have to post a tutorial once I get the kinks...

Working on second release with high res graphics

CastleVania 0 comments

I've updated the engine to accept TGA files for textures and I'm replacing all the graphics with photorealistic textures. I'm also making some minor architectural...

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