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Red_Rooster Dec 11 2010 replied:

He's asking you to be more specific about what you don't like. An example would be: "I don't like the model of the gun because it is too blocky or cartoonish, it should be smoothed out or made to look more realistic." You don't seem to understand that concept.

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Red_Rooster Dec 11 2010 replied:

Sure it would! Animals are smart enough to go for the neck, have you ever seen a wolf or a dog (Or any predatory animal, for that matter) attack something? They go straight for the neck or throat because it kills them quickest.

+1 vote   news: Primal Carnage - Alpha Gameplay Teaser!
Red_Rooster Jan 14 2010 replied:

Its a prairie, and it should be flat! Believe it or not, there are places in the world that don't have much for hills. ;P

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Red_Rooster Oct 5 2009 says:

I dont feel I can have very high hopes for this mod... It would take quite a bit of work and dedication (and time) to make anything that would do a seven hour war Justice. The fact that it took just seven hours for the combine to overcome ALL of earth's forces implies that they had incredible machinery and Incredible tactical ability, as well as many other creatures. I'd imagine they used weapons and beasts that make the Creatures in HL2 look like a spring-powered gun on an action figure in comparision. At the least you should try to visualize how a force could completely cripple and eliminate all of earth's military forces within 7 hours; Even with alien equipment, thats quite a feat.
I do think its a smart idea to make this an RTS from the combine perspective; It would make the game much easier and afford more possibilities to the "plot" to keep it canonical.

+2 votes   mod: HλLF-LIFE: Seven Hour War
Red_Rooster Jul 5 2009 says:

I predict that this is gonna fall apart within the month.

+1 vote   mod: half-life humanity at war
Red_Rooster Mar 19 2009 says:

What A lame name. Srsly. Cant you guys think of your own plot?

0 votes   mod: Arctic Adventure : Episodes
Red_Rooster Mar 6 2009 says:

So are you going to make this somewhat similiar to that one bomber Mission In COD 2 Big Red one? That was like the best mission in the whole game. And what about attackers? You going to have like Messerschmitts and stuff? How are you gogin to make this...Intresting?

+4 votes   mod: B-17 Flying Fortress
Red_Rooster Jan 27 2009 says:

Why the Heck would they do that?

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Red_Rooster Jan 10 2009 says:

Why are there leaves on the trees when theres snow?

Lol just nitpickin :D looks awsome I love snowy enviroments

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Red_Rooster Jan 3 2009 says:

does this mod have the aircraft yet?

+1 vote   mod: Empires
Red_Rooster Jan 3 2009 replied:

Makes Sense :D

+1 vote   mod: Out Of Earth
Red_Rooster Dec 31 2008 says:

I havent really looked at this mod till now, But It looks pretty good! I like the new combine skins, but the ranking system doesnt make a whole lot of sense to me. The combine soldiers are just Regular humans modified for complete obediance and battle-efficiency. They would probably all have roughly the same skills, leaving no room for a rank system, unless they were randomly picked for the job.

+1 vote   mod: Out Of Earth
Red_Rooster Nov 18 2008 says:

Are you going to implement maybe the Army attempting to fight back the combine? I like to see some tanks uslessly try to take down some huge combine creature then get totally obliterated...:P' Or helocopters trying to evacuate people. When you see powerful human weapondry getting taken out as if they are a minor annoyance, that'll kinda arouse the sense of how hopeless thier situation is. Id imagine stuff like a ton of people trying to evacuate by boat or something, then a huge combine creature comes out of the water and destroys the boat, or you see a bunch of evacuating helocopters in the distance get destroyed by a combine battleship (Or new creature.) the only thing that makes me sad is that theres a number of mods who want to make a prequel like this, and their mods will probably die due to lack of support. If any other mods like this were to simply join together, THEN we would get some major stuff done!

+2 votes   mod: everything dies
Red_Rooster Sep 7 2008 says:

Looks awsome! I cant wait to try it!
Soo... Your not going to use endophrin/euphoria? :(

+3 votes   mod: City 17: Episode One
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