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Eh, it would be a cool game on the wii with a couple of friends while you're drunk. Alot of the physics and design are just weird. I don't know what to think about this game, but I'll probably never play it again.


King Arthur's Gold

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It's a cool game, but the multiplayer is completely ruled by your connection. Even low ping players often teleport around or perform actions sooner than they actually could appear. Too much of the game is clientside. There isn't really an advantage to someone with high or low ping, but it's just no fun to play against someone with 300 ping. It would be easy to blame the user, but it's simply the game's client/server communication. Hopefully it will improve.

The development is dreadfully slow, it's very buggy, and things like sky bridges, burrowing, and shooting through walls will completely ruin the game for many people. Griefing is also an issue, although the community is pretty good about kicking people. They had guards are one point, like a moderator I presume, but I don't see them much anymore.

The sword combat is also really bad. It would be great at a LAN party or something where latency is not a concern, but either party over 100ms will make it impossible to be able to react, making much of your attacks just be guessing.

The game's physics engine consists of a decent collapse system with satsfying gore and particles, but the shield bash / corpse physics are completely terrible. Everything is made of rubber and you might fall to your death on a corpse that is just sitting on a ground.

Of course it's still in development, but I've been playing this for awhile and not much has changed. Definitely wait for release unless you're really into tactical terraria-like CTF. Many of my friends will probably never touch this game again because it's so buggy and latency dependant.


Wanderlust: Rebirth

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• Professional-grade nostalgic graphics
• Wonderful game to play with your friends
• Playing with strangers is pretty straightforward and a good experience.
• No fighting for loot (individual drops)
• Interesting-enough story and dialogs. Especially when the bandits gave the dog beer.
• Lots of items
• Loot is based on your class, so a wizard probably won't find a cleric item (Not sure if that's true, but I think so)
• Perfected multiplayer dialogs and stage transitions (except for when people go AFK)
• There are some cool action minigames that if you beat you get a better score, awarding more skill points
• Lots of skills which develop differently based on class
• Lots of potential gameplay time for the money you will spend
• Bought a 4-pack for $20 (although not on desura, :/)

• Difficult to craft recipies, especially early on.
• Lots of items, but 90% of them are crafting materials that you do not immediately need and you will probably sell, and end up needing later.
• Cannot trade items (would probably be imbalanced anyway)
• Playing with 3-4 people and being a melee class (all but wizard) is a complete pain as you can't see anything through the mass of particle effects/words/damage numbers (Numbers you can disable, but it's still very cluttered).
• If you get knocked back you might not realize it as your camera is not affected.
• There are a lot of objects that look like you can interact with, but you can't.
• The wizard plays with mouse and WASD, and beautifully so. The other classes play with WASD + arrows and it's pretty clunky in comparison.
• Spell book for wizard looks like you can craft spells, unfortunately it's just a convoluted way to assign spells. There doesn't appear to be any sort of spell discovery or combinations, which I suspected at first. I was very excited about mixing elements together (especially with a conjuration/evocation rune).


Dwarf Fortress

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It's absolutely required that you use a tutorial or read the manual to get into, but once you get into it you'll never escape.


Star Prospector

Game review

It has a lot of potential but it's just way too slow and boring to start off (as a vetervan RTS player). It should start with an optional tutorial/prologue, then skip into some real missions. Mission one was really boring. Mission two was also really boring. They weren't challenging and aside from teaching me to scan, I knew what to do already.


Din's Curse

Game review

It is a good game if you want to play with a few friends online. The class and skill system is really good, similar to titan's quest but doesn't make you waste skill points in a passive stat boost to unlock higher level spells.

In fact, there aren't prerequisites, so you can grab the defender class and just rush plate armor.

You can also respec on the fly by paying gold, which is really nice and it's weird that RPG's rarely have this feature.

Definitely a must play for any diablo or roguelike lovers.

NOTE: If you plan to play single player, just get Depths of Peril instead. It's got more content, but no multiplayer. It is slightly older, and lacks the demon hunter class and I don't think you can choose a custom spec, but it's still a much better choice IMO.

Surprised how rare this type of game is, for how incredibly entertaining they are... Din's Curse did a good job, but hopefully they will make a sequel that is more refined and with more content.


Zy-El: Trial by Fire

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