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CZelednikov Jul 22 2015, 12:55pm says:

Looks very impressive. But should not be RAIL required for grips and similar stuff?

+1 vote   media: M4
CZelednikov Jul 19 2015, 9:43am says:

I think it would be better if you used empty mag animation. This looks unnatural to me (also other guns in your mod have empty mag animation for reload). Otherwise great work.

+1 vote   media: pistols
CZelednikov Jul 19 2015, 9:27am says:

Both SVU and SVD have bolt lock open, but I doubt there is suitable animation for that.

+1 vote   media: sniper
CZelednikov Jul 13 2015, 10:34am says:

Now this is awesome.

+6 votes   media: CoD2 De Lisle ingame
CZelednikov Jun 29 2015, 4:26pm replied:

Well the birds are pretty much the closest animals to T-rex in terms or body structure and vital organs that live today. Of course that birds are not evidence that T-rex was not able to roar, I am just saying it's "more likely" it was not.

On the other hand we have no evidence that T-rex WAS able to roar.

+1 vote   game: Prehistoric Kingdom
CZelednikov Jun 26 2015, 5:31am says:

So far I am really impressed by your work. Keep it up!
By the way it's likely that T-rex for example was not able to roar at all.


+1 vote   game: Prehistoric Kingdom
CZelednikov Jun 25 2015, 5:34pm says:

Hello guys I have one annoying problem.
When I play land battles and zoom out (so the UI dissapears) units leave weird black tracks behind them.
It's obviously problem with shaders because if I put the shader setting on low it isn't happening anymore.
Can some help me please?

+1 vote   game: Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption
CZelednikov Jun 13 2015, 1:36pm says:

Stick magazine? That's surprising... and cool :)

+1 vote   media: PPSH
CZelednikov Jun 11 2015, 4:37pm says:

Could you please change Makarov model?
The gun is incorrectly mirrored like in default game.
It should look like this:

Also did you modify stamina in the game? In the beginning of the game I can run without exhaustion.

+1 vote   mod: Path to Totality
CZelednikov Jun 9 2015, 6:25am says:

I think that the magazine should be bigger.. otherwise it's nice :).

+1 vote   media: Saiga 12k Drum mag
CZelednikov Jun 3 2015, 8:56am says:

You're pretty good at sniping ;)

+1 vote   media: Wat
CZelednikov May 23 2015, 1:31pm says:

Very nice work. Keep it up! :)

+1 vote   media: Fair Bairn Skyes
CZelednikov May 12 2015, 4:52pm replied:


+5 votes   media: Micro x Macro evolution
CZelednikov May 12 2015, 1:58pm replied:

Reminds me this...

Species can't evolve over the night therefore evolution is false... and therefore Gawd.

+3 votes   media: Micro x Macro evolution
CZelednikov May 12 2015, 1:50pm replied:

Well, most creatinists obviously don't understand even basics of evolution.

From my understanding - evidence for macroevolution is microevolution itself.

I mean if some kind of animals gives a birth to a slightly different animal and that animal gives a birth to another slightly different animal you'll necessarily (after millions of cycles) get completely different animal than the first one. I mean do they really believe that after X cycles animals won't evolve any further because it would be outside "bounds" of species?

The only difference between macro and microevolution is a timescale.

And they say that macroevolution was not observed... well obviously, because one just can't observe animal evolution for several millions of years.

+1 vote   media: Micro x Macro evolution
CZelednikov May 11 2015, 7:22pm says:

My point here is - creatonists say that animals can evolve only within bounds of species. If something is a dog it can only be a dog.

I would like to know where are these "bounds" for dog to be still a dog considering that we have so many different breeds of dogs that we could call them new species (for example Chivava x Czechoslovakian wolfdog). Fist two guys in the picture are same species - therefore it's fine... bottom two tigers are DIFFERENT species so according to creatonists evolution is false here.

I wonder if we would call both guys on the bottom simply breed of tiger, would creationists admit that the tiger evolved from the guy on the left?

Also if we would not call chivava a dog would they say that it didn't evolved from dogs?

+5 votes   media: Micro x Macro evolution
CZelednikov May 9 2015, 4:03am replied:

Thank you :)

+3 votes   member: CZelednikov
CZelednikov May 8 2015, 4:07pm replied:

I am definitely not willing to create it... but I may ask authors of Merciless mod if they'll allow me to use it.

+1 vote   download: Call of Duty 2 Realism Pack 2.0 full release
CZelednikov May 8 2015, 1:19pm says:

Pure beauty is concentrated in this picture.

+2 votes   media: RPK
CZelednikov May 2 2015, 3:42pm says:

Oh yes! I can't wait to play this mod.

+3 votes   mod: Mud & Blood
CZelednikov Apr 27 2015, 5:22am says:

very nice!

+8 votes   media: AKS-74U - Upgrade
CZelednikov Apr 19 2015, 1:55pm says:

SVU has bolt lock open. Otherwise.. perfect

+1 vote   media: SVU
CZelednikov Apr 19 2015, 1:52pm says:

It looks very, very cool.
Can I ask why you're making 3 separated versions of OWR instead of updating one?
Just asking :)

+2 votes   mod: Original Weapons Renewal 3
CZelednikov Apr 1 2015, 5:16am says:

looks awesome :)

+3 votes   media: CoD2 muzzleflashes done (RU)
CZelednikov Mar 31 2015, 5:55pm says:

4 squads of Rohan archers (price - 1600)


1 squad of Lindon Guardians (price - 900)

result: Lindon Guardians won WITHOUT CASUALTIES

+2 votes   mod: Edain Mod
CZelednikov Mar 31 2015, 5:43pm replied:

I am surprised that one squad of the elves is enough to crush your enemy. Two of them can take as much as average hero unit and the entire squad is like having an army.

And as I said by price/performence ratio they are not balanced in any way - they cost only 900.. while fully upgraded Rohan archers (with armour, fire arrows, flag) cost (if I am not wrong) 1200... even 3 fully upgraded squads (3600) are comparable to these guys at best.

Did you actually try them for yourself?

+2 votes   mod: Edain Mod
CZelednikov Mar 31 2015, 5:15pm says:

Bug: After summoning Gondor army Earnur bay be revived (with timer so I'll die again).

+1 vote   mod: Edain Mod
CZelednikov Mar 31 2015, 5:08pm says:

I believe there is a balance issue.
I find Lindon Guardians to be very overpowered. One has 1500 HP (while Rohan archers have 200) and they cost only 900. Fully upgraded Rohan archers are far more expensive and much, much weaker. Those guys can hold entire armies.

+2 votes   mod: Edain Mod
CZelednikov Mar 30 2015, 5:07pm says:

Could you tell us which factions is going to be released next? :)

+1 vote   mod: Edain Mod
CZelednikov Mar 29 2015, 5:10pm says:

Bugs: For me every gamemod instead of standard and legendary heroes crashes with custom heroes enabled.

It also causes crash on some maps in standard mod.

Another bug is that sometimes squad of enemy soldiers is stuck in buildings (when controlled by AI).

+1 vote   mod: Edain Mod
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