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Arctic Adventure is a HL2 Episode 2 based modification.
In this mod you will ride quick as the wind through the Arctic landscapes and fire the familiar and some completely new weaponry.
Play loud or look for by-pass routes, solve puzzles and advance stealthily.
You will encounter new enemies and a new vehicle on your way, besides, you can find the passcodes for secret doors and find something valuable behind them.

Main questions :
Q: A release date...?
A: 2017 year i hope...
Q: Any new weapons?
A: Yep, sure. 10+ new weapons are ready to use.
Q: Do you have a demo?
A: Yep we released a demo version 1.1 which is available to download.

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Hello moddb once again!

At the first i want to say thanks to all who voted on greenlight.

With your support the demo version (1.2) now available in Steam.

Some fresh screens with release:

Just click button "Install demo" and here it is. No more pain with SDK base and missing textures.

All content included and overall demo weight is 5 gb.

The next step will be fresh trailer and first episode release. Stay tuned.

Also today i releasing my Source modding base (version 3.0) for singleplayer mods.

It's designed to help new modders make interesting mods without coding.

Just a couple of examples:

Binoculars watching Thirdperson flying around

Sniper rifle scope Heavy Mahine Gun in 3.0 version

If you just started a new source mod, check it out:

Source modding base 3.0

Greenlight Time

Greenlight Time

News 4 comments

We work hard to make this happen, meet the new enemies and vote on greenlight to get our mod release on steam when it will be done.

Demo Release (Steam)

Demo Release (Steam)


A long awaited demo of the mod, now with new improvements.

Community Q\A

Community Q\A

News 1 comment

That was a long time with no news so now it's the time to show something.

No longer a mystery...

No longer a mystery...

News 3 comments

We are pleased to inform everyone about upcoming demo version release of our project!

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Demo 1.1 Steam Version

Demo 1.1 Steam Version

Demo 23 comments

Arctic Adventure Demo 1.1 Steam Version. required: 1) Steam 2) Source SDK Base 2007 3) HL2 EP2

Comments  (0 - 10 of 212)

I'll give you the rough one...
(And to anyone else, at least read all of it before you blindly downvote.)

This will likely never go through Greenlight.

Do you know why Valve lets "Adrian Shephard" based mods on Steam? Because they really don't give a sh*t about Shephard's storyline to bother canonizing it.
So what *you* are trying to do here is take their existing storyline, that's important to Valve, and try to continue it. Not remaking it like Black Mesa, but honest-to-goodness continuing it. Honestly... as a content creator, would *you* let an unofficial fanwork - pretty far from your original vision - on your platform, and *you* taking all the press for it (either negative or positive)? Don't you feel its just a little bit insulting?
I mean this was pretty ballsy I give you that, but you essentially just wasted 100$ (or whatever Greenlight cost nowadays).

Look dude, you've been working on this mod for 8-9 years now. And all that I saw so far is a 15 minute long demo map, full of core game design flaws and questionable and confusing level design and layout. ( )
I honestly think this mod has become your Albatross (the Albatross metaphor). Your "personal puppy" that you just can't kill off. Yes, we are all sad, and a bit ******, that Episode 3 or Half-life 3 never saw the release we've been waiting for, but you don't need to feel that it's your duty to deliver it to us. You are way over your head with a mod of this size.

I've seen this project from the beginning, from an "incompetent, texture reskined, map collection" to a "Decent mod for a beginner" and you certainly improved, I'll give you that. You even coded your own gameplay mechanics which is great. But what you are trying to *do with it* is pretty much impossible. If you would've tried to invent your own universe, or do it in the HL one but separate it from Gordon canon, then you would have done yourself a great favour, because I honestly think this is one of the biggest flaws of this concept (in regards to Greenlight). As far as I can tell, your core design philosophy is "See what sticks" and "Cool factor", which is no basis for this type of mod.

I'll take a guess as to what you are thinking. You are thinking that "I'll put this up on Greenlight. I finish this one map, call it Episode 1 and get released on Early Access. Then people will see it and think it's great, and many will come and help me develop the rest of it. (For free of course, on their own spare time, because there is no way you can turn a profit out of this) And then others will see me as a great game dev and hire me for their company." (I'm guessing this because I though similarly about my stuff in the past before). Forget this! Will. never. happen! This is teenager-like daydreaming, nothing else.
Also, with the exception of a few projects, Source 1 is dying and will continue to die off. And here you are boldly titling this project "Episodes" because you think there will be time for more of it. You haven't even released one(!) episode since 2009, where will you find the time to finish the rest? Your essentially a one-man-team trying to do what 300+ employees didn't delivere since 2007. You honestly think this is realistic in any way, shape, or form? Or just take a look at the fate of "Human Error" mod or "Canvas" mod for local examples, and they were bigger teams.
Even if you are just "doing this on your own free time as a hobby." Again, just take a long hard look at it, and ask yourself if "is it worth it in the long run", when you could be practising your skills in other games, and in industry-relevant game engines. (But I wouldn't buy this anyway, you wouldn't try to get this through Greenlight if you didn't think it had some chance for getting through, which it won't.)

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Here is what I suggest to you instead: Forget Greenlight; Finish the stuff that you started - that you wanted to publish through Greenlight - and release it as it is, here on ModDB. Gather what you have learned from this project and just move on. Just wrap this up and move on!
If you are seriously thinking about continuing your career in game development, spending even more time on this one doomed project is a ticket to nowhere. This is not your magnum opus, nor the key to the industry, nor will it ever be. What you need to do as a game dev is "Fail faster" ( )

I know this will probably seem needlessly harsh, but what criticism I'm giving you here is honest, and I'm not going to tip-toe around it like the other "cheerleading" commenters. Because what I see here is wasted potential, when you can be out there learning Unity or UE or whatever, learning game design, just learning overall and making other games.
In the end though, it's your call. You are free to do whatever you wish with this mod. I'm just giving you my criticism without any of the rose-tinted glasses, childish daydreams and naive attachments to franchises that may never finish.
So I wish you good luck in your future game projects.

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Light_Kill Creator

Surprisingly or not but i got greenlight and Valve approve the Demo version. That was a loooong way to get and days of bug fixing but here it is.
I remember your comments written few years ago. You said about 'bugs in arctic is unacceptable' and aftermath of it is whole chapter remove.
Also Arctic Adventure was frozen about 1 year in 2015, but i never officialy wrote about it.
This was a necessary measure to relook a mod perspectives since the engine is gettin older and older...
When i back to work 1 guy joined the project and made completely new soundtrack which was a second wind to mod.
From late 2015 to our days i reworked about 50% ideas and concept of mod. So now people can enjoy the demo and think about overall picture of full mod. Previously it was just relular mod, no stealth addition and a bit boring typical gameplay so i improved it in these years.
But you right, that was really long. In other hand i got massive experience since 2008. This happens if 1 man trying to make something big. Like a Titanic mod for Mafia 1.

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After playing The Closure and HL2: ICE, I can safely say this Mod is my last hope for a Good Fanmade Half-Life 3.

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Don't forget Interlude

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I wouldn't hold my hopes up if I were you.
Also, Spy-maps (Closure's creator) is like a 50 year old guy, who has pretty good level designs, but lacks some overall vision and just average on other areas (gameplay - too much gunplay, storylines, etc.) but he gets a pass on me, because he does this as a hobby, and just tried to cram his maps in an "Episode 3 storyline", but at least it shows that he enjoys what he is doing.
ICE is another 2 man show, and pretty unserious as well, as far as I saw. Honestly, I don't think too much of it.
So if you think this is going to be "Like ICE, but more serious" then forget it. It's painfully average at best with "The Closure" level of storyline. ( ) Oh, and this is all there is to this mod as far as I can tell.

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SabineWren, You expect too much from people when you should take up a job in the creation of a project.

Not trying to be a dic, but, it takes years of work and you can talk it down in a sentence.

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I mean no disrespect to the Mods mentioned, I know that making a Mod thats big or small for any Game takes a lot of time, effort, & dedication.

The Closure was an alright Mod but the problem is that it feels very out of place in the Half-Life Universe even tho it's ment to be a Sequel to Episode 3.

As for ICE it's kinda the same affair, but what ICE made up mostly for was it's amount of actual new Content it had (new Weapons, Enemies, ects), it almost felt like a true Sequel to Half-Life 2, the big issue is that some of the Enemies (mostly the Blue Llamas, Flying Naked Spitter Birds, and the shambling Ice Golem things)Llama felt really out of place, and the fact that the Mod was never properly finished in terms of Level Design is a real letdown.

And no, I don't care if Games & Mods are serious or lightly toned, all I care is that you're fun, enjoyable, engaging, & memorable.

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In fairness to Leon, The Closure wasn't exactly meant to be Episode 3 as much as it was meant to be a closure to his Source modding career.
ICE, however, doesn't have the same excuse.

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