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RadGH @ Dwarf Fortress

If you are going to start playing dwarf fortress, grab it from the dwarf fortress homepage ( The version on desura is 34.02, there have been 5 new releases since then. The lazy newb pack is also updated to 34.07:

Following a tutorial is almost mandatory, and using the wiki is highly recommended (google: dwarf fortress magmawiki).

The game is in highly active development with dev updates almost every day (not releases, just future changes). Minecarts are coming eventually!

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RadGH @ Many Worlds Theory

After actually playing the game for awhile I realize it's not so simple. If you save after doing a puzzle incorrectly you're screwed. I think a checkpoint system might still work, maybe have a checkpoint save when using the little room to room transition squares. On the first campaign level I was nearly to the end and quick saved after making a ball fall onto the ball you are supposed to push down, at that point I couldn't finish it and had overwritten the quicksave.

The game is pretty challenging, there are a lot of interesting mechanics for a puzzle game, but the saving/loading system could use some love.

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RadGH @ Many Worlds Theory

Died to guard bots on the tutorial level, knowing that I could have quick saved. Why is this not done automatically via checkpoints? Maybe it's just the tutorial level split up like that, but it still feels like there is a missing "sands of time" feature. I really can't be bothered to quick save/load frequently in a puzzle game. That just kills it for me.

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RadGH @ Dwarf Fortress

Late response but it's just a false positive. You can ignore it. This pops up because dfhack "injects code" into the dwarf fortress executable. This is how many viruses work, but dfhack is doing it to give you the special features, rather than to install spyware and whatever.

But DFhack isn't required, so if you want to, you can remove/quarantine the file.

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RadGH @ Zy-El version 4.4c released July 1/08

You weren't kidding when you said this mod is no cake walk. It's not even that its difficult. Its just freaking impossible.

Not only do you start with no weapons, you start with a 16% chance to hit (as a barbarian). You can upgrade your gem to flawed and sell it for enough to buy a weapon, but since the monsters also have 800% hp (No kidding) that still won't keep you alive long enough to kill one.

Theres a difference between playing a challenging game, and one that you're going to have to hit, run back to town to heal, and hit again. One is fun, the other is just a waste of time.

Fix your mod, it looks like you put alot into it but got to lazy to balance the damn thing. This is the only mod I've ever seen where a hero editor is REQUIRED.

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