Well I am interested in guns, WW2, IT, science (everything about prehistory mainly). I am a sceptic and an atheist.

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New laws of the European Union
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Today is a sad day for me and all the people in the EU who own firearms.
New laws have just past in the EU.
In the name of fighting terrorism citizens no longer can own:
-more than 10 round magazines for a rifle
-more than 20 round magazines for a pistol
-guns that were fully automatic but were converted to semi-automatic
-short carbines with folding stocks
-and many more

Czech Republic having one of the best and most liberal gunlaws in the world was against the proposal but was outnumbered by western politicians who consider disarming citizens a good way to fight against terrorists (note: in last 10 years there were NO LEGAL WEAPONS used in any terrorist attack in any member country).

Owning a prohibited magazine will result in your licence and guns being taken away from you.
This proposal has past in possibly the most undemocratic way I have never seen, including terrible abuse of power, extortion, turning off cameras, not letting media in, no records etc. I am not even talking about fact that every argument the European commision was a complete lie. By the way the entire voting process was about 2 minutes long...

Luckily our goverment is mostly against this and will likely seach the ways to prevent this law from ruining our objectively and provably better laws.

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