Hi, I'm Nathan. I am a studying games developer since about December 2005. I have always had a passion for games, I have always played games, and have always dreamt of creating my own games one day and so now I am working towards that dream. Currently I work alone, and am studying just about all aspects of games development. I plan to keep working alone as long as possible until I am financially secure enough that I can start up a large studio and hire other team members to work on higher quality AAA titles. I am currently working towards creating a mod for the Cryengine which I won't disclose any details for just yet(Details to come when the mod is finished or near finished). The images on my profile may hint at what this project may be about however ;) And I really don't know what else to say without rambling.

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Fugitmdup May 26 2008, 8:10am says:

Sounds awesome.

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Otreum Author
Otreum May 26 2008, 10:13am replied:

Thanks, i'm glad you like it.

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Arcclone May 27 2008, 11:35pm says:

Nice job! Are you planning on remakeing more? If so I would like to listen to them.

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Otreum Author
Otreum May 28 2008, 3:10am says:

I tried to do another music track today, but ended up starting to do the Hell March song for Command and conquer :P

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Brick_Top May 28 2008, 4:06am says:

Sounds really good mate, great job!!! I never played the SNES game so I know nothing about the original. But this remake really sounds 'Jurassic Park' in my opinion.

You should also look at other jurassic park/lost world games (Megadrive, playstation,...) because sometimes they also have awesome music (music that isn't used in the movie). Trespasser (PC) also has some good music.

Good luck with it and again, awesome!

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Otreum Author
Otreum May 28 2008, 4:12am replied:


I have played every version I can find I think :P
But I think I like the music from this version the most.
There are other songs which I wouldn't mind creating, so i'll look into that, I don't want to invest too much time and get side tracked from my mod, but I seem to be getting really frustrated with what i'm doing at the moment and it's hard to keep up that motivation to work on my mod...but I will do it :)

The original version of this song is here:

I think the main reason I remade this song is because it was my favourite from the game, and when I was looking at the JP mod for crysis, I just got reminded of that awesome song on the SNES :)
But I needed to recreate it to sound a bit more epic and up to date.

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Brick_Top May 28 2008, 5:13am says:

Thx for the fast reply!

Damned, when you hear the original and then you hear the 'remix' you made: I even more appreciate your track!

May I ask you which mod you are working on yourself?

Brick Top

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Otreum Author
Otreum May 28 2008, 5:47am says:

Yeah, i've actually had my version of the song stuck in my head since I made it now...it just doesn't get old either. :P

The mod i'm working on is called Otreum, but that is all I can tell you.
I'll save myself the time to write what I can about it, and instead let you read the Summary of my profile.
You'll definately hear more about my mod when I begin the advertising campaign, but I don't want people getting hyped up just yet, not until the mod is finished ;).

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Brick_Top May 28 2008, 6:42am replied:

You are a smart guy. Most people start advertising their mod from the very first beginning withouth having any content to show. And that's just stupid because why promote something withouth having any kind of media to show?

Good luck with your mod!

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Otreum Author
Otreum May 28 2008, 7:42am replied:

that's right (I am a smart guy :P ), alot of people get ahead of themselves way too quickly, they get some idea from a movie and go bullet a gate without a plan or anything.
Either that, or they have a plan, they get some work done and get super excited that they've actually done some work, so then they release it, then they get stuck like a rock in a hard place because they have nothing more to show, then people whinge about the mod being dead, then they'll have some sortof arguement on their blog/forum and...aaaaaaaaargh, their mod is really dead before it started...what a mess.

But yeah, the way I see it, hype peaks at about 2 weeks if the media is at a consistent pace, the hype never dies for alot of people, but there are still many people who "get over it" because they're too impatient to wait 2 weeks...sure they end up getting the mod or game after that hype peak, but it's far better to release when hype it as it's peak, there are much better results as those hyped people spread the word fairly quickly.

Not only that but people don't want to be waiting months for something to be released, they will wait, but it's horrible, heck, I waited something like 4 years for STALKER to be released...that was painful.

I will say one thing though, it is extremely difficult to keep your calm when you have a breakthrough, lately i've had quite a few breakthroughs, and wow, I just wanted to tell the world....but I held my toungue/fingers...

I guess the only thing I will be releasing is music until the mod is done, I wasn't going to do this before, but I see no harm in releasing music. It's my form of excitement venting :P

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Brick_Top May 28 2008, 7:52am replied:

That's they way to go my friend! For a developer, it's diffucult to keep his work for himself (in the beginning) but at the end, it's the best strategy I think. Most of the time, mods die because there aren't enough updates and people loose their interest (so the developers are not motivated anymore so they quit). OR you create a hype and at the end, the game just sucks. I notice that a lot of people or waiting for the JP-mod (including me!) and I really, really hope that the final product won't fail. But to be honest, I think they will deliver a great game at the end. Those guys know what they are doing and they are not pushing the game. A little bit more updates would be welcome because sometimes you get the feeling that they forgot their own mod! Haha!

Offtopic: What did you think about STALKER? I was never interested in that game but a few months ago, I bought the special steelcase edition (second handed) and I must say: Best FPS I played since Half-life 2. The game was not perfect but the atmosphere was really awesome. Looking forward to the sequel!

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Otreum Author
Otreum May 28 2008, 8:14am replied:

I thought STALKER was a disappointment, but I expected that when they started saying that this feature was cut, that feature was cut etc, so then I just thought "yup..THQ destroyed the game for GSC..stupid publishers!". The game is still very good, but I would much rather play it with mods now since they add more freeplay to the game and unlock the A-Life that was hyped up, as well as the blowouts etc.
Alot of features that were cut, were still shipped with the game, but none of those features were activated..the modders simply activated it and I think the game has alot more potential than people realize with modding capabilities.

Especially Clear Skies...something happened not long ago, and all I will say that i've seen first hand what the new XRay engine is capable, and it is beautiful.
I know for sure that I will be able to create the environments I want to create without a worry in the world about performance, they have optimized the engine ALOT, and also use much higher detail, so they've really gotten stuck into the new version, and I'll be really happy when they release the SP-SDK, because my mod is going to sky rocket when that happens :)

Basically the new engine is about 4 times as powerful as the last, and has far better optimization. I guess because STALKER was GSC's first large scale FPS that there were bound to be problems. Now that they have the experience under their belt, I think GSC is going to be one of the biggest FPS game developers around, it's just a matter of time I guess.
I may sound like a fanboi and in a way I am, but I like pretty much anything that is fun, but I LOVE new things, and GSC gameworld are targeting the audience who love new things, so I love them for that :)

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NoDe May 28 2008, 6:33am says:

Nice. Ill try to play it on guitar :D

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Otreum Author
Otreum May 28 2008, 8:30am replied:

Yeah, I tried to do the song using guitars...a heavy metal version of this song lol, wow..that'd be funny.

BTW, am I the only one that has this song on repeat >< it's like when you have a chocolate cake or some really nice food, you haven't finished the food, but you feel full...sick, yet because it's so delicious, you keep eating it :P

I have that same feeling with this damn song...why'd I have to make it ><

I have uploaded the download for the song if you guys would like a higher quality version to listen to...on repeat :)

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This is my remake of one of the old Super Nintendo "Jurassic Park" songs.
I don't know the name of it, so i'll just say that it's the one with the flutes and is fairly upbeat and happy sounding. :P

The other version I had on here was very short and extremely repetative, but this afternoon I did what I could to fix that up without having to scrap the whole song and redo it to be nearly exactly the same as the original.
It is still repetative, but ahwell, it's catchy :)

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May 26th, 2008
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