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remosande Apr 17 2013, 4:05am says:

ah, sadly my game keeps crashing whenever I try to enter Jupiter. The mod is amazing but the amount of crashes I keep reading about forces me to find another mod.

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remosande Apr 16 2013, 3:46am says:

the modeling of buildings is the easy part. The texturing/baking maps part is a bitch (although I think you use just use low poly instead of baking?) Either way I can help you with it when I have the time (if you are still working on this mod).

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remosande Apr 15 2013, 12:09pm says:

is this mod compatible with RCOM or any other realistic combat mod ? what I really miss in this mod is the sense of bullet impact. When you shoot a guy 2 times in the back he should die no matter the weapon you are carrying. God, what I would do for a next gen stalker :)

+2 votes   mod: Call of Pripyat Reloaded
remosande Dec 12 2011, 3:21pm says:

this mod is the best concerning visuals but it TOTALLY lacks in combat. Is there a way to make the balistics more realistic ? I just cannot play this game with the bulletsoaking gameplay it has now.

Is there any way to add more realistic damage (1/3 shots a kill) into this mod ?

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remosande Apr 13 2011, 4:36pm replied:

I have that also, but with me it loads after a few minutes. It's a pain in the *** though.

+1 vote   mod: Call of Pripyat Complete
remosande Apr 13 2011, 4:26pm says:

guys awesome thanks for this mod, it looks awesome. I do however have some questions. With the last SOC 2009 MOD I could play with realistic damage (and the game had better aimstyle). Is there an addon that adds realistic (difficult to play but WAY more immersive and fun, 1shot 1 kill ftw) damage ? I tried RMOD beta, but that one crashed the complete MOD.

Also, it is very annoying to not be able to sell ANY weapon until it's 100% fixed (that way it costs you more to repair it than actual sell it).

+1 vote   mod: Call of Pripyat Complete
remosande Apr 12 2011, 8:42am says:

hey man, I wanted to use this mod with the just released Complete 2012 but it doesn't seem to work. When I try to load a game (new or saved) the game won't load and chashes. I will mail you the crashreport. Thanks for your work and I hope you can help me! +)

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