Всего понемногу.Умею делать карты, проп-модели и текстуры, но до сих пор так ничего и не выпустил в свет.Башка дырявая, идеи в голове не держатся.Так что, если кому-то нужен, милости прошу.Предоставьте эскизы и как можно более подробные рекомендации, и в таком случае я, возможно, смогу вам помочь. Обращайтесь в скайп, если что-то нужно.

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Doom 3: Redux

Mod review - 3 agree

Finally someone got fixed those odd specular placement on some textures in monoxead`s pack.


The Closure

Mod review - 4 agree - 5 disagree

So yeah, at last. I`ve beaten this mod, and I`ve gotta say it`s huge, even by Leon`s standarts. No one makes mods this large novadays except of him and maybe Eyaura.
Honestly, I don`t know what exactly to say about mod itself. It is good, definitely, but not by standarts of mods like Black Mesa, or Research and Development, or Mission Improbable... Someone will say its bad. I say - this mod requires specific taste. It is good in its own way, but you`ve gotta forget about how some other mappers trying to mimic Valve`s style. Leon got his own style. His maps are usually big with bizarre architecture and texturing, well detailed, and full of effects and quite complex scripting. You`ve gotta encounter ALOT of enemies, see alot of strange and even funny things. Cutscenes maybe hilarious, especially. The gameplay is simple but rather pleasing. Run`n`gun, press some button, see some cool effects or maybe cutscene, then go further. There are some moments when you have to kill some enemies using environment (ceil turrets and laserbeams), there are moments when you have to find some components to certain machine, but they are rare. The mod is simple, and when you stuck, you can find a helping powerup, it will show you the way of proper walkthrough.
There is some odd things in this mod, although. I dunno why replace regular zombies with zombified metrocops without headcrab on. Strange bug with sniperrifle, when it appears to be upside down when in zoom. Some missing textures. A handrail without material, and a lava stream texture, or what I believe to be it.
So this mod isn`t complete masterpiece. It won`t shock you with astonishing graphics. You wont get a boner looking at complex brushwork and texture alignment. It`s not about total conversions or map-pictures pushing old Source graphic render to the limits. (But I believe many maps in this mod actually reaching Source limits, especially entdata and edicts) This mod is about good old days in Half-Life 2 modding, when mapping ruled mods. When coders were rare, and modellers were the rarest. When mods used content spared from other mods, ripped from games or found elsewhere. When even simple custom animation was sign of something incredibly cool. And you know what? Thats amazing!
This is good mod for me. It`s returning me into those teenage days when I played SP mappack, and then Costline to Atmosphere, and then Strider Mountain. So I will rate it 9/10. Its not the best, but it is really, really good. I`ve beaten it completely, and I was pleased.
Thank you, Leon. I hope you can read this review. And if you can`t understand something - it`s my bad English, lol.
Good luck with your future accomplishments.


HALF-LIFE: Brave Brain

Mod review

Good oldschool mod. I liked it.



Mod review


Mod review


Mod review

Brilliant work. This mod, though it uses many standart hl resources, is giving impression of a standalone game.Perfectly directed storyline. Not stunning, cheap, but good leveldesign. Nice gameplay with many interesting features.And again yes, nice way to use good old Smod.



Mod review - 1 agree - 5 disagree

Scary,heavily terrifying mod i see here.
Ready to **** my pants as frequently as it possible,lol.



Mod review - 1 agree

Some brilliant stuff here.


Cry of Fear

Game review

G String

Mod review - 13 agree - 2 disagree

A huge amount of work.Very impressive.

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