Всего понемногу.Умею делать карты, проп-модели и текстуры, но до сих пор так ничего и не выпустил в свет.Башка дырявая, идеи в голове не держатся.Так что, если кому-то нужен, милости прошу.Предоставьте эскизы и как можно более подробные рекомендации, и в таком случае я, возможно, смогу вам помочь. Обращайтесь в скайп, если что-то нужно.

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Half-Life Retex.

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I will write some things in Russian, so do not complain about it. I`am not so familiar with English to speak my mind freely in this language.
At least i can explain some points about my work:
1.I have a major problems with retexture. As you may know i`am alone at this "project", and i have to redraw near 3000 textures.Many of them duplicated 2-5 times,like some "!fifties" ones, many of them i even can`t check ingame, because i don`t have a program or script that can notice what texture was used by valve, or what texture was is not even used ingame. I`m totaly in need of proper half-life texture list, used in it.
2.I need proper texture resouces. cgtextures.com provides many of them, but in real work i used two or three of them,because most of this textures are too rusted, or at least have wrong "pattern" (я не знаю точно как на английском будет фактура, ну да ладно).Textures drawn by me look too same to each other because i had to use same patterns,and same color schemes. I have tried to replicate half-life textures as near as possible, but in fact some of them looks wrong.
3.I am not proud of my work at all. As I said some of this textures loojing wrong, some of them is not enough "half-life'ish", some have a totally unrealistic looking.So I have what i have.
So for now retexturing project is in deep freeze.Maybe i will return to it later, when i will have some time and new resources to create new textures.Especially when i know how to render textures in 3DS-Max, but now i have too many problems IRL.

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